Anyone else not care if the girl is a virgin?

Anyone else not care if the girl is a virgin?

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I dont mind but im a virgin guy so my opinion doesnt matter.

Honestly at this point, I would date a slut as long as there's a guarantee she doesn't have STDs.

Why would you want someone who is inexperienced?

Only if she is ridiculously hot. Like 9/10+.

I'd be more put off if she was a virgin, I want good sex and experience is how you get it


This is the biggest tell of a beta normalfag or a roastie. Chads and normal men would never say this.


Also if she doesn't leave/cheat on me.

Absolute state of cucking yourself

I mean, I would use her as a means to an end. I get to fuck a hot girl who isn't infected with STDs, while simultaneously not caring about her (cause she's just a dumb slut). If she cheats on me or leaves me I just dump her and move on, looking back on it as glorified fap sessions as well as my ticket to no longer being a virgin.

Honest-to-goodness sluts (the kind who really will fuck anyone, not women who have lots of sex but are really selective about who they fuck) are by far the most laid-back, fun (even outside the bedroom), and non-judgmental people I've ever met.

Virtually nobody cares about that.

you only think that because you don't want to be held up to any standards yourself, degenerates fit in best with other degenerates and that

I think it's a richer experience to play the game at Lvl 1 with someone else rather than someone overleveled.

non-virgin unmarried women should be beaten to death in the streets.

I am marrying Muslim because there is no such thing these days as a white woman who saves it for marriage.

how retarded can you be ?
you like licking Chad and Tyrone cum so much from another pussy ?

>nobody cares about that
want to go see Jow Forums ?

actually thinking sluts on the street will stay with you and are not DAMAGED GOODS.

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I think a huge part of r9k's obsession with virginity is pure insecurity. I don't care if a partner has fucked a couple dudes, i've had my fair share of casual sex and being with an experienced partner doesn't bother me.
this is true, tbhon. hanging with girls like that is like hanging with one of the dudes, and you can get laid whenever. though they're obviously not relationship material.

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Yes, correct. Expecting one's partner to be able to live independently, take care of themselves, and not be abusive is completely fair and understandable, but beyond that why would I want to be with someone who's constantly nagging me to behave in certain ways/change my hobbies/work harder just for the sake of being accepted rather than already liking who I am? I'm (diagnosed) autistic. Needing to constantly repress my behavior in my daily life is already exhausting enough as is, and the last thing I want is to have to be that way with the person closest to me. Luckily, I've had a fellow aspie gf for over three years and that's never been an issue.

That's true

But I'd also want to get used to having a woman around me and feeling comfortable with me to gain more mental/emotional experience than just sexual experience. If we dumb each other because we mutually dont see anything much with us, I'd be cool with it

Yeah sure. I prefer virgins soley on the fact that I'm gonna be the first one to break them in.

The "oh well at least she's experienced" rationalization is bullshit. Anyone can learn to get good at sex. Learning sex together is half of the fun. If Chad already taught her everything she knows, you will never get to experience the joy of learning new things that stimulate her, finding new places that make her tingle, laughing about awkward failures you to shared while learning.

She already knows exactly what she wants before she met you. No exploration, no adventure, no pleasant surprises. Nothing is new, nothing is special. Everything you do to her is something someone else already did to her.

Take your "experienced" and shove it up your ass. You're dating a whore. Plain and simple.

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I want a girl to have roughly as much experience as me, drastically more or less feels either emmasculating or awkward. Its all about balance bros
That being said, im a virgin dating a waiting-til-marriage girl, and experience really does help. I was with a girl before her who is also waiting til marriage but generally more experienced, and while i love my gf very much, the other girl was physically much better at seduction. True pure virgins are awkward as fuck and havent figured out how to please themselves, much less another person

I don't care I just want sex

This. It's literally a cuck excuse.

"Learning together"
Yeah lets learn addition together and expect to know calculus. Its important to have the basics down, and generally speaking, some moderate variety is the best way to do that. Oh, and there is always more to discover and learn. If she stops finding new things she likes, its not because shes "found everything", its because your game is shitty

Holy shit based. All these losers bitching about women having fun because they don't know how to fuck.

Sex is not a game of football you fuckwit. You're not required to have "basics" and practice to do it correctly.
Sex is an act of emotional bonding. Two people are deepening their relationship with one another and binding to one another mentally, in addition to getting pleasure. When she's already has already fucked 15+ other guys, it destroys her ability to get emotional fulfillment from sex. This is widely understood and undisputed psychological fact that almost no psychologist disagrees with.

And you are 100% bullshitting yourself if you think a girl "not knowing the basics" will make sex worse in a long-term relationship. ANYONE can learn the "basics". You'll probably learn the basics in the first month of having sex. It takes work, but it is far, far more meaningful to go on that journey together. Her having "experience" is pleasurable in the short term, that's it. You're only setting yourself up for failure in the long term if you think it's better for her to have "experience" before you meet, rather than patiently learning together.

Do men actually see virginity as a good thing? I'm 24 y/o virgin and I feel quite bad because of it as it seems I'm being left behind. At this point I'm anxious to even get into a relationship because I'm afraid that the guy will be dissapointed in me, as I'm not very experienced in general when it comes to intimacy.
I don't exactly save myself for marriage but I want to loose it with someone I love and so far I haven't been in such relationship.

Unless they're incels, crazy christians, or other bitter virgins from Jow Forums, no. Most people are reasonable enough to respect that your decisions were yours and love you for who you are right now. Just make good choices and you'll be fine. Don't get aids, don't get drunk and get taken advantage of, etc.

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Khv confirmed
Pretending that sex is one dimensionally emotional is as retarded as pretending its one dimensionally physical
Also MuH uNdIsPuTeD pSyChOlOgIcAl FaCtS
How bout u go get some field research buddy

Depends on the guy. Some men want experienced women, some of men don't care either way, and some men specifically want virgins.

Women having lots of sexual partners tends to bother men more than men having mutliple sex partners bothers women. Men being virgins tends to bother women more than women being virgins bothers men.

You are not being unreasonable in wanting to wait for someone to love to take your virginity. It takes time to find a meaningful relationship. Sometimes it takes longer for some people. Keep your virginity until you find the man you want. Just make sure the problem is not that your standards for men are unreasonably high.

>Oh, and there is always more to discover and learn.
Perhaps it's stretched thinner and less significant.

Sounds like a personal problem. Also sex shouldnt be the core of your relationship. When you grow closer and your relationship changes in some way, your physical interactions will change as a result. If its a repetitive task, you dont understand physical intimacy and should watch some videos (alone or together) or try new things

>"Pfff, not having sex with as many women as possible"
>"caring about emotional intimacy, how one-dimensional lmao"
>"Doesn't want a roastie whore that has been gangbanged by so many men that her vagina looks like dumbo ears"
>"lmao must be a virgin"
>"definitely a virgin, no other possibility"
>"only virgins don't prefer a whor- I mean, EXPERIENCED woman"
>"facts? Fuck that, that takes 10 seconds to google, so it must be bullshit"
>"lmao fucking virgins"

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Ok, that sounds wise. I'm always a bit worried that it might show me in a bad light but the truth probably is that others don't really care, as you said.

Thank you, I will. I don't think my standards are way too high becuase me having feelings for that man is pretty much the only requirement I have as long as he isn't an asshole. Everything feels so rushed in this age, sometimes it makes me feel inadequate.

>Oh my, why hello there

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I believe there are some that take it as a personal attack if you simply express desire for a virgin partner. In that case it's quite ironic that they accuse you as being the insecure one.

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How mad does it make you that ive been all of my gf's firsts

shes just a braindead whore to me anyways

Also don't forget about the paradox of choice, the more partners a person has had the more they will regret their choice of partner when they settle down.

>Do men actually see virginity as a good thing
Yes, even men that pretend they don't will judge women on how many men they've fucked.

Men that say they don't care are either coping because they subconsciously know they will never find a virgin or they are literal cuckolds that do not care about their girlfriend fucking other men.

I prefer slutty girls

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Oh well, as long as they don't see virgins as repulsive, clumsy or worthless that's good.

I understand expecting to find a girl that is a virgin is impossible. I will have less experience than every girl I see in the street and they all want someone with more experience than them. I can never get a gf
I'll stick with 2D

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>repulsive, clumsy or worthless
Why would you even think that?
Virginity was one of the main requirements for being a good unmarried woman for thousands of years and this has only changed (in the west) in the last century.

God me too. Among many other things I have a cuckold fetish and omg it's so hot to see my gf just having fun. Of course I get a good deal of action too but the voyeuristic aspect is fucking amazing.

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Yes, I don't care at all.

Based and originalpilled rifks

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technically a hentai comic and erodoujin are different
you can buy comics/eromanga at stores
you can only buy doujinshi from the artist directly

I would prefer a slutty girl at this point. Virgin girls don't know what they want and often don't know who they really are themselves. They'll end up breaking your heart whereas slutty girls are more mellowed out and just want to enjoy life with you.

>b-but muh experience
basically equates to
>i want to feel good, i dont want to build anything worthwhile or valuable
sex outside marriage is disgusting

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Alot of these people talk about how "virgin love is pure and without the cynicism of multiple relationships" or something to that effect. In reality, having multiple relationships in your life helps you find what you really want and to be far more secure and intelligent in your decision-making. Though, of course, there are outliers.

because experiencing new things with someone is a great way to form a stronger bond

This, BBC sluts are the best girls. I'm dating this Korean girl who loves it.

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They also like to think just because someone is a virgin that they're a good person, but that is absolutely not always true.

I didn't know there were this many cuck anons here. Glad to see there are anons with good taste around.

The only reason I care is because I'm a virgin. So it's less about whether she's "pure" or whatever, and more about me not being the only one sperging out when it's both of our first times. If I had some experience I wouldn't care anymore.
That said, a mommy gf who would guide me through my first time would also be great. Unfortunately they only exist in doujins.

How do i get a snowbunny gf to cuck me?

You are right but my biggest concern is that I'm getting too old to be a virgin. At some point it has to be a turn off rather than something good.

Based and redpilled, we'll all get a mommy gf one day

>having zero standards is a good thing

First, find a nice girl who you would love to be your girlfriend and who also has an interest in this fetish. It's not something you just want to spring on someone, but it also shouldn't be the root of your relationship, that would be somewhat unhealthy (in my humble opinion, you're free to disagree).
Second, find someone to cuck you.
There you go. It's all about trust and communication. If the relationship wouldn't work without the fetish, it's not one you want. Just take it slow, and don't think with your dick.

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because virtue and being a good mother is more important.

Alright the problem is getting the gf in the first place

I agree with you, but my ideal is a shy younger imouto-type girl.
Also, I'm a 19 khv. I managed to stay(read:hold back and don't give in temptations) a virgin for 19 years, is it that strange that I expect my potential mate to have done the same? Of course, the inverse is true; I expect my gf to have the same situation from her side as well.
That said, if I either reach 25 or get in a relationship that sinks and lose my virginity in the meantime, I'll forsake this standard of mine and accept that whoever I get with will have had experience

>Do men actually see virginity as a good thing?

yes we want to marry you,protect you and take care of you. men even pay millions of dollars to deflower women.

>reality, having multiple relationships in your life helps you find what you really want and to be far more secure and intelligent in your decision-making.
Except that the exact opposite is true.
For one as mentioned earlier in this thread there is something called the paradox of choice, the more choices you have (more exes) the more you will regret your decision when you finally choose someone to settle down with.
Then there are all the stats on how women who only have one sexual partner are happier in marriage, have a more healthy sex life with their partner, cheat less, are less likely to divorce, etc. I've still not seen anyone give me counter statistics although some white knights claim those stats are wrong.

See, the people who don't care about virginity are cuckolds.

>A few fetishists happened upon this thread, therefore all people who don't care about virginity are cuckolds.
Ladies and gentlesirs we have reached a new peak of autism on this board.

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It is a shame user, I wish there would be more /r9blacKed/ threads.

Considering that this board is mostly non white youd never get popular with white boys

Me too user. It's the only logical conclusion.

>I'm not a cuckold, I just don't care if my gf fucks other men, only insecure people care.
Do humanity a favor and kill yourself cuck.

>im not a cuck. I wanna miss out on easy pussy and stay a virgin together.
Fuck all the sluts you can and then settle down with a virgin waifu

Do slutty girls like virgin men? I'd imagine they do. Could be something good to brag about to friends "Yea my body count is X Stacet. Got a cute flower last night and plucked it hahaha" it some shit idk

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Considering that I have no interest in sex, I couldn't possibly care less.

I really don't care, considering I'm a virgin, a little help would be nice

Sluts always seem like much more fun

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