What would you do if you lived under a communist state?

What would you do if you lived under a communist state?

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starve to dead

Say i voted for Trump to trigger people.

>AOC wants to cut aid to Israel
>"s-she's a Jew!"

Spent the first 1/3 of my life in one, it was really good. Then CIA fucked up everything.

I'd fucking leave

>Be able to make ends meet
>Grieve the end of capitalist innovations like predatory lending and planned obsolescence
>Travel via the abundant public transportation
>Breathe in air that doesn't give me cancer
>Study without needing to get into tens of thousands of dollars of student debt
>Worry about a lack of innovation because open source products, private servers, video game mods, etc. have their budget reduced from $0 to $0
>Grieve for the poor billionaires who have to go from being idly rich to just being idle
>Engage in public debate about how society can't function unless we're under the thumb of a militarized police
>Feel overwhelmed by the amount of civil rights I possess
>Become bored as the fear of AI taking over my job disappears

It would be a big nightmare

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Do what my grandparents did and take a boat to America.

Harvest food and trade those goods for things I want with others. Capitalism can't die because fair trade is the most fundamental human concept there is. If the party comes after me I attempt to kill as many of them as possible because I die under their system anyway.

>I want a and I'll give you b for it

>I want a, so I'll give your boss b for it so e can pay me 20% of b for it

Capitalism is private ownership over the means of production. It has nothing to do with the presence of markets.

ok man but people like me would kill you to bring capitalism back so....

get the fuck out before I starved to death and become poor.

>I will fight to the death for my boss' yacht


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leave before everyone starved to death

yes it does retard i can set values for a market through innovation and product placement are you retarded?

yeah for sure my bad dude

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Yeah, but isn't that kinda fucked up?

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If communism is that great why does it never work?
And why don't the people who want communism so badly just move to Russia, Cuba or North Korea?

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>my land
you don't own shit lol fuck outta here

I don't know. I have social anxiety so I never talk to them, dude. I assume immigration is pretty difficult. Russia has private ownership of the means of productions though.

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>Prosper under the glory of a system that recognizes the inherent worth of human-beings
>Work as a cog in the machine, only to be securely retired during late middle age, traveling freely
>Never worry about the cost of bills, housing, medicine, or food
>provide and work with my fellow countrymen in fields that I enjoy and excel in, without worry of job security
>Receive regular health, dental and vision care without worry of bankruptcy
>Be recognized by my fellow countrymen as deserving of love and equal treatment
>Eat and live in a sanitary environment without concern for cost
>Enjoy the luxury of a society with exponential tech growth
>Live the best life possible under a society which experiences true freedom, not pay-for-play exploitation

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That iPhone would not exist without a mangerial aspect or plan. The workers don't just randomly assemble and create iPhones from nothing

The workers don't, but all the technology was made at public universities/military-style central planning (touch screen, wifi, etc.). I do admit that they wouldn't put the Apple logo on it without the company though. It might have a blank back that you would have had to 3D print your own case and create your own design on it via a free program like Blender (or download one from Thingiverse).

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>Never have to see a person with a skin color darker than tan except for the occasional tourist
>Eat gourmet food every single day
>Can barely walk outside without beautiful women throwing themselves at me
>Be able to play any online video game without trolling
>Drive my car without fear of cops pulling me over because I didn't see the sign where the speed dropped by 50%
>Enjoy the benefits of having a cat without dealing with litter boxes or hairballs

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