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Stimulant edition

>Best stims?
>Things do do on stims?
>Are you anything now?

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I have little experience with stims. Only mdma but I'll be trying speed soon.

I've never been high before, but I'd like to try cocaine or weed... I can't, though.

why not?
Also why cocaine over other stims?

My gums are getting kind of long. Does anyone know if this is from ket/ETH-LAD?

>why not?
It's a long story.
>Also why cocaine over other stims?
Which drugs should I try, if not cocaine? I don't like the idea of having hallucinations or feeling like I'm about to fall asleep. I want something that makes me feel like I can do anything, that makes me feel high in the true sense of the word.

>speed is lovely in the british isles
>i like hanging out or going out cause no anxiety
>just weed
want shrooms so bad rn cant wait for college to start back so i can move out again

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Speed is also an option. While mdma is know to have hallucinogenic effects you probably won't even notice them in small to medium doses and not in darkness. So speed and md, but yeah coke is also fine for your purposes.

Gonna be taking some Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds in a few days, I know it's not the best choice but it's really easy to get them because they're completely legal and cheap af and I actually belong on this board so I can't get drugs in person.
Also my only experience with anything you could call a psychedelic was with 2cb, so I'm thinking I'll just take 5 of the seeds first time sound like a good idea or should I eat more?

>cozy blanket ive had since childhood
>frozen caramel latte
>youtube and ds
>video call with bf
>and a shit ton of heroin
good god friends i didnt know i could be this cozy
he's recovering well from getting jumped
got out of the hospital yesterday and is resting a lot
i wish i could find the kids that beat him and cut their hands off desu
teenage nogs are the worst
stay safe friends, i love you all bunches

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Shut the fuck up


you doing okay user?
didnt mean to offend anyone
dont see how i couldve lol

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You can try DXM as well as its completely cheap and legal as well if you're into deliriant states because even many psychedelic users claim it provides the most intense drug experiences. Settling for that is just sad although I've never tried.

I started taking focalin. It's okay, but has some side effects I hope go away soon.

Sweaty palms, anxiety, etc.

Taking dxm I always just ended up with a lot of vertigo, and vomiting. I don't know if there's something wrong with my brain, but I have never gotten anything out of dxm except a body high in small doses.

so I took dxm for the first time two days ago, like 900 mgs. Even though it's been two days since then I still cannot walk straight at all. is there a way to prevent this other than not doing it.

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What do if the funds aren't showing in the market wallet? Could it be that they are being tumbled.

the addy is still making me sleepy
stop that. stop that right now

will 300/300 DXM/DPH be drastically effected by the fact im a 100kg 6'4" fat arse?

also because I posted this in the last thread this isn't original but now it is

Today I learned there's a genetic disorder called William's Syndrome which basically is like being permanently on MDMA for your entire life.
The reason for that is that it dysregulates oxytocin secretion in the brain, causing people with this syndrome to be overly trusting and loving. They also fucking love music. Having this syndrome is basically a life-long rave party.



Why wasn't I born with this?!? Do you think CRISPR Cas9 can still deactivate my genes so I can be "defective" like them?


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congrats user, you have legit ad[h]d. and nice trips.

why dont you want hallucinations user? dont you want to see whats behind the curtain of life?

it's been a couple hours now and even though I never throw up on DXM I'm surprised I didn't this time because
A) I didn't split my dose in half and separate them by 30 minutes like usual, I just mixed my robocough into some tart cherry juice and chugged it down and
B) because I mixed it with weed which usually causes nausea or amplifies it if I already have it

If that's the case then the drug itself caused ADHD, which sounds like something sneaky and evil that amphetmaine would do. More likely my brain is simply fried. It's a good thing that I'll run out 2 weeks early and have a forced t break.

this, I think I developed ADHD by taking too much amphetamines

Thoughts on the YT channel 'Psyched Substance' drug frens?

>edibles arriving monday
>havent smoked any weed in a week
im excited lads

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im bipolar can i still smoke weed

speed is the one for you. fuck meth tho

If drugs didn't have any side effects what would you use?

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user im pretty sure everyone would use everything I would speedballing while microdoseing LSD and taking datura like breathmints

The underage zoomer summer fags posting non stop about DXM and DPH are the fucking worst. Only thing they do is ask shit that takes 5 seconds to Google.

>he doesn't realize its all been me samefagging trying to annoy anons
ive been every single one almost :^)

just figured out if you tuck a joint in the corner of your mouth and use french inhale you can smoke it hands free

I wouldn't take them. You can't have up without down.

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morphine, right now I just smoke weed and take basic psychs I'd trade it all in a heartbeat if morphine could be sustainable long term

I must admit would be true. I'd be railing coke all day then snorting H all night. Tripping on any psyches whenever I have a spare few hours. I feel like I'm fragile and can't just take a ton of drugs all the time, but holy shit if that were different.

>pls spoon feed me about over the counter anti-histamines
Feel you friend, would make sense if the DPH high wasn't fucking dogshite compared to pretty much anything else.

Any advice for someone looking to try some crack?

DPH is shit user but DPH with DXM is a godly OTC experience

don't just don't user you just.... don't

Is it really that bad? Coke never managed to properly hook me so is crack that much worse?

>Are you anything now?

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I refuse to call it dph and say benadryl out of pure spite. It's good at lower doses for nausea and higher doses for sleep. But anything over 150mg is unnecessary and I'm pretty sure it destroys your kidneys.

user use common sense, if you did you would realize the answer is yes.

I think it's a larp mate, no one is so fucking spasticated surely. People use the phrase 'like crack' because crack is like... well crack. One puff and cya l8er matey.

>a lot of vertigo, and vomiting.
That's what happens to me but it didn't used to be like that. When I was a kid drinking cough syrup I had a grand old time. But as time went on I became more and more intolerant to it and now it just makes me miserable and sick.

Yes and even if you were skinny 300/300 barely does anything anyway

what ratio would be best user?

yeah, just do speed my dude

Haha, I use it on occasion to amplify alcohol. In the UK it's sold as 'Sleep Eaze'. Maybe we should just call it that ;). Can't be hard to buy LSD or something with their pocket money..?

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man when I was drinking heavy I took about 150mg a night to sleep past the spins. Whenever I woke up I was so dehydrated I pissed straight brown. I was getting acute organ damage.
Out of all the drugs I've done none of them fucked me up more than alcohol.

dph is now officially sleepeaze. I mean it definitely works for that

My insides hurt just reading that.
I hope you're alright these days.

you fucked up because you mixed it with alcohol it can work fine if you mix it with something like DXM but yeah nah. I like it because I like surreal and scary things. But yeah If you do take it regularly in high doses it can fuck you up (or if you take it with alcohol)

i dont see why not

All of you boomer psychedelic fags are the real problem of this board! when I get high I want to actually be high. I want to actually hear and see and feel thing's your weak ass "shrooms" and "Acid" don't do none of that I'm sick of all the normalshit "OH MUH GAWWWD I'M SEEING COLORS AND SHIT XD" shit on this board. if I want to see colors I can draw a picture with crayons you should try it sometime it doesn't cost as much as your "drug's" do. DPH is a real mans drug! you can't compete with DPH!

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user you will be fine

>Best stims?
I hate stimulants
>Things do do on stims?
Be stimulated ;3
>Are you anything now?
Coming down from harmalas. Been practicing with them as 'training' for ayahuasca, as they can be suprisingly active on their own.

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I'm pilled to the gills and have never been better!
Cheers user, thanks for the concern. I hardly drink anymore.

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I mean user here is right like him I do actually prefer to actually hear and see and feel thing's but it doesn't make him less of a faggot for calling me a boomer

morphine doesnt really have any bad side effects tho, addiction and dependence is the only one
mdma for example would be a great drug to take if it didnt have side effects, in "small" doses like 100-150mg

Someone has experience of quitting stims? Since im anyway going to rehab for benzos and stims have been a daily thing for long time, am i just gonna get tired in general for a few days? The mental cravings never dissapears? Benzos are fucking shit so im not going that route again.

Really mate? That damaging? How much did you consume a night? I'm on around 4 x 500ml @6% ciders. I was thinking its such a beautiful substance because I'm happy and don't care. I'm confident for once but still think well. Weed is nice but I can become paranoid and withdrawn. I do wake up with a headache everyday but it goes when I drink water. Dad has always drank, so has his mother so it's normal for me.

I hope you're doing better though mate, I'd stop but I think I'm generally addicted to substances. It's one thing to another.
>dph is now officially sleepeaze
works for me waheyyy ;).

>All of you boomer psychedelic fags
back to school monday, kid. hope you've finished your homework haha. pic related.
>b-but its a real drug
you make me chuckle, underaged friend

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can we just accept DPH fags all they want to do is take safer datura, sure %95 of them are underaged but come on

Waiting for my dude to drop off some G.
(In my town meth is called G for some reason.)
Took a bit of a sober break to let my arms heal up so they are ready for some needle work now.
Gonna be a fun weekend.

wait I just checked out the psychonaut wiki and it said "Like most opioids, unadulterated morphine does not cause many long-term complications other than dependence and constipation." are opioids sustainable long term as long as you don't get hooked? have I been meme'd into thinking opioids are the devil and super dangerous?

Have you ever done 5-MeO-DMT nigger?

where's the /drugfeel/ discord to be honest

DEA motherfucker here

stims r gay
sadly have no boy atm so 8mg bupe IV

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a fifth (750ml) of vodka or gin a night for quite a few years. So yeah, I really pushed it and was getting very ill. I was one of the late stage alcoholics that used to hang out in /ck/'s /alc/ thread (RIP).
Interestingly when I quit I didn't get terrible withdrawals, a couple sleepless nights and some minor convulsions and then it was done. A total reset, blank slate.
Alcohol is one of those substances that humans have evolved to tolerate, so you can get away with drinking for a long time. But like any addiction once it becomes the only thing you do it goes downhill fast.

>tfw it's time for my bi-weekly dose of 250mg codeine
Been doing that for half a year now and honestly don't even feel like trying more potent stuff.
Should I stay up and comfypost or do i go to bed and catch some nods?

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is there some way to extract codeine from tablets where it is mixed?

You can easily extract paracetamol with a cold water extraction (just google CWE). Not sure about other stuff.

ok user ill look into it I may be having a comfy day after all


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Just make sure you don't use too much water and filter it a second time if necessary. Cheers!

I support your crusade, zoomer-dryl

Fuck lad, that's really really heavy. I impressed at your stopping ability though. I hope you're in a much better place now. I think all the non-DHP/sleepeaze fags here have experience addiction at least once. But 750ml a night? That's insane mate. Did you even remember the nights? I drank that in 35% rum and couldn't remember a thing, was violently sick the next day too.
>Alcohol is one of those substances that humans have evolved to tolerate, so you can get away with drinking for a long time
It's fascinating that the body can adapt like this, I'm going to have a loot into it. I suppose drinking was a massive, massive part of medievil life because lack of clean water. The fermented fluids were consumed by everyone, even children. It's such a socially, culturally accepted substance with a lot of history, fascinating.

As I said mate, I hope you're doing well these days. Look after yourself. Are you back on anything these days or just a chem enthusiast?

I wrote a year 8 paper on why stoners should get the death penalty during my edge atheist phase now look at me, wow

how's bupe iv'd?
is that still a big thing?
i dont know if i could bring myself to shoot bupe desu
shooting junk is hard enough for me cos i suck with needles
hope you get some dope soon user

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Yeah dependence and constipation are the only things you really need to look out for with opioids, but that dependence is the most awful kind in existence.

desu I'm not that opposed to the stoner death penalty. Then we'd get the sweet release of death.
Am I right or am I right boys?
>mfw the firing squad takes aim

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how often would you have to wait between doses to avoid dependence?

imagine unironically wanting to die when you live in the best time in human history doomers are pathetic

It should be a good starting dose to test the waters, but don't expect any halucinations
For reference I'm 62kg and 300/300 has given me a good amount of visuals and hearing relative's voices and talking to imaginary people before

For a big guy like you I'd recommend 450/450 while also being 36 hours sleep deprived if you really want to hallucinate. Also take the DXM first then the pink bois an hour later

im not gonna go 36 hours without sleep because 42 killed me but thanks for the advice ill go 500/300 DPH/DXM

Fucking boomers think it's still the good ol days

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tell me why 2019 is worse than 1990?


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any of you ever made experiences with dead drops? it seems like the far superior system than mail if you get find a guy in your area

If you know a guy in your area then you dont need to do ether just go up to him and buy shit faggot

Weeks if not months.
Opioids freak out the neurons pretty hardcore.

Because now I exist, and god is making the world slowly become worse to torment me.

ah shite not really much point then, just want something long term to turn the volume down and not fuck my brain beyond repair

yes the world revolves around you user because you're so important

thanks, good repIy!

Microdose shrooms or get a Welbutrin prescription.
>I wrote a year 8 paper on why stoners should get the death penalty during my edge atheist phase now look at me, wow
Shut up and upload it.

if I could find it I would. All I remember was my grandmother giving me the idea I dont actually know what I did with it

>if I could find it I would. All I remember was my grandmother giving me the idea I dont actually know what I did with it

I don't use your drug, but I support your crusade.

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