I'm a trans girl with massive mommyhonkers and I take hormones that induce lactation

I'm a trans girl with massive mommyhonkers and I take hormones that induce lactation.

are any robots hungry?

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Feed me mommy

>sucking a man's tits
No thanks.

>I'm an abomination. Do you want to suck manboobs?
Rope yourself.

desperate af

Based taste user.
Flat or smol titty trans girls are best girls.

my trans gf is on hrt but her boobs dont seem to grow much. shes also really big into lactation but after trying the milk machine for months, she didnt even have any result. do you have any tips and tricks you could share on growing thrm bigger and inducing lactation?

well mommy where are the pics? I am THIRSTY

This place is getting weird. Way aren't jannies moving this stuff to or /b/.

fuck off demon spawn...
dont succ the teth of this vermin scum...
dont fall for is succubus ways...
for your soul will be reaped through the urethra of your penis upon impregnation of this... THING
you have been warned robots

Absolutely yes but only if you're also pic related

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>trans girl with massive mommyhonkers
Prove it.

Gib juicy man-milkers

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get out of my brain that's my ideal gf

I've already said it too many times to count but here it goes.


Ooh so you're a big baby who needs a mommy to take care of you~? How adorable hehehehe.

Y-yes. It's a big dream of mine damnit.

Because Jow Forums has no topic.
Besides, who doesn't want fresh milk?

Thanks for the nausea, degenerate

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no, but i'll clamor for your inevitable livestreamed suicide in a decade

Ooh hehe
Sounds like youd love to have a big cozy diapie put on, a onesie over it with a paci for you to suck on like the big baby you are
Mommy would call you over, pulling the paci out of your mouth and moving your lips around her nipple. You get so cozy you wet your diapie, she giggles and rubs the warm wet diapie before patting your head.
When you're done drinking all your milk like a good baby she'll put your paci in your mouth before putting you in a fresh warm diapiez only to repeat the process over and over again.

jesus christ i can only get so hard. please tell me you know of the /aco/ padded chat.

>i'm trans...
*Click* *BLAM* *BLAM*

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I don't suck man tits faggot

This is hot. It's even better that you're making poltards furious!

do you believe i can just say what i want and i'll get it? I want to fuck her while she's fucking, and then later on i'll fuck her ass and shit and fuck her pussy

I see the post there, right? A male with a massive belly who's trying to be cute. You guys know what trans women do wrong? it doesn't matter if they're a girl or not, we've gone against our own culture and we don't respect ourselves and we don't respect our bodies. You're not that far off, too, though, because you're literally just like the dude I just mentioned ... I'd say your story seems at least somewhat similar to mine

No i havent, very sorry

How big? I've literally never seen a tgirl with anything bigger than B cups thst don't look like obvious implants.

Dear god where the fuck do I find you then? Desire that sweet sweet mommy-baby interaction.

They probably just look like mantits. Post pics

>I'm a trans girl
Come here, it's time to dilate.

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g i b m e t i t t i e s e c r e t i o n

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I called dibs because i'm just an oversized baby. Originallilili

Goo goo gaa gaa gib milkie

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Where'd the mommy go? I was looking forwards to talking to them...

brought her back to where she came... the gates of hell

Oh you rat bastard I could've had something and you fuckers ruined it. I could've finally had SOMETHING.

If you're talking about me i was just changing clothes, bra was too tight.

Yes I was talking about you, got nervous when you didn't respond to the previous post I made.

Sorry hehe, i was changing and forgot to check on the thread for a second, dont get so worked up sweety

how obese are you?
we talking boogie tier?

do you lactate from your peepee still?

I can't help it, I'm autistic and a oversized child.

Thats why you need to have a paci in your mouth at all times, cant talk if you're sucking on it like a big baby

Mmmmmph taunting me like that just really makes me yearn.

are we actually going to see lactating trans tits or should i just put my lotion away now.

You wouldnt need to yearn, i lactate alot and my nipples are really sensitive so id have your mouth around them as much as possible~
I think the fun part would be making you forget potty training. Youd be mommas baby boy
Im not a trans or OP, but atleast regarding me the lotion can go away

Do you have a big cock too? Can you still get hard and shoot big loads?

oh for the love of christ please tell me you've got a disc or something.

are your nipples big. i dont mean the aereola either.

Sorry baby, i dont, all that online stuff has done me dirty in the past
I dont mind being your mommy here for a bit though, every baby needs a mommy hehe

There has to be SOMEWHERE I can find you. I want to just talk without the other anons being rampant jerks.

this cock tease is just a waste of your time user. any "female" who isn't going to go off anonymous is just false alarming you.
Don't let this heathen give you false hope.

I have sorta smaller than average areola, but my nipples themselves always stick out about half a centimeter. I have to bandaid them or they get rubbed raw by my bras
Sorry sugar, as a matter of principle i dont do any of that sorta stuff, you can ignore the meanies though, and only focus on mommy like a good boy

they dont sound that big desu. thats a disappointment. lactating tits with small nipples are a bummer.
may as well get some 2% and suck them off my moobs.

What cup size are you originally?

I respect you for admitting to being a freak and not calling yourself a "fembot", but sorry, no.

I'm trying but they're frequent and I'm not and I wanna be cuddled and padded.

They're H cups, 38in band 46in bust

its not the size of the tit its the size of the nipple that counts.
your small half a centimeter nips on those massive boars wont look right.
look at these wonderful ones

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Well are we talking erect nipples or no? They do grow if im horny but they normally sit at half a centimeter, ive never thought to measure them hard.

no shit we're talking about erect nipples.

Jeez such a rude boy.
Either way i just measured since ive been fingering for a bit now because these threads always give me a ladyboner
They're just under a centimeter if i dont push down on the areola at all

im not going to be polite if the person i could be talking to is just some lonely dude.
the problem with you girls is you never deliver. you could make this fun for the guys, instead of just talking about your H Cups.

>you dont have to post face
>you could always just link to your body through a thread on /soc/
You want us to get off to you, how's about actually contributing.

should you expect anything but rude when you degrade yourself into being nothing but a sex object for desperate robots to orbit but then fail to even provide proof of being that

"Proof" this "proof" that, you dont care about proof youd just rather see boobs from somewhere other than google images to feel special, why are all men the same?

we get our times wasted everyday by you holes. i'm busy with porn now at the moment, because why the fuck would i fantasize over nonsense?
Literally stop trying to add human connection and interaction to what your doing when it's phony and goes nowhere.

why would i want to sit here and text someone i dont even know is a girl, when I already know you're never going to fuck me, or even make me feel good about myself by being attracted to me.
It's a waste of time.

Tits or just fuck off elsewhere.

basically you're a fatass

No you fucking degenerate scum go to /lgbt.

Sometimes I wish Germany won WW2.

no, if i want to see tits I'll google it, i just come to these threads to harass people like you

Yes, so please deliver
I want to comforting degeneracy of it to put me to sleep like non-fictional asmr