Jow Forums, what do your desktops look like?

Jow Forums, what do your desktops look like?

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Messy with many porn folders

hahahaa lmfao

there's already a thread you flying faggot

I want to clean it, but I'm such a hoarder I dont want delete anything

Oh yes I have hoarding habits too

here's minee

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I use Ubuntu. Nothing special

Does anyone else purge their hard drives once every few years? It feels so /clean/ but I usually regret it.

here it is, it's organized which brings me joy

Attached: aidslool.png (3200x1080, 957K)'s pretty bad.

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I made an autistic fucking wallpaper to motivate myself to get fit for an anime con in 4.5 months

I used to but I stopped once some things became impossible to acquire again plus it's sketchy downloading shit again and again.

like dis m8

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try little program called stardock fences, i used to have insane amount of garbage on my desktop too but that shit saved my life

This is my screen currently, will post pic of desktop afterwards although its pretty unimpressive.

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guacamole macamole hitler was an inside jobole

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Pic related. Took the background pic last summer.

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meh just going to nuke and start over desu.
in a weird way i dont want to lose that useless stuff though

Cozy background. Where is it at?
I dig how neat you keep it.

Had a giggle

Consider suicide.

Why do people keep picture shortcuts on their desktop?
I understand it for content creators and the ease of click and drag but it doesn't look like that's what you do.

You have to make a concentrated effort to make it look this ugly, and for that, I applaud you

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Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh, India. Took a motorbike around the valley for several days. Challenging ride but well worth it.

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like this

fuck the robot filter

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what type of music do you produce? do you do a lot of pushes with git bash?

you suffer from i right?

>Why do people keep picture shortcuts on their desktop?
I rarely ever look at my desktop anyyway.
I either on a browser or playing a game, I just save shit there, and it slowly builds up. Basically treat it like a folder

Excuse me sir where is your trash folder?

yes I'm eastern european and I find this comfy.

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It was original tho

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I know I know I'm living in poor postcommunism countries and can't afford highquality stuff.

You can't rice MacOS, so I make wallpapers instead.

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clean desktop best desktop

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Second monitor is exactly the same

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I'm keeping it clean, simple and neat.s

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simple. My keyboard's RGB lights match the colors of the wallpaper, also the wallpaper moves.

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Like this. I'm sick of this wallpaper, probably going to change it.

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Yeah, they can look kind of boring w/o the customization.
Still the aesthetic is nice though

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We should all L O V E L A I N

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Looks okay i guess, i pefer simple

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Does the job well I think.

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Abysmal bait