I hate trans, LGBTQ and all of their indoctrination and propaganda...

I hate trans, LGBTQ and all of their indoctrination and propaganda. Not sure how a trans woman is starting to be considered a real woman but thats becoming a thing now. Also women love abortions so much now, its like an obession and it sickens me. Just wanted to get that off my chest. That is all.

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Feel the same, man.

Trans women being considered real women doesn't really change much bro.
They're pretty much just infertile women, unless you don't consider the infertile real women either.

Yeah I cant wrap my mind around why this is all happening suddenly. 5 years ago this wasnt happening.

I see your point but I cant consider them women because they biologically arent, unless they get some surgeon who is a wannabe Mengele to mutilate their genitals and pump them full of hormones they never had in those amounts before.

No, fuck off with your bullshit. Trans are mentally ill. There is no alternative explanation, no nuance. They are fetishists consumed by their perversions, and no one should have to deal with their bullshit.

I bet you would like them if you could cum inside one of their tight bussies

Since we are being honest
I consider myself a "feminist" even through Im male... I saw my mom doing all kind of shit just to make me and my brother have a nice life, so it kinda pissed me off if someone try to treat women's like shit (I know my mom took a lot a bad decisions but she took her own blame and kept going).
That why this whole new 'feminism' is a load of bullcrap and they should feel ashamed of theirselves...

Those whiny bitches aren't fighting for womens rights, they are whinning cuz' "they don't believe what I believe in my 6yo logic"

>They are fetishists consumed by their perversions
Is there any actual proof for this argument?
You can argue it's a mental illness but then again the treatment would be reassignment surgery and hormone therapy, considering that studies show that, while suicide rates stay high in trans people, suicide rates lower after reassignment and hormone therapy.
I'd rather call them women than their suicide rates go up, personally. I feel like calling them women doesn't really harm any definitions so it's fine by me.

Again, I understand your point.I met one who was female to male and I called them by their male name. I'll be civil in public but in private, I dont like any of it one bit.

It's the best treatment we have now, and hopefully one day we can either completely stop gender dysphoria or turn them into fully biological women.
I'm glad you don't blatantly misgender or insult them to their face, though. You're at least understanding of their issues.

Yeah I dont like gays and I dont like trans, nor do I like muslims. I know I sound like a walking stereotype but I treat everyone with respect because there's no need to be a douche canoe in public. I keep it to myself.

it changes what it means to be a man or a woman

I disagree with a lot of your beliefs personally (except for the muslim one, not too much of a fan of many religions), but I probably can't convince you to change them. I'm just happy you're not railing others with insults just because you disagree with who they are. Have a good day, mate.
Elaborate, what do you define as a woman?

>what do you define as a woman?
a female adult

Define female.
Some people hold philosophical views on what females are, some hold scientific and others hold social views on it.

>Define female.
xx chromosomes

What would you call a hermaphrodite who has had their male genitals removed then? He, she?

Instead of trying to fix the external issues caused by the issue of mental illness, you fucks should be working to fix the underlying problem. Every dollar spent on making males into knockoff females is a dollar not spent in fixing your underlying mental issues. Stop trying to stick feathers up your ass and call yourself a chicken, dipshit.

Born from the merging 2 xx cells, 1 from each parent of parent.

trannies aren't hermaphrodites

Yeah they really do have a mental illness that needs taken care of.

Statistically irrelevant and not applicable to the world at large. Less than .1% of all people are true, medical hermaphrodites. Conflating actual physical medical issues with mental issues won't strengthen your point.

The treatment we have so far for this is all the shit already mentioned. It lowers suicide rates overall. First, we'd need to know what causes Gender Dysphoria anyways, which we don't.
I know, I never said you were. I'm trying to get a view on how you define things so I can talk to you better. If a hermaphrodite has both chromosomes but no male genitals, do you still consider them a woman?
Read above, I'm not trying to compare them. I'm just trying to see if his definition of woman logically follows.

>do you still consider them a woman?
I consider them to be a hermaphrodite

But is a hermaphrodite a man or woman? Or are they both? Or neither?
What pronouns would you use for them?

they are a hermaphrodite

Why do you hate me user? Can't we settle our differences?

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Nobody cares faggot

>Can't we settle our differences?
translation: can't you assimilate to my beliefs

lmao why niggas so mad we turning into cute girls n shiet

I wasnt expecting any replies but obviously some people care because here we are, faggot.

That's exactly what OP thinks is ideal as well. Hence "settling our differences". We aren't both going to get what we want, that's impossible. So what's the compromise?

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This sort of pilpul is obnoxious. Stop asking dumb fucking questions.

it's more important for scientists to find the gene that causes trannies and eradicate it.

Compromise? Fuck that. The solution is that the medical community stop sewing dicks on mentally ill women and stops pumping young men full of estrogen and starts fixing their underlying mental issues instead of making them into fucking Frankenstein's monster. Stop pushing this degenerate bullshit and work to get people fixed instead of indulging their delusions.

Yes that would be great. I don't particularly want to be trans. Most trannies don't like being trans. They like feeling like they're in the right body though.
If scientists figured out how to turn off the "I want to be a girl" gene with a pill or something it'd instantly become the preferred method in the medical and trans community.

Same as any other bodily dysphoria, it's a mental disorder and needs to be treated like one.

>and starts fixing their underlying mental issues instead
Try having a desire to be a girl right now. Just do it. Make it so you genuinely want to be a girl and do girly things. Don't pretend, you need to make yourself genuinely feel like you want to be a girl.
Why can't you do it? If you can't do it, then why are you expecting others to be able to do it?
Doctors modify the body because it's literally easier to change the body to fit the mind than it is to change the mind to fit the body.
If there were some kind of pill you could use to make someone feel like they weren't in a foreign body, then that would obviously be the preferred method.
It's almost as if you believe there's some ulterior motive behind the treatment of transgender people.

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>muh hermaphrodite
None of you larpers are herms, and regardless they are statistically irrelevant.
How about you stop listening to bullshit peddled by someone literally named John Money made for the sole purpose of sexually abusing his children?

Why can't you make yourself want to be a girl user? You are telling me it's simple to make myself want to be male, so why can't you simply desire to want to be female?

I'm not saying they are hermaphrodites, I'm just trying to find out what they define as a woman and man. And what pronouns they think they'd have.
I just want to know more.

>It's almost as if you believe there's some ulterior motive behind the treatment of transgender people.
The obvious answer is money. Get people who are delusional hooked on a neverending supply of hormones, pills, surgery, etc. Get men to buy makeup, clothing, etc that they would.never purchase. Undermind social cohesion by trying to redefine what a man or a woman is, as evidenced by your prior attempt to redefine concrete, sexual characteristics.

Whether your realize it or.not, you are shilling for people to spend tens of thousands of dollars on unnecessary medical care. This shit is.not acceptable.

Mem have penises. Women have vaginas. Hermaphrodites have birth defects. It's very simple.

I'm just sick of the brainless shitposting and spam on this board.
It's worthless now, because more than half of the threads are overtly or subtly peddling some kind of identity politic garbage.
There are one or two original posts a month because stupid retards don't understand the principle of NOT replying to bait.
r9k needs to be nuked from orbit again.

What is your alternative then? Rot? Then again that's exactly why incels and robots exist in the first place.
It's not surprising that so many robots turn out to be trans, because society refuses to accept that mental health have a very real impact on the world around us.

So are hermaphrodites neither? Are they a "third gender"? What are they? Man or Woman?

Alternative is not to give in to your delusions. The same way we tell schitzo-affected anons to not give in to their urges. The same way we tell anons to stop being OCD. The same way we tell people to stop being paranoid. All these people, if they need it, should be taking therapy if they need it, as well as medication. There's already a medication that exists that removes the desire to crossdressing, so start taking that if you need to.

Before you say that you're just following the reccomendations of your doctor, you have to understand that they don't do that shit for free. It's already been proven that several companies like Johnson and Johnson, Purdue Medical, and INSYS Therapeutic worked with doctor and other medical professionals to get people hooked on Opiods so they could make money. Medical professionals are not above fleecing people of their money, and you need to be aware of that.

You need to stop reinforcing your mental illness, and fix your shit. At the very least, you need to stop pushing propaganda.

go back to your fucking pride parade, freak.

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Medical definition intersex, and again, they are 1 in 2000. Statistically irrelevant.

And to expand on that line of reasoning, just because you are able to find doctors who will do all that shit to you for money does not mean they have your best interest in mind. There are doctors who are willing to saw off people's legs because they strongly identify with being handicapped, but that doesn't mean any of that shit is ethical.

The uprising is coming. Stock up on guns and ammo. Go to a pride parade and open fire. Show no mercy.

low effort glownigger post

Facts and logic do not care about your fee fees user.

You're confusing being trans with a desire to cross dress. I have a desire to pass as a woman, but that isn't just throwing on a dress and calling it a day.
With schizophrenia, OCD, depression, and other disorders, there's specific mechanisms in the brain that can be exploited to help treat the illness. SSRIs are the best example of this.
There is nothing simple that can be done to make someone stop feeling like a female and start feeling like a male. You can't make your serotonin receptors work easier like you can with depression. You can't sedate a specific region of the brain to treat it like you can with antipsychotics.
No medical professional is going to tell you the way transgendered people are treated today is ideal. If there was a less invasive, safer, easier method to help transgendered people not want to kill themselves, it was already tried on them and didn't work.
I don't go to a psychologist. I'm sure you'd agree psychology is a pretty shitty science. You don't need to believe in psychology as a science to believe in mental health issues. I'm trans, I know it because this desire has never went away, despite 23 years of trying to repress it.
Thank you for at least being polite, even if you disagree.

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>infertile women
By that same definition all men are "infertile women", you retarded faggot. A man in a wig is not a woman.

We can just choose not to include men under the definition of "woman" then.

Men aren't under the definition of "woman" in the first place. Neither is anyone born a male, by any means or interpretation.

>being this fucking braindead

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Just include trans women under the definition of woman and bam, they're less suicidal.

>Just include trans women under the definition of woman
You can't change the definition of words to their polar opposite for a baseless assumption. They aren't women and never will be, they're men. If you include them as women then every human on the planet is a female.
>they're less suicidal.
Trannies are mental wrecks with no self-awareness, agency or introspection, they will always be suicidal and rightfully so, since they're worthless abominations.

>You can't change the definition of words to their polar opposite
Yeah you can, literally means figuratively now.
Your arguments are entirely feelings.

>Yeah you can, literally means figuratively now.
It doesn't, though you like manufacturing definitions out of your ass, I know.
>Your arguments are entirely feelings.
Feelings and facts, the two imperatives of a debate. You can't discuss morality without feeling and everyone who isn't brainwashed is naturally repulsed by tranny abominations. I've gave you facts, I've gave you feelings, but you're too far gone to take either to the slightest iota of consideration. Not surprising.

Absolutely shreked

It does, look it up. The definition changed because of how many people used it differently.

Your whole arguments are "I think it's disgusting", which isn't an argument. Eating shit with knowledge of possible consequences isn't hurting anyone but it's still disgusting, but who cares? Are you gonna police eating shit next?

>The definition changed because of how many people used it differently.
No it didn't. "Literally" is a word that doesn't leave trannies to interpret it or falsely classify it as figurative just to suit their agenda.
>Your whole arguments are "I think it's disgusting", which isn't an argument
It isn't. You are incapable of following a reply chain. That was only part of the argument, which is as legitimate as the rest of it. I called you out for classifying men as women with no basis in reality or any justification.
Yes, eating shit and being a tranny, taken as individual states don't infringe on anyone, however the other traits and characteristics that come as an extension to these are infringing on other people and even if they didn't, then calling something degenerate for being degenerate is perfectly legitimate.

Lmao so many butthurts itt
If you don't support your trans brothers and sisters (not agp fags though) then you arent human

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Same here and you can correlate this changes to the social media boom and their manipulation of what content gets promoted or suppressed.
These social media companies are literally shaping and manipulation society while clearly living a retarded "progressive" buble and at this point i doubt the government can even step in to regulate them anymore seeing how much power they've accumulated.

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