How much of your problems do you blame on your dad?

How much of your problems do you blame on your dad?

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All of them--he spawned me.

a lot. he's a piece of shit and my brother is even more of a mess than i am, and it all stems from our shit father

He was a narcissistic abuser and gaslighted my family to make them turn on me. Acted borderline homosexual in public to avert suspicion.

None, I'm fully responsible for myself.
Then again I don't have many problems other than inherent laziness.

>Acted borderline homosexual in public to avert suspicion.

Your dad did this?

Every single problem of my life is some kind of trauma he caused on me

I have inherent laziness but my dad is also the laziest person I know

My autism. I want to kick his ass for having that shit in his genes

My dad died of cancer so I can't really blame him but I feel like I'd be a different person if I had someone I could ask for advice

My dad is the hardest worker I know he is very intelligent however he would lose his shit very quickly and turn the frustration and angry on me and my Bros. He would threaten to sodomize us with a variety of tools or trees. Its probably why I'm a gunshy pussy I'm always afraid of sodomy

Just don't summon me if you're a beta fag , and wtf is this gay earth ?

A large majority of them. It's that son of a bitch's fault that I was raised in poverty by a single mother.

My disturbed stress reactions and neuroticism. Is hard for me not to be either burnout or freaking out from stress or an apathic fuck and it fucks up my productivity and goal setting

My self-esteem left with him, and ever since my self-image has deteriorated to the point where I truly believed I was worthless. It was all becauee he was too immature to have kids and more interested in doinking strange women and screwing wealthy women out of their money to actually care about my brother and I.

Protip, if you're playing 1v1 in a game against your 5 year old son... let him win a few times, and don't laugh at him when you beat him. That doesn't make you strong, it makes you a dick.

None of them, my parents both were good with me.

>list of problems:
>traffic to work
>only get 3 paid weeks of vacation, even though i use about 5 weeks of vacation and still get paid, but it's uncomfortable when i just don't show up to the office and make some lame excuse
>wife sometimes spends a little too much money
>bald spot on head
>not as athletic as i was in my teens
>house is smaller than i want

Not sure if any are related to my dad. But I was constantly verbally abused by my dad. I was scared of him all the time and I remember at least 3 times I was 100% sure he was going to kill me and mom. I sat in the corner of my room waiting for him to just start stabbing or choking us and hoping it won't be too painful. I have a good relationship with my dad now, he's not an alcoholic anymore.

I'm sorry user. Hope you're doing okay.

You can't blame anyone for your problems if you're an adult. We have free will and it is up to us to deprogram anything instilled in us during childhood. If you blame your dad, why not go further and blame your grandfather, and so on?... Impractical nonsense.

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both of us like to socialize, be chidlish fucking cunts, act like fucking retards and picking up women at the bar and neither of us got past the mental age of 18. wich got a lot of people in town to either respect us or hate us but then again that is neither mine nor my dads problem.

I can't stop thinking of him being a good father , drinks all day , retired , talks nonsense in his old times , pumped 5 kids , ego retard.
I want him to fucking die already so I can forget him and move with my life , fucking piece of shit guy fucking go in hell with all your God believing shit.

You can move on with your life without him having to die. Why hate anyone this much, especially your father? Fucking atheist edgy faggot.

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Definitely agree, why would someone hate their own father that much purely because they believe in something different? My father has different political beliefs then I do but I don't really hold it against him as I'm not an asshat.

Is the memories of him beating the shit out of me blame?