Which lies do you tell yourself to cope having a small dick?

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I'll take 20!

Just google or le Reddit. The information is already out there.

My dick is a fucking abomination
>almost 8 inch but not a lot of girth making it bit of a pencil
>bent halfway almost 45 degrees
>head grossly oversized
>phimosis foreskin that doesnt retract
so fucking what if it's 8 inch
i'd trade it for 4.5 that looks and functions normally honestly

I'm not having sex so size legitimately doesn't matter

My boyfriend's penis is on the smaller side and I don't have much of an issue with it. He still makes me cum with it and he doesn't jackhammer my cervix either.

You only tolerate it because hes a provider

No, I like how it looks and how it feels inside me. My boyfriend and I also have a fairly equal relationship, he isn't a "provider".

>fairly equal

Beta Provider

Get circumcised you retard

My gf provides for me and i still make her cum with my 6incher

honestly average dicks are the sweet spot. girls can't suck your dick and don't want to fuck you if its too big.

>shilling for your own channel that you just started 20 hours ago

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that subtle brag

damn bro you sound like you have the same dick as mine.
>dick bends at like 30 deg angle when fully erect, cant stay standing erect for itself for too long as it feels "weighty" towards the tip
>circumsized but foreskin is recovering slowly... it hurts to fuck very tight pussies
>veiny af
don't consider getting a circumcision unless your phimosis is bad, i can only cum if my frenulum is rubbing against her pussy and if there is tight pressure surrounding the head of my dick

I mean that's even ignoring my crippling autism. Whats the point in a long johnson when i'll never get to use it? The big dick = confidence is a meme

My dick is only 5 inches how small is that? Will I ever be able to make a girl cum?

its average, not small.
refer to this chart for the chances you'll make a girl come.
A = 85-100%
for ex: im 8"x5.4" so im a C grade penis that is considered satisfying to the average women.

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lol keep coping.

In womens eyes average = DOGSHIT

i have smol pp and i like getting bullied about it

statistically speaking his dick is average, but no shet women see it as trash since its not rare.
do you think im coping with pic related between my legs?

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that looks huge or maybe you are a manlet / midget

fuck never mind, you are huge, I meant to respond to the other person

>Have a tiny azn gf with a tiny pussy
>First time we have sex I destroy her with my 9 inch cock
>It's painful for her because I was drunk and didn't really try to make it comfortable for her
>Next day she is back for more, starts to enjoy it
>Keep in mind we weren't together then, if she wasn't overcome with big cock lust she wouldn't have come back
>By the third day I can slam her as hard as I want and she loves every second of it
>Completely addicted to huge cock now, we fuck every day and every time we have sex she goes into some crazy state afterwards like she's high or something, crawling all over me and talking about how much she loves 'him'

I can't emphasize enough how small her pussy is (was?). I was hitting the end with less than half of it inside her. Now she is ruined for average men, she can never go back. I've had other women tell me this too, that even what they used to think was a big cock isn't enough for them anymore since they got a taste of my 'god' dick.
With the amount of casual sex women have these days you need to understand that they have almost all had this experience. Get real good at eating pussy dicklets.

everyone online has huge 9 inch dick

You're right, we do. I'm not the guy you replied to though

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Yeah but I actually do. I think people are just more forward at sharing about it online, you've probably meet maybe 5-10 dudes who have a 9 inch dick irl, but they aren't going to go on about it, whereas you might come across 500 online and they will bring it up any time they get an excuse which makes it seem as though everyone is saying it. Just because some people lie on the internet doesn't mean all people do.

suicide fuel. I will make it my mission in life to extend so I go from 6.5 inches to 9 inches. I really hope you aren't on my continent. Fuck this shit.

go away larpfag

Idk about the other guy but I'm married and therefore nobody's competition, don't worry about it user

>a fairly equal relationship

That's roastiese for: My money is my money, his money is my money too.

It's not as important as I'm making out, I'm just baiting. Get fit and learn to fuck good, my girlfriend mostly likes how I can fuck her so hard for so long, if I busted in 2 minutes every time then she wouldn't be satisfied.
Also understand that women love to be abused and basically raped, this was my biggest blackpill regarding sex. Choke them and pull their hair and slam their pussy as hard as you can and shit like that, just make sure they are actually turned on first or it will seem forced and like you are trying too hard.

is there a full pic? oreganolioli

Post Pic u faggot

How do you fuck up saving an image like this?

I know all of that and I am ripped as fuck. But my dick is still shitty 6 inches. I will jelq like mad man and make it my absolute life goal to achieve 9x6.5 inches and then ruin as many women as possible.

You're more likely to ruin your dick dude. Jelqing is bad for you and most guys end up with ED

>18 dislikes

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F-Four inches is average! Fucking size queens!

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Im not coping anymore bros. Im finally going to off myself soon, I refuse to live in this pain anymore. Goodbye

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yeah but I bet she doesnt make you cum with her 6incher

im 5'11"
dont be afraid to share your research so that i can go from 8"x5.4" to 9"x7"
bro you have to cope, I need as many dicklets to stay alive to lower the stats, so that i can still stay 2 to 3 standard deviations above the mean.

if any of you are a dicklet in terms of statistics (less than 4.8" in length and/or 4.5" in girth), you're better off being a cuck and a provider desu. anyone women you'll be with will cheat on you for a bigger dick, its just a matter of time...

My dick is 6.5 inches and it's not unsurprising that my GF who is the shortest and most petite girl I've ever dated gets off the hardest from my dick. It feels like big dick sex, where slight movements and pushing squirm into her posterior/anterior fornix and it makes her cum hard like as if it were simulated rape where she controls who's raping her.
At one point I had a FFFM and I learned shortly after that women spread around that my dick was girthy and thicc so there's that at least.

At least post the real chart.

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>he doesn't know that 15 in length is the MINIMUM to not be seen as subhuman by women
Jfl at this cope

>9x6.5 inches
Leaving aside that jelqing will leave you with ED.
Jelqing won't give you huge gains, especially not on girth.
Just try to somehow come to terms with how small your dick seems to the average woman.

If you end up with one who wants something bigger, fist the shit out of her cunt in revenge. And I mean really punch her cervix as hard as you can.

>Which lies do you tell yourself to cope having a small dick?
I don't try to cope, I just get a little mad sometimes before realizing it isn't worth the energy.

How does it feel knowing women have bigger penises on average than men?

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