Why are men refusing to grow up

Why are men refusing to grow up

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because growing up fucking sucks.

>stop liking things that I don't like

Growing up means absolutely nothing more than being financially responsible. Every single other thing is subjective.

it's not all men. the wealthy side of my family are all well adjusted and quite traditional
ya, when there are no longer the rewards of the past the point becomes moot

>Why are men refusing to grow up

t. pic related

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>empty pizza boxes on the bed


>Purchasing bootlego
>Not just building your own weeb shit out of genuine lego

Fuck this guy

Because I can be grown as hell and still indulge my inner child without being a fucking creep by watching cartoons and live tv that's not just some bullshit reality show? I mean fuck I watch My Hero Academia and How It's Made. Preferential taste is a thing you ignorant whore.

the fucks up with his wc fields nose?

i just wanna say this gay as fuck. not those activities, the way yo ass write

That or you're retarded since I don't speak Nigger.

Because it sucks and it's complicated. Being a manchildren is a easy life. I think people are slowly realizing that getting laid and relationships aren't the most amazing things in the world, since there's so many other things you can do for your enjoyment without the negatives.

>I think people are slowly realizing that getting laid and relationships aren't the most amazing things in the world

This. Its a fucking trap.

TBQH I'd drop a few hundred dollars on a cool Lego set, if I had the cash to burn. But, at this point in my life, I'd rather use that money to purchase experiences.

You can always just fuck prostitutes as well.

Right, it was totally the manchildren's choice...
They didn't realize shit. It's just that the children's toys are what is left for them.

most man children i know are in relationships. it's the autistic fitniggers that cant into relationships

Relationships aren't a cutoff for manchildhood. They have a tinder whore accepting to be their gf, but still have childish hobbies and a weak mentality.

the post i quoted seemed to be saying the nature manchildren precludes getting laid and relationships, or that's what i got out of it

>grow up
what does that even mean in current times?

Even if these men dropped the childish hobbies, shaved their hair, got contacts and otherwise maxed out their looks, people on the Internet would still make fun of them because they aren't perfect top 1% Chad's.


Yeah, nah, fuck off

Shaved their beards*

Low testosterone. It's not men's fault that this is happening, even the sperm count of dogs is decreasing, so it's some chemical thing that is outside of our control. The cause is not cultural or sociological, even though some of the effects are.


Cuz FUCK that noise!

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They're putting chemicals in the water to turn us gay. Alex Jones is right yet again.


>manchildren cant get girls
>yes they do
>that doesnt mean anything

Fucking incel copes

It's probably just a genetic side effect of being at the top of the food chain. It's not hard for generally undesirable partners to mate, and so the driving force of evolution (natural selection) no longer applies to us. Less desirable traits are more likely to become prevalent, and so the overall genetic makeup of the human race is going to be worse over time rather than better.

100% correct. The only true lesson in this is to not put pictures of yourself online, because someone somewhere is not going to like something about you

Because women won't like me either way and playing with Lego is doesn't get in the way of my degree. Hell sometimes having a bunch of Lego on hand is useful for prototyping things. Literally the only downside to being a man child is that it's unattractive, but I gave up on that a long time ago.

It's just that we're a bunch of useless piece of shit who don't do physical activity and have absolutely cancerous diet.

>Why are WHITE men refusing to grow up?

Tell me what benefit there is in "growing up" these days?

The only thing keeping me going is reminiscing my childhood because that was the only part of my life worth a damn, the only part when I was truly happy.

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>the most original post known to man

What should men be doing?
Would it be better if he had an unhealthy obsession with guns or something?

Because "growing up" is a bullshit made up concept that literally just means "become a beta provider for a woman and be subordinate to her"

A lot of guys are dropping out of the traditional relationship dynamic entirely (many by choice; many involuntarily), and a lot of guys are dropping out of the societal expectations of adult men in other ways but for the same reason and with similar effects

>[screen fades to white]
>[BADASS electric guitar riff plays, screen flickers]
>[enters MAN, zoom on MASCULINE traits and gigantic bulge in crotch area]
>"I have a QUESTION."
>[entire room shakes due to the sheer MANLINESS of MAN's voice]
>"Why are """men""" refusing to grow up?"
>[camera pans across the room, and among the public comprised of VIRGINS looking at eachother as if looking for answers]
>"That's not MANLY." [slow down effect on "manly"]
>"You need to eat MEAT. To chase WOMEN. To go to the GYM."
>"Or else..."
>[snare roll, VIRGINS cowering in fear]
>"You're not a GROWN-UP." [slow down effect on "grown-up]
>[entire public explodes, BADASS electric guitar riffs return, screen flickers again and host show applaudes]
>[staff roll appears, then fade to black]

Pick one.

Calm down there jordan peterson.


Imagine being this much of an autismo

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I though the growing up was pairbonding and associated expenditures? Apparently car sales have dropped to near depression level lows, which is marvelous.

>be adult
>get job
>somewhere to live
>work till pension (or death)

What's the point ?
I mean come on.

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Lmao I'm a brown, curly haired spic and I'm reading this post while being a NEET, wearing my pajamas and playing Yugioh on my PS2.

*smashes oppressive patriarchy*

>stop having fun with toys meant for children

>"stop having fun with toys meant for children"
>*drinks milk*

I did grow up. I became a loser who spent 4 years just getting high. I can't get that time back but I took my chance to be myself in my life.

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You forgot eggs, bacon, and everything else children eat.

I have never gotten a satisfactory explanation as to why these kinds of people do this face. Genuinely why not just smile normally?

i find it really funny when white people died out, there will be nobody to pay taxes, so like locus "minorities" will eat up social security

They are subconsciously embarassed with themselves and try to compensate by showing false confidence.

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You tell me.

Are they doing this face on purpose now?

Hmm, I still feel it would make more sense to smile in that situation though regardless, since smiling pretty much always makes you look better even if you're ugly or self-conscious


So basically too strong bond with mommy?

It's not a mystery. We know of a bunch of chemical compounds that lowers testosterone by disrupting the negative feedback system that regulates it. All related to modern inventions and products. Even when we find out and start regulating the use of the compounds, we discover new ones that have the same effect.

If I'm gonna be a virgin adult who lives alone forever I might as well enjoy myself and being a manchild is funner.

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Might be autism, although I associate Aspies more with not smiling at all in pictures. It's definitely a trend thing though and probably also just to seem "wacky" and "zany".

>acquire resources for self
>allow a femoid to force you into coughing up those resources you acquired

Because it's a trap. Pretty simple. Get serious. Get a job. Get married. Get a child. Get cucked. Get blamed. Lose child.

my guess has been imitation of neotenous behavior. it stands out when adult males exhibit it because they lack the childlike features of children (obv) and women

Why does that matter lmao? Orig

growing up can be scary. the future is scary. thats why nostalgia and clinging to the past is such a deep human trait. the past is comfortable because youve survived and hold onto only the most precious and pleasant memories. i think its ridiculous to only think about the past and your 'glory days' but i also think its fine to embrace bits of childishness if it takes you away for a bit

True but female companionship is a massive part of manhood and it automatically makes them more of a man than any male that has never had a girlfriend

When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put aside childish things.

- 1 Corinthians 13:11

Wrong. Growing up means adding inches to your height i.e growing in the upwards direction. Everything else is subjective.

I hate smiling, it is ugly and retarded. Why are they so happy? You should maintain a neutral expression at all times because it the duty of man to not show weakness and frailty of mind, which smiling indicates. People who smile should be publicly executed. I HATE smiling.

You say fuck a lot but I bet you don't fuck a lot.

It's cute when autists try to sound like they understand people

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Because there is barely any reason to and it's really difficult without a father figure. Just having a father isn't good enough anymore either because there's a big chance that your father hasn't grown up either.

There are no trials anymore, nothing to conquer nothing to do. Your best trial will be getting your dick wet and that's it.

I don't think the issue is with having fun, I think the issue is how he has fun, because a man with testosterone probably wouldn't find a Lego set of One Piece (of shit) "fun".

The world is getting more confusing and complex even for ostensibly smart people.

i dont know what your post means, but id like to

Modern western civilization has given me no compelling reason to leave the safety of my mother's basement. I hate you all.

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>doesnt define childish
thanks obummer

.....because so many women are loosing the actual attractive qualities that drew us (hetero) to them in the first place.

we need an outlet, so revert to a better time in our lives.

you want men to grow up and be men, then give us something to grow up for.

Capitalism loves their consumer base as large as possible

Only manchildren don't understand that verse. Grow up.

More like basically overprotective and over controlling parents.

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>I dont have to explain shit
your God will hold you accountable for every failed commission. either get explaining or stop larping, faggot

Honestly. When I actually some how manage to find work I have to fight the urge to buy 90's lego sets I missed out as a kid. But I wouldn't post about it online or make a big deal out of it. I just always remember what it was to be the poorest kid at school and the all the other shit that came from it. But yeah guys who proudly display this stuff...I don't know but something isn't quite right. But hey collectors I guess.

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Because Babylon is falling

Because capitalists ruined reality so there's no point in spending any time in it.

based reggae poster


congrats you watch capeshit cuck bootleg naruto

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shine eye girl is a trouble to a man

...shine eye gal...


>some assmad p*lshitter actually went and found this panel just to bitch about "muh huwyte rayss"

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Isn't this series about eugenicist super genetics?
Maybe the father had some real good super powers

Like anyone is growing up anymore.

You'll find that you never lose your inner child. That you will still play with toys with your own kid. You will still play make believe and you will wish of simpler times..

Growing up is something we wish for as child but once we get there we wish we never did.. Why should we judge people who dont give a damn what we think and are happy in their own little world.... are we jealous because they can do it and we cant? that the only time we can be free is when we play with our children and remember how simple it was....

Life is complicated because we make it that way. Life isn't complicated for these types of people, they have it sorted out.. we don't

If the previous generations past the 1800's hadn't completely ruined society, maybe people would gladly partake in it

sorta but not really
original of course

I think a lot of guys just want to take it easy by essentially freeing ourselves from the cycle of sacrificing everything for our children and society.

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why anyone would think this society is worth sacrificing anything for is beyond me

just want to sleep and live in my escapist hobbies until i no longer exist in this realm