Why haven't you got an African Queen yet?

Why haven't you got an African Queen yet?

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the attractive ones are even more in demand than regular pretty white bitches, stop false advertising

My country imports only the shitty quality, somalian refugees

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When I went to Africa, her family claimed I raped her so they could force me into a shotgun wedding with her. I did no such thing to her but the local police wouldn't side with a foreigner. We get along now though thankfully.

Japanese > Muslim > Hispanic > black > white
If you disagree you have shit taste

holy shit, are you the same guy that posted in 2016 or some something? i remember a story like this

rip, there are tons of beautiful somali imports round here

Yeah I've posted before, surprised someone remembers.

Black women are even more disgusted than white women are by men who are introverted, submissive, or just low energy

African Queens just want Chad

Does your history make your sex life more interesting than it otherwise would be?

For you There you go

At first sure since we were total strangers and forced together. Now we're just a normal couple, though we have an active love life.

nah whites are exotic for them and they want mutt babies

>mutt babies
I think I found a picture of you in real life.

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why are you so angry? nothing wrong with impregnating black women.

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Literally promoting garbage 2bh
Why drive a Corvette or a Mustang when you can be driving a GTR
Black girls are fat and not good

Why would a queen want a low life like me?

It would be awkward when i tell her that i want to have a white surrogate mother.

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You have to sell it the right way, like you don't want her to go through that pain, hormonal/ emotional stress, leaving her body ruined etc.

Pretty hard to find any in my country outside of the capital and I hate that place.

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Are you Scandinavian? Because I am and I know this feel.
Even though I've seen some more thicc west African queens popping up lately from time to time...

she doesnt even look black wtf

Are you blind or have you just never met a black person?

she Iooks pretty much white tho

Because she would rather be cheated on by her thug bf than be with me.
I want you, N.

Black women are harder to get than white women and most of the time they're fat and ghetto so it's not worth it.

Yeah because white people have coffee brown skin and frizzy hair

Because all the good looking 9/10 black girls go for whites

You'd think that it would be easy to date your own race

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Dumb Jow Forums cope. Attractive non-whites can exist without having Caucasian features.

Because I left Kenya because I am gay and my country is homophobia central

>Dumb Jow Forums cope.

what that

I'm white and I just want a thick black queen. What do you define as a 9/10 are u talking face or body or both?

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>she is attractive
>must be white
You just can't accept that black women are beautiful

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i've seen some really attractive black girl but she said she only dated tall black men do you think she would change her mind for the right white guy?

oh l can accept it alright

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if you go east african (ethiopian, sudanese, etc) wont have to choose

>do you think she would change her mind for the right white guy?
if the money was right

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but then she would love my money and not me + beta providers get worse sex

Probably not everyone has their type and you aint hers.

I'd go for anyone darker than a dirty penny. It's the black skin that allures me.

>It's the black skin that allures me.
look up bria myles

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South African (Khoisan ) or w African have the thickest juicest asses. They are the ultimate queens

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I've heard of guys wanting black women to carry white egg donor children but not white girls carrying black women's kids

she has never seen me in real life or my face , i just asked her on snapchat if she was into white guys and she said no only tall black ppl

>Judging her past experiences of said "white guys" she has seen/met irl before
>Think a woman does what she says ever
>Think she won't submit for a Chad even tho she claims Tyrone is her fav
Cmon bruh

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1. Regression to the mean. I don't care if she's a rocket scientist, that IQ is going back towards 80 over generations.
2. Dominant genes. My phenotype is likely to get drowned out if I mate with all-dominant genes.
3. Sebum. Black people smell like sebum.
4. Bone structure. African women have thick, large bone structures. I prefer softer features.
5. Aggression. From her and the offspring.
6. Differing cultures.
7. I don't like the deep quality of their voices or their accents. Yes, black people have an accent. I like high-pitched or squawky voices.
8. It involves being related to a large number of black people and hoping none of them are niggers.
9. Black skin makes chicken bumps on arms/legs/ass/cooch/ass more visible.
10. Not a fan of the huge Beyonce/J-Lo ass.
11. Not a fan of the big lips or the pout.
12. They unironically resemble gorillas in old age or when they get fat.
13. Being judged for dating down.
14. Judging myself.
15. I'm racist and having my own flesh and blood be half-black would be complicated.
16. Disagreements about political and racial issues.
17. Probably wildly different backgrounds.
18. HPV.
19. High likelihood she's aborted, high likelihood she'll abort if that happens.
20. Inevitability of my kid dating black guys if I have a daughter.
21. I prefer virtually the opposite features of the average black queen.
22. Horse pussy.
I could go on. This is just off the top of my head.

No no no, we will opt for her white eggs and my sperm.

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>Horse pussy
how is this a negative?

If you read up about fertility clinics, it's pretty shameful. Around the world, it seems everyone wants white sperm/eggs. 95% of the sperm exported from the US is from white donors despite the US being only 61% white as a country, and the most sought after donors in the world are from Scandinavia. Fertility clinics also run ads in the newspapers of Ivy League universities presumably to recruit high IQ donors. As a male you're not even allowed to donate sperm if you're under 5'9" (even taller requirements for some clinics) and not a college graduate or current college student. There was a story in some UK newspaper recently about a woman who conceived through donor sperm. All she knew about her donor was that he held 3 PhDs. Her child is gifted and uses 5 point words at the age of 6. It's actually a struggle for her to manage and deal with.

>10. Not a fan of the huge Beyonce/J-Lo ass.
>11. Not a fan of the big lips or the pout.
>22. Horse pussy.
This absolute mad lad is listing positives

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None been visible in finland yet

That is a mixed ghostface mullato. Gotta get with them coal black indiginous womanz

On a diminutive girl with soft features and a relatively lithe or neotenoid body, a horse pussy can be hot because of the sheer contrast. On a creature that already looks like a beast of burden, it just drives the point home that I'm fucking a spotted hyena.
23. Sound environment. I prefer melodic music to rhythm and don't really like r&b or hip hop. In fact, the wrong music ruins my mood.
24. Disliking her aesthetically will make tolerating the annoying bits or considering them cute impossible.

Swedistani citizen here. Abundant Somalis indeed but the good type I've seen more of lately in town.. it's a rare breed.

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Know one here and mutual interest but im afraid of the whole racemixing thing


also, pic rel8.
>b-but muh noobian prinses

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i used to fuck with a lot of black/hispanic chicks during my first real job. most of them were lgith skinned and hot as fuck but really shallow in conversation


Normally I'm not attracted to them cuz they want to roast you all day but there's a girl at work I like who doesn't do it too too much. She's cute and I can't tell if I have a shot. Seems ambiguous. But it's the workplace. You can't shoot your shot for ambiguous. I've been there and it doesn't end well.

Because the last one died letting a snake suck her breasts.

What would happen if a disease wiped out all/most black people with IQs below 90? Are you saying that the ones who are left would gradually have their IQ sink over several generates?

as a black man this picture enrages me

no, i think hes referring to one's lineage. as in not a black with a history of high iq, financial success, cohesive family, conscientiousness, productiveness, etc so outliers that spontaneously get 130 will probably have offspring who are much more like the rest of their family

why you donno thot

poor little blackboi

Exactly. That's what I mean. Outliers vs mean.