Physical attraction is literally everything, hot people are living life in easy mode

Physical attraction is literally everything, hot people are living life in easy mode.

Just look at her face, she loves being dominated by Chad so fucking much but an incel will NEVER EVER get to experience this because he's ugly.

All I can say is, I hope in the future there will be a realistic way to simulate sex because the real world fucking blows.

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there are plenty of non Chad men getting laid, it all in your head

It's because they're not hideous, average men fuck with average women, below average men don't fuck at all

bellow average men fuck bellow average women, have plenty of examples in my environment

>average men fuck with average women,
Fuck off! average men can only get ogres and hambeasts, learn how hypergamy works.

>4.3" pencil dick
>Chubby w/ stretchmarks
>Trying to be Jow Forums but getting strong/muscles won't change my tarnished body

What's the point to living. No girl will genuinely love me or feel the passion that the girl in OP is feeling with him.

I've just given up at this point, I don't care anymore. I've acceptec a life of lonnliness and I will just live for myself and try to enjoy the time I have.

It's funny because I'm not even ugly, I'm probably above average in looks. I'm not a scrawny manlet but actually quite masculine with a naturally muscular build.
Pic is me. As you can see I have a positive Canthal Tilt and a nice jawline but still, I get virtually no attention from women my own age.

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this stupid hoe though she'd catch some in her mouth lmao

I've seen 5"4 men getting laid so grow up and stop complaining. Height only matters to thots.

This. Whoever who said looks don't matter is dumb as fuck

>I've seen 5"4 men getting laid
You've seen this? so you were watching them fuck? hmm...
Also, if true they had something else going for them. Life is not fair, stop pushing this blue pilled equality bullshit and fuck off back to r/inceltears/.

Sure, and they probably had big dicks and/or were in shape with decent looking bodies for their size. I'm just being realistic, my naked body is objectively ugly and my small dick (thumb sized when soft) doesn't help my situation at all.

hypergamy automatically improves society. unfortunately only coastal cities have hypergamy going on, and only for whites.

Bellow average men and women tend to not fuck anyone, including each other, because no one wants to fuck an ugly person, and even if they do, they are too inconfident to pair up most of the time.

Try VR and a fleshlight. It's a good cope. It makes me forget about being a virgin at 28.

Also, don't look at amateur porn. It will just make you sad and horny. Sad because it reminds you that you will never experience something like it.

>don't look at amateur porn
are you saying to not look at any porn? cause production shit is garbage and solo amature is an easy self insert

>hypergamy automatically improves society
Yeah that's why most people having children these days look like this.

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far better than the alternative, yes. have you seen how most virgins look?

As a 28 year old with quite a lot of experience, you're absolutely right.

he may have meant the superior genes tend to move up the hierarchy, and given a society is only as useful as their elite it still seems true

Reminder that getting Jow Forums won't do anything for your face or your manlet body

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I'm an avg 7/10 dude according to soc but the only people I can attract are fat girls or the mentally disabled. Basically only the truly desperate people like me. It is very annoying and unbearable at times.

If you can't figure out how to get laid you are stupid, and defective. Trying to blame it on looks is a cop-out.

Unsuccessful, not very attractive, men get laid all the time. The majority of the world has sex, and not everyone is a millionaire Chad.

Unless you are extremely deformed or have a serious mental condition you not getting laid is a result of you being a dumb ass. It's not rocket science.

I dont know about mentally disabled, but I sure do have a history of attracting the mentally unstable.

Have you been to coastal Mississippi Louisiana or Alabama society is not improved

>Unsuccessful, not very attractive, men get laid all the time
HOW?! HOW is this possible when they don't even give such men a chance?


IME, having some charisma and a sense of humor makes up for a lot. I'm not an exceptionally good-looking guy, but I try to keep my weight under control.

Slept with several dozen women, scarcely any of whom could be considered unattractive--some, in fact, were really pretty and definitely out of my league. I just know how to talk, at least to certain kinds of girls. Consequently, I've always been quite selective about who I date or go out with. Am I going to ask out a girl with no education beyond a bachelor's or community college, whose hobbies include "Drake" and "adventures" and being a "dog mom"? No. And that filters out a lot of chicks.

>you not getting laid is a result of you being a dumb ass
>If you can't figure out how to get laid you are stupid

That's just plain wrong. It's been proven several times that low IQ individuals tend to have more sex than high IQ individuals.

they always give men a chance. you posted about online dating. i think you're probably too stupid for a gf

>they always give men a chance
You're absolutely insane. Did you even read my post? THEY DON'T GIVE ME A CHANCE. And I'm a 7/10 for crying out loud, /soc/ says I'm an 8

do you go to social events, mr /soc/?

I would have to guess that has more with how time is being occupied. Or other factors like mental instability.

The mental gymnastics required to believe that you're not getting laid because you're just too smart is top level narcissistic delusion.

Go to social places where women are, talk to them, ask a lot of questions, appear interested.

If you can't manage that you're an idiot, not too smart to get laid.

Can you link any proof?

What's wrong with you? If you're too mentally defective to figure out how to lead a conversation or pay attention to social cues then just watch other people flirt with women and do that.

So you exclusively date women with graduate degrees? I just require the woman I'm dating to be intelligent/able to hold a conversation. I'm not as concerned about educational achievements. Just dont embarrass me with me nonsense.

>have you seen how most virgins look?
Here's me I'm fit, healthy, care about the environment, animals and overall have a good value system.

You are fucking sick and twisted moron, we would make perfectly good fathers. Women are just inherently flawed and make bad choises on their own.

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Not "exclusively" in the sense that I'd refuse to date a girl who doesn't have a graduate degree.

>he may have meant the superior genes tend to move up the hierarchy
They don't though, they are just more immoral and move up through mostly trickery and backstabbing.

STOP thinking this world is fair and rewards the honest, hardworking and fittest of individuals.
Nature is cruel and we humans are very much apart of it.

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>Go to social places where women are, talk to them, ask a lot of questions, appear interested.

I've done that countless times. It doesnt just magically end in sex.

you need to lose weight, you are not above average

below average men fuck, but with below average women

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Is having a graduate degree that common now?

Sure looks play a part but the problem with incels mainly boils down to being socially retarded(many insecurities, being awkward, not reading the mood etc.).

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You have the Fernando M. Caballero face, which automatically makes you a dogfucking, slash pedophile.

you're a retard if you think only talking and asking to women and feigning interest is le secret recipe for pucci my man

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can comfirm. am ugly, strange and not even very smart in my head. had still more experience with girls than males. i don't know. just gimme juice you retards.

I've had literal popular stacies in high school say I was cute.
>inbf well you are vocel then, why didn't you ask them out hurdur
Because I am not a normie with normie social skills.

> Fernando M. Caballero
Litterally who?

Some of these dudes are married. I see one of those guys in the Delray Misfits vids

>If you can't figure out how to get laid you are defective.

I wouldn't dispute that at all. There is something seriously defective with me that I am 25 and KHHV.

>Unsuccessful, not very attractive, men get laid all the time.

No, they don't. Many remain alone forever. Many get lucky and manage to find someone. They have it far harder than even normal average people and will never be able to live the kind of sexual/romantic life that normal people do, i.e. having regular relationships with relative ease, being able to have casual sex with relative ease, etc.

If you're the guy who keeps posting this, you should realize that people lift to improve their internal disposition. Every anecdote I've read says that lifting makes you feel better.

And you scum sucking worms wonder why guys like us shoot up schools, it's because of detritus like YOU and it may be YOU next who is target practice.

Loose weight. you have a fat face. Your face is very likely average. And average is kind of ugly in women eyes. So if you are a bit socially awkward you are creepy and basically undateable.
>care about the environment, animals and overall have a good value system.
Women do not care about those things.

It doesn't make them any happier I've seen my brother go from obese to developing abs all it did was make him skinnier he still hates the way he looks and he has an obvious eating disorder I've seen him eat nothing but saltines and water and then the next day 7 out of 8 Hershey bars are missing and all the wrappers are in his room all it does is pic related

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>So if you are a bit socially awkward you are creepy and basically undateable
Ok if it's war you want, keep pushing men like us.
We a feeling more and more marginalized and when you have nothing left to lose you become dangerous. If society and women don't address this problem expect much more shit to go down in future.

>Women do not care about those things.
Because they are literal demons.

My girlfriend's exact words to me:
>I like you, even though you are not very handsome
But I am tall and fit and have a kind yet somewhat dominant personality. You just gotta make the most of what you have.

that's where you're wrong user, there are plenty of ugly guys and girls fucking, plenty of them are fucking girls and guys more attractive than themselves too. the fact that you're a virgin is your own fault :-)

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lifting =/= losing weight you fucking retard

hahahah that would suck oh wait thats me

it literally is dude, women want to have sex too, most men have sex, it's fucking normal dude, it isn't even hard

Yeah motherfucker he lifts too, everyday and yet he's still extremely depressed and he has no real friends only people that use him for shit
lifting =/= happiness