We tell bully victims to stand up for themselves but when they fight back we get mad at them and call them cowards and...

We tell bully victims to stand up for themselves but when they fight back we get mad at them and call them cowards and say they're burning in Hell. What exactly do we want from them?

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The Columbine shooters were the bullies, you absolute genius. Also yeah stand up for yourself like a man without fucking guns blazing shooting randos. Fucking go one on one with fists or at least just go for your bully

Normies want to stomp on their necks and get away with it
Then they lie and say "we are against bullying"
a bunch of hypocritical liars
all of them

>Stand up to bully chad
>Bully chad and his 10 bros beat the shit out of you and the teachers pretend not to see anything
>Girls are laughing in the background

lol ok Reddit great input

>They called me a fag so time to gun down my classroom
white "people" logic
Also most school shooters were the bullies.White r9k incels worship people who would have bullied them and then killed them because they are weak, and look at other weak worms like Dylan and Klebold and Elliot like heroes. When the r9k incels who worship these people would be gunned down all just the same. That's the traits of a weak coward person, they just ride the dick of whoever |gets retribution" against their perceived oppressors i.e. the normies.

yeah man. i could totally picture this guy leading a group of chads and bullying me.

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cause your caught in the weeds, their consistency isnt in quibbling
yup, as it's always been

That's assault, user. Just call the cops in them.
Better yet, nothing is stopping you from going at the head honcho of the bullies and hitting him with a baseball bat out of revenge.

>white "people" logic
stupidity isnt race specific, but this is probably bait anyway

I just see a weak worm who killed fellow "robots" because that's all that was in his power and let a bunch of normie roasties go because he was stopped by a door. Like I said Elliot rodger would put you in his sites like his perceived oppressors and yours. Because he was a bully, WHAT ELLIOT RODGER JUST GUNNED DOWN A BUNCH OF PEOPLE THAT IS NOT WHAT A BULLY DOES HE WAS LIKE OPPRESSED BECAUSE WHITE OMEN WOULDN;T FUCK HIM HE HD SUCH A GREAT PERSONALITY BAAAWWWWW
Lol fuck off you white loser incels, Elliot would gun you down without a second thought and here you are riding his dick because he is your hero for gunning down some peopel who didn't even bully him he was just a weak cuckolded worm insecure about his micro penis. lol

>Only white people get mad and resort to gun violence when you call them fag

I'm pretty sure if I went to my inner city and called random black gang member fags they would probably shoot me.

If they only had a better gun than that garbageTec-9.

Actually, it's a common misconception that Eric and Dylan were bullied social outcasts. Infact they were incredibly popular and got girls all the time. They were total chads. Don't listen to that Brooks Brown he's a total liar. What would he know? Yeah he spent years of his life at Columbine around Eric and Dylan but I did lots of reading about it so I know what I'm talking about bro.

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The guy killed 3-4 of his roommates for no reason. That's a bully.

>I'm pretty sure if I went to my inner city and called random black gang member fags they would probably shoot me.

Because you're stupid enough to do that. You deserve it

>stand up for yourself, but no not like that that's too hardcore
get out r*astie

Blacks have the streets and gangs to suicide them. Whites have mass shootings and cops.

who is this kike

Look at the file name. It's Dave Cucken.

Trips of truth (this comment is oreganoli)

I've spoken with you before. The way you stand up is by fighting back with your fists, not by going into your school and shooting indiscriminately.

Fuck off reddit

Only fight back in an approved and friendly matter. It's not like well laugh at you when you do that. Totally

fighting back is the same way they are bullied, not killing themselves lol

Lol. If you do it's evil if they do it you deserved it. Obvious brainlet or flagrant shitposting. Either poor show :(

>white "people" logic
Yeah because black people never murder people over dumb shit, oh wait they do that all the fucking time

Blacks and Jews should either kill themselves, or voluntarily submit to slavery.

Normies tell you to man up and stand up for yourself but cry for morality and fairness when tables get flipped on them
I don't think I'd ever shoot up anyone but I'm glad these things happen

Source or are you pulling facts up from your asshole again?

>Bullied throughout school, both physical and psychological
>Do what I'm told and tell teachers any time it happens
>Bullies get away with it every time with teachers seemingly turning a blind eye
>One day stand up for myself and punch one of my bullies in the face when a group of them surrounded me
>They tell the teachers and fabricate the story that I just went up to one of them and punched them
>Get expelled for a week
>Have to apologize to the guy I hit
>Bullying continues but this time when I tell teachers they brush it off saying "well you've only yourself to blame because of what you did"
>End up going to school less and less and end up with depersonilization
>Years later one of the bullies comes up to me in the street acting like he's my best friend and all the stuff he put me through didn't happen

It really is no wonder why school shootings happen. The game is rigged though and it always will be

Colombine shooters weren"t bullied they actually bullied people themselves

>>End up going to school less and less and end up with depersonilization
Fuck off.

"Fight back" means to magically gain confidence and a different personality which makes them equal to the aggressor. Mutual respect comes from this encounter. If the "victim" can't change their personality and mimic who they're talking to, they're a bad person, because normal people can easily adapt as such.

still no proof from anons


if a rando witness bullying and does nothing they are as bad as the bully and deserve it. normalfaggot

Dylans mother has talked and written about also acutally

>We tell bully victims to stand up for themselves
I mean, it seems like this should be significantly easier nowadays. Buy a small camera and record teachers not helping you and bullies assaulting you then go to the police. Assault is assault, it doesn't matter if you're in school or not. And the teachers not helping you will reflect badly on the school so they'll be more likely to help students that are being bullied.

>but when they fight back we get mad at them and call them cowards
>Post columbine
The absolute retardation on here.

Just admit you want to kill people because you're an xDEdgelord!!! Stop trying to reason it.

There's still so many people believing in that one idiot's writing.
No, they weren't popular with the girls, seeing as eric was rejected several times when asking girls to prom
They weren't part of the "trench coat mafia", yes, but obviously inspired by them
They had cups of feces and tampons thrown at them, so I don't think they weren't bullied. Dylan did harass one retarded kid though.

looks like a tranny lmao

Nah, real wahmen

why does it need reason?

what do we want from them? to shut the fuck up , they're not getting a pity party

He's right, basedboy

Calling a shooter a bully is like calling Ted Bundy a bully it just doesn't work. The definition doesn't fit.

Why would someone at the bottom try to fight with someone on equal terms? Get some perspective. They want you to die. They hate you

to go away