Movie night

Happy Saturday night Jow Forums, I just got done with finals and now it's time to celebrate! Tonight is movie night and we're watching:
- Who Killed Captain Alex
- The Room
- Birdemic
- Any many more (open to suggestions)
Come join at and we'll start the screening at **8PM UTC+1** If people want to vc over discord that can be arranged as well!

Make sure to grab some popcorn and alcohol, I know I'll be drinking!!

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just go back, you fucking tranny

what's so bad about people chatting over a movie?

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As an oldfag, seeing threads like this makes me super happy that we can be cozy still with the normal fag roamers

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Starting soon! Say "hi" when you join!

START! Drop in anytime lads.

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the movie's getting good now!

come on in user, it's comfy here!
starting "the room" now

comfy room

Honestly I'd like to watch the sunset limited with other anons. I feel that film would be very relevant to the board.

I'll put in in the queue for next up

Neat, I look forward to that. I'll stay up explicitly to watch it.

"you have nice legs Lisa!"
do you have nice legs, user?

If everyone loved one another the world would... (?)

watch as a man get's cucked by his best friend :o
the room unfolds!

you just a chicken chip chip chip chiiiip!!

*gasp* :O
johnny pulled the trigger!
NEXT UP: The Sunset Limited
might wanna come in now!

We had a bit of a technical hiccup but everything is working now, come watch the sunset limited. I'm told this one is strong in the feels.

>Saturday night Jow Forums
Europoor here as well

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will jeebus save us all? find out tonight as a black man preaches HARD on you in this room.

stock up on snacks, the night is still young!

if you have no pain in yo life how would you even know when you was happy professa?

damn whitey.

do these anti-depressants work for you user? you ever connect with others?

Anyways, enjoy your coffee...

Me? I have a Ph.D in DARKNESS >:)
Now let me out of this crackhouse!

NEXT UP: Birdemic


Thank you to everyone who came to watch movies and chat, it was a very nice way to celebrate the end of exams. The room is playing "Freddy Got Fingered" now, you can go and watch with whoever's left in there if you want.

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goodnight user friendo
I had fun