Tfw no comfy tribal existence

>tfw no comfy tribal existence
Why did the white man have to ruin everything?

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can you people make a general to contain this faggotry?

It was bound to happen, the only thing we can do is create a better future. At this point people have a Stockholm syndrome to civilization when we could easily just relax and all live simple, comfy lives.

I ain't struggling for some future generations wellbeing. Fuck em.

You literally don't have to struggle, that's the point of being a primitivist

The system was not built to be better for the masses but to make the rich even richer and more powerful, so that they could live without even having to fish and hunt and still have sex all night and live greater lifestyles than whatever the indians thought was good.

constant war between tribes sounds really fun

The white man is launching cars into space for fun. Indians would still be living in squalor and their own feces doing drugs in their shitty tents.

Tribal civilizations are unfit to succeed in the modern era because they are unable to conform to the changes in technology and thinking since it goes against the tribal way of life
"Native Americans" are now just sellouts who let the white man build casinos on their lands and sell cheap Indian souvenirs by illegal immigrants
If big chief was so smart how is it he couldn't stop the white man from turning the Navajo into a run down tourist attraction
Your "land" is gone like water from the California desert

I hate this argument.. whats inheritly good about technological advancement? I'd rather be a savage with good morals than a modern 'man' with depression/no purpose but awesome onions gadgets

>what's the purpose of technological advancements
Longer life and using these advancements to learn more about the earth we live on and the society we live in
You can't be a savage with good morals because savages have none
Part of technological advancements is finding things to build for the modern man so he's not so depressed

Without technological advancement you wouldn't have your precious videogames, internet, porn, your meds, and would probably have died from a common cold at 3 years old. Or be eventually scalped by a rival tribe if you lived long enough.

>savages have none
except they did, what did their native religions teach them? warring other tribes is no different from modern wars, we just have the ugliness shrowded
>longer life and learning more about earth
and whats inherintly good about that?
videogames and porn wouldn't be needed in those times, they're a byproduct of a failing civilisation
>died from common cold
>scalped by rival tribe
if I did die in warfare in my 20s, it'd be better than dying of old age in my 80s as a jaded boomer. Would you rather have 20 great years of live or 80 years of misery?

>medicine man free
How was that free smallpox treatment going for them? Any historians here?

wait so indians where literally neets that just fucked around all day?

redpill me on indian reserations
i wonder if i can get in
i have the hair eyes and facial features hell entire body type but with pale skin really

>and the society we live in
fuck that
all i care about is japanese games and anime anyway

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You can live your entire lufe in greatness you fool. When you are too old to be great yourself, teach future generations to be great.

>arguing about a fake quote.

>open sewers
>everyone is drunk or high
>trailers falling apart
>kids running around barefoot without supervision because the parents are high as fuck
>ugly, trashy women (literal dope fiends)
But at least you won't have to pay taxes

no shit, that's a quality tribal societies understood. but nice strawman, got any actual arguments to my points?

Why not enjoy the best of both worlds?

Live in a nice village, go fishing and hunting in your free time without worrying about being killed or dying from disease.

was it really?

>average life expectancy was 27
>polygamy was a major thing and the single men were sent to die in needless battles to just curb the population
>thinks that system is good

should be worth noting the water was never "clean" and they wouldn't even use that term for it

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yes, that was a major reason American's push back on them and hit the point of "fuck you we are taking this land" because they did not cohabit at all.
You burgers fear your own history and feel like it's racist to admit that everyone was dick bags then.

The myth of the noble savage is the worst of them all. Although Europeans are just of capable of savagery, at least our firearms were quicker than dying of infection from an arrow letting the muck of a pre Bronze Age culture infect your systems. Vae Victus.

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this is so true, but some faggoty ass colonization would ruin it eventually, let's face it. The worst part about it is that there is no way to go back tot that lifestyle in today's world, even Native Americans have a shitty life on the small reserves they were forced onto.

and actually, now that I think about it the world they lived in was better because they had so few diseases compared to Europe and Asia and Africa, plus wildlife and food were plentiful comparatively

I like your spunk OP but you've been outed already. Try again.

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>The worst part about it is that there is no way to go back tot that lifestyle in today's world
Yes there is. Can you name one activity they did we can't do today?

>better to die with 20 years of great life instead of 80 years of misery
That's exactly what i was responding to dumbfuck why dont you learn to read or go suck stsrt a shotgun.
Your life cant be full of fucking misery if you know you're still an honorable person even into your 80s you dumb fuck
Just fucking an hero

This could've been a decent image if it wasn't for the faux broken English.

>>polygamy was a major thing
i thought indians where against that

Try romanticizing our current year the same way you're romanticizing tribalism and you'll quickly realize how much better we have it now.