Be me, the asian fembot

>be me, the asian fembot
>was dating a tall korean guy for 3 years
>he is breaking my heart all the time and plays games with my feelings
>yells at me or hurts me then says he's sorry and manipulates me into staying
>doesn't care about me at all and is always aloof
>forgave him for all these things because I thought I could change him
>cheats on me with other women all the time
>smokes in my house all the time when I told him not to

Never dating a korean again, my mom told me not to trust them.

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I am planning to break up with him today, I will miss him :((

serves you right, femoid


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stfu thot and get off this board

Time for you to date me instead, m'lady

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But I was always a good girlfriend to him why does he treat me so badly :'(
i'm depressed

I only want a hapa or korean bf

>dates Koreans lmaoo
Don't do for korean dogs, go for Chinese masterrace

holy shit go to Jow Forums you fucking ngiger

If you're an Asian fembot why the fuck don't you date some white guy? So many cuck boys today have mean yellow fever and they'd let you piss in their mouth.

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> they'd let you piss in their mouth.
How did you know I'm into that?

I only want to date a korean or hapa boy :(

Hey dumb bitch, date chinese master race
Forget about korean betas

I meant that in a metaphorical sense, but whatever floats your boat. Why only koreans specifically? All the koreans I've known are either submissive pussies or insufferable cunts.

Death to roasties, death to noodlewhores. Death to roasties, death to noodlewhores. Death to roasties, death to noodlewhores. Death to roasties, death to noodlewhores. Death to roasties, death to noodlewhores. Death to roasties, death to noodlewhores. Death to roasties, death to noodlewhores.

Korean guys are bad boys
Chinese guys are the betas :(

They are more cool and taller and have nice hair.

Get a white boyfriend. Make your family proud.

Fuck you bitch, i hope your korean boyfriend kills you
Chinese are better than koreans

literally just date a white guy

o-okay sorry i'll date chinese men next time
>i hope your korean boyfriend kills you
Possible, I don't know how he'll react to me leaving. He is abusive.
but I want another korean bad boy but one who doesn't hit me as hard or cheat

chinese men are insufferable faggots, just cause some filthy subhuman zipperhead tells you to date his race shouldn't change your opinion.

Just wait for a while and some korean user will come your way or some other korean male will.

stop feeding this whore

Good ya dumb broad, whores like you deserve the abuse
Hope he hits ya extra hard next time

But I liked the way he yelled at me. Maybe chinese men aren't that bad. ;_;

wrong sub-reddit, sweetie

well so basically your worthless, I'll let the chinese handle you then. Fucking dumb korean.

Chinese win again
Korean dogs btfo

>whores like you deserve the abuse
Thanks, I am turned on now
please call me dumb and worthless more

normies of both genders are soulless assholes, welcome to hell fembot

are you male or female though. if your a fucking degenerate tiny cocked faggot then i'll ignore you but if you're a female subhuman korean ratfucker then I might show some pity.

>>be me, the asian fembot
THE asian fembot? So you were dating someone the entire time you were shitposting here about no bf? Perhaps you are a different one.

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Korean women are such sluts lmao
Just call a korean whore an insult and she wants to fuck you

sounds hot, she can be my submissive cock sleeve. I wouldn't mind bleaching this unloved race traitor.

i'm a female korean bad boy lover, don't show me pity, just abuse me
I never used that picture, no. And I'm never single for long.
I don't want to fuck any of you but you can yell at me
i don't want to be a race traitor i like asian men ;-;


Stay away from chinese women and stick towards SEA monkeys and Koreans and we'll be fine

Stupid dumb korean moneky

well you said you like 'bad boys' so why not date outside your race, that's gotta be the baddest boy ever. its like an unbroken taboo.

White boys don't look as cool as korean guys. They also rarely abuse their partner. Not exciting enough for me.

no a lot of white boys and guys of all races liked me but i am a race loyalist ;-;

i like hapa boys the most though

but they're cute
at a party

You're entitled to your opinion user, I don't mind if you dislike me :(
everyone tells me i'm cute so I won't take it to heart

yes I'm worthless please hit me

I think i'm above average

why do you want to be mean to me? I'm sorry if I made you hate me, I probably deserve it

But I love you why do you hate me? :(

this roleplay is so fucking cringe holy shit

I do, it's just a secret.
that's hot

Would that make you happy? I will try, since I love you

Yes It'll make me happy don't forget to post pics of your slit wrists

okay, sorry for making you hate me

Post the pics you slut

owo. i see, fembot! im sorry

Girls with no self respect are the most unattractive types

next level bait right here, OP is a genius

Allow me to interject for a moment. Mexicans are basically hapas. Date me instead. I'll slap the shit out of you and fuckle you hard only to yell at you again. Rinse and repeat

OP is a deranged asian male larping. There are no fembots let alone asian fembots that post on this board.

thats the most shallow thing ive ever read.
but your a girl so im not surprised

Stopped reading there, go die faggot.

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Well what kind of Asian are you? And your mom.


lying to yourself isn't healthy