He eats butt

>he eats butt

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Do girls really enjoy this is or is it just a meme?

Literally and I'm not joking here, ALL females like getting their butts tongued. If they say they don't it's because they haven't received the proper treatment from their partner.

I never experienced that but I think I'd enjoy it

From gash to ass

they like it but you gotta warm them up a bit first. can't just go right in for the ass first. but when they're warmed up and you go in for a lick they find it incredibly naughty and hot.

God I wanna eat a femanons ass

Why do you want to do it? OriginI

Yea eating ass sounds cool and all but get this. What if you held hands instead

Daily Reminder that a tranny posts these threads.

i used to like this girl character but at this pint these threads completely ruined it

I can't really explain i just wanna do it

i miss when "eat shit and die" was a devastating insult
t. 36 boomer

Did you ever have one of those keychains where you pressed a button and a shitty barely audible voice recording would say "eat shit and die"? my step dad had one of those and all his friends thought it was the most hilarious shit

I love eating ass. But you know, last time I did it, I got a HORRENDOUS throat infection. Literally just went to town on her asshole. Worshiped it for like an hour.

My throat had swollen up so horribly that swallowing felt like getting karate chopped in the neck, and I had a 102 degree fever.

Doc looked in my mouth and was like "Oh, WOW." Got put on high doses of antibiotics and steroids.

I'd still do it again.

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It's a fetish. Only works on those who have it. Most find it either boring or even off putting.

I personally and originally love it

Tongue in? or just around?

completely based ass poster

it tickles

My dick just got hard imagining you giggling while I tongue your butthole

I don't think there's any circumstance where I'd do that to a girl.
I'll use my fingers though.

>What if you held hands instead

>she eats butt

everything sexual makes me giggle, I can't help it. the dirtier it is too

How would you react to a buttplug being withdrawn from you that turned out slightly dirty?

God I wish I was a femanon's ass eating slave

I'd make you one if we knew each other for a long time

It wouldn't be awkward enslaving someone you knew?

no I think it would be hot if we were normal friends for a while and then one day I just unexpectedly tell you to be my ass eating slave

And I don't do this kind of stuff with strangers

You know what, that would be pretty hot. It's too bad we don't know each other in real life.

I ate prostitutes butt. She had orgasm that way

>I ate prostitutes butt.
Jesus christ user do you have any sense of hygiene?

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I was a older womans sub. It was great. I thought I would always be a femdom bitch but no. And once you've gotten deep into it you'll find your kind. And the sub is really in charge unless you're gonna be a sick fuck.