Why do GenZ white girls prefer black guys?

Why do GenZ white girls prefer black guys?

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They all prefer white guys. Like all of them. Black girls go to black guys, and some girls of other races will fuck a black guy as long as he is attractive/fit enough. Especially lightskins
For the most part, white men have it really easy in today's dating climate. A lot of the faggots here aren't white and that's why you have so much trouble. Literally being tall and white is 90% of the battle. The rest is luck or social skills.

This is so wrong, you clearly dont know GenZ at all. Most girls are woke and actively belief that white men are their Jews basically. No one likes white guys in GenZ. Not even the white guys themselves.

Hip hop and R&B is the most popular genre in the world at the moment. Imagine all of your favorite musicians are black people. We all know girls fantasize about their favorite singers running trains on them when they're kids. Instead of the Jonas Brothers and Connect Four or whatever the fuck, white girls these days are listening to the Migos and Chris Brown, so these black fellers are their fantasy.

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they don't
blacks are trying to cope with their homosexuality by pushing BBC/WFBM to keep their alpha status. theyre very homophobic people

maybe in burger land
but the rest of the world rejects your shitty racemixing propaganda

because they want to die and get raped.

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A paki or a indian posted this

i love how almost nearly
all of the women who race mix look like ditsy bimbos

It's all lies. Even the shit on PBS turns me into pic related.

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Women are natural race-traitors, no idea why you'd bother with them.

Two can play at this racist game user

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>expecting people to not be racist
in a racebait thread
why are you so retarded?

Such fucking fake news lol
Imagine going to a 90% white college (not uncommon) where at least 60-70% are in a relationship, and being convinced that those blackbois are stealing all the white girls
Theyre not, youre just a fucking faggot with no game. Get good and stop being a loser

>it is known that teenagers rebel
>insist that fucking black guys is a huge taboo and bad
>surprised when they rebel and fuck black guys

I knew people were going to be racist, I just decided to respond.

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you're still a retard
if you expect people to not bite back
when the OP is some inbred ameriburger thinking they're funny and cute for posting a racebait thread

What he posted is common place, what you posted is an anomaly.

Is it an anomaly? Or do you just seek out certain things that confirm your bias? I can make white men killing Asian women seem like an everyday thing.

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crime statistics and crime going up when a neighbor becomes "diverse"
can also be used to make blacks breaking the law seem like an everyday thing : ^)
i don't know why you're salty in a thread like this
waah whitey isn't letting me talk shit : (

Lets stay on topic user. We're shilling propaganda right now.

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we get it user americans are the niggers of the world n o surprise
no shilling required here schlomo

Hmm... just Americans?

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You seem more salty than he does, tbf. Especially with the excessive use of emoticons.

it's always fun to remember how based the rest of the world is.

i guess african crime rates don't matter because you see the occasional soulless mutt that's "considered" white break the law
god i hate americans

No they don't matter. Because that's not what we're talking about here.

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how am i more salty? he's the one that started going on and on because someone dared to dislike black people in a racebait thread
haha ebic own da ebil raycists :DDDDD

And here's the research

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you're the one that brought it up in the first place because your fragile amerimutt ego couldn't handle the fact not everyone likes black people hooray i shit talk random white people in a thread
da black ppl are saved :DDDD

You do seem really mad user. You feel the need to keep responding because you're triggered. Just stop responding to him and he'll stop too.

I'm just playing along user

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This is for bong land not the US

1/2 (the next one's the kicker)

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And 2/2 Q. E. D.

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Unless you are a white chad girls don't give a shit.

>are woke
bait, bait, bait, bait

All generations of qt Asians and latinas like white boys so I'm ok

>some few cases of violence by white guys
>forgets that blacks mistreats and kill their gfs at alarming rates
stop with this, it's coping and pathetic