Femanon's, what's your bra size. Maleanon's what's your preferred bra size?

Femanon's, what's your bra size. Maleanon's what's your preferred bra size?

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my size is 28A

When you can barely palm one, they're perfect.
Those are too big.

The ideal woman is a cute flatty with sensitive nipples.

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Why is Anri in the picture? She has fake tits, it doesn't count.

AA. I prefer a nice flat chest.
Paired with a meaty shitter, it's the best and most aesthetic choice

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>too big
No such thing faggot.

>those are too big

Size doesn't matter to me as much as shape and form. Very few women have big, firm breasts.

bra size says very little about what tits actually look like. I like a solid pair, enough to jiggle when she moves too fast, enough to get a good knead but not so big they start to lose their shape. Tessa is about perfect.

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boob size doesnt matter, its all about her mind.

Tessa also has nice big nipples, I like a pair of big round ones, they can be dark or pink, idc, but I want a solid mouthful of areola and I have a big mouth.

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reminder cowtits are disgusting

Yeah, I guess if you're a faggot they are. Faggot.

I'd say but nobody would believe me anyway. It's not like I'm going to share pictures.

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so you are telling you find attractive huge pancake veiny tits?

I mean, veiny tits are great.

>he doesn't like a little vein in his tit
it's liking marble without veins in it

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nipples/areloae that look like a dude's are a big turnoff

The perfect size is where I can cup them with my hands completely without them spilling out. Anything's fine really, as long as they aren't ridiculously huge. I even like flat chicks as long as they skinny.

I honestly have no idea. My boobs are small enough that I basically always wear a basic sports bra and I just pick them up off the rack without paying attention.

tits or gtfo, you ho-bag

See? Exactly. Besides I don't think my wife would appreciate it

Preferred, as small as possible.

It's Shame that she only did vanilla stuff. No fucking
Also damn I want to see her lactate with those titties

I have been jerking off to this video for days since I found auroraxoxo. Beautiful tits. It's sad that she did not make a lot of preggo videos while she was knocked up. Also more lactating would have been nice desu

I've always wanted to buy some cute bras for a femanon.

>Maleanon's what's your preferred bra size?
None, I don't wear bras


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I love big tits. My ideal size would probably be something along the lines of 36DD, and perky. I'm not that picky though, I'd be happy with any boobs as long as they looked nice and the girl was cute.

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F. I don't know the amurican numbers. But like the middle girl in bottom OP oic

Okay but if you're not in my country how are you going to breastfeed me?

Fucking faggot

Nipple (and areola) size, shape, and placement is a hugely important part of breast quality. If you're nipples are shit, then the size and shape of your breasts won't matter as much. Tessa is pretty much perfect all around.

>you will never live in a world where every woman is as busty as Tessa
those tits are literal perfection.

Want enough to be able to spoon and lose your hand in between. Not too bothered about if they sag or not, gravity will always win eventually. Probably E/F as the dream, C-D is doable, A-B must have a great face/ass

I bet you'd get more attention if you gave us a full view.

why do all asians look like they have down syndrome

this and my head in a towel in her lap. No bra necessary.

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asians and downies both have epicanthal folds. people think that asians developed them to deal with glare since they originated in the deserts of central asia. They're also found among people living in the high arctic and the kalahari where glare are also problems. downies just got them from ODing on chromosomes

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>people hate on saggy boobs
sag is nice as long as it's somewhat symmetrical and the breasts retain a decent shape.

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I like B size, A is pretty good, C start to be a bit much. Anything higher is a no.

Thank you! I'm still a bit self conscious about sagging. It's not like I can help it.

I'm a guy and my bra-size is DD
as in i have huge mantitties

it's 32A ;_;

Surprisingly unoriginal

My heart is beating so fast... I never knew there were so many cute girls posting here.

Post em then, who doesn't like busty boys?

name of this girl? thanks originally thanksing

Tits or gtfo thiccboye

as big as fucking possible without straying into the "severe disability" category, cassie0pia is probably around the ideal

Well at least post pics of her nerd

cowtits is exactly what i want

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you're the nerd, nerd

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Thanks dork

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look up cowtittymilk on tiktok

this girl?
to call her pathetic chest cowtits is an insult to the word

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Preference is 34A girls. Wound up with a titcow but in general I prefer DFC.

Maleanon here. Just an inch above being flat is the best

the girl in the middle is very pretty
whats her name?

my gf is 36d, i'd gladly trade for your titcow if you want some smaller tiddies

sag them girls all over my face and I'll shower you in compliments and buy you things off of your amazon wishlist ;)

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Look up Kaho

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based patrician fetish right here

>you will never find a fembot devoted enough to switch a large portion of your diet over to breastmilk

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>tfw like asian women AND big tits
>probability of me getting a big tit asian gf is almost 0


my breasts size are C or D

>tfw ywn EXCLUSIVELY live off breastmilk from a harem of big tit asians

A or B cup. between both, rip

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that;'s perfect. do you have an amazon wish list?

yes, here's my email i'll send you my wishlist and more/
[email protected]

How do you not know
And what about bust

god damn, you're barely a woman, you should get fit as fuck so then you'll have a nice body if you don't already

No fuck that, I want one woman who is highly productive and dedicated to feeding me as our primary form of sexual bonding. We'd have to cut back when we had kids but after they're weaned the milk would all be mine again.

I don't want a harem, more bitches = more problems. I just want one wife to be in a wholesome and nutritious relationship with.

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>larping as a cuck

why dude... why

i'm skinny, getting fit will make me FLAT

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I will send an email to see if this is legit

fair enough. It's more realistic than my fantasy

ironic cuckposting is almost as based as milkposting

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didn't receive anything yet

32DDD. It sucks because I can't wear a lot of things without looking obscene. I stopped going kickboxing because of them.

I really dont mind if a woman has small breasts. I feel like shape is more important than size.

Really? I will try one more time.

Please post, tiny tits are godspeed

I like big mommy milkers with those really faint stretch marks, on top, you know they'd just sag right down in your face if she let them out of her bra.

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im not having much luck user :(

just accept that you were born to be a human cow, your life will be much easier that way.

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Proof rn, my kik is opticdashie

Awh that's so kind of you, but I'm married

D cup, but I'm also fat so it doesn't really count I guess

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some people gotta be spoonfed i guess

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skinny isn't enough though, pleny of girls are skinny, you have to have an ACTIVLY attractive body

that's not even that big though? those are modestly sized tits. maybe you have your bra size wrong?

what's your bust size though? D can be small or very large depending on your bust size

Should I stop using the temp mail? Maybe it isn't working correctly.

I'm pretty short too so maybe my frame just makes them look bigger. 32DDD is pretty big though user.

it may be big compared to the general population but they're not "obcene" by any means, that wouldn't even look out of the ordinary unless you deliberately compared them to those around you, even then they will be completely blown out by even a moderately fat girl

be my shortstack gf, i'll defend your honor against any creepers staring at your obscene cow udders m'lady

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Sorry user. I guess it isn't working out for us.