fembot here
ive always been "the girly girl" bc i like pink and i wear skirts and dresses
in movies n stuff its always the girls who "look like me" who get the guys
but i feel like its just the gamer tomboys who guys are attracted to
im kind of insecure do guys like feminine girls

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if nerdy tomboy gamers were really attractive, they'd be everywhere
they only attract a certain type of people, which funnily enough, they're not attracted to

if you like and want children then you're attractive to me

Really what this other user said. I don't like feminine girls and go for tomboys but really all it comes down to is making kids. If you're down for that you'll find somone


no, fuck off to discord, you slag

You should feel insecure. You're literally only good for a fuck. No guy would ever want to spend any genuine time with a girl like you.

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why arent there feminine girls? i dont think ive seen one since my childhood
gib girly gf

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Most guys love feminine girls. I love girly girls.

i dont like tomboys at all, they gross me out. i like girly girls, yes.

It depends, it can be way overdone, but personally I think I'd enjoy having a gf that was girly-girl. I guess it'd just depend on how much it bleeds into their personality/identity?

Tomboys seem more approachable. A very feminine girl seems like she'd be high maintenance and picky. Especially if your idea of femininity is more girly and less womanly, if you see how I mean: like you got your idea of what it means to be feminine from, well, movies n stuff. Because a whole lot of other shitty, childish values tend to come with that.

post abdomen

Don't worry OP, there are hundreds of thousands of guys out there who would love to date you. Including me.

>A very feminine girl seems like she'd be high maintenance and picky.
not really. i wouldnt think a girl is high maintenance just because she likes wearing really girly clothes like skirts and sundresses and stuff like that. i think you're confusing being 'girly' with being one of those valley girl vapid airheads

get a gf allready dyke

>one of those valley girl vapid airheads
That's exactly what some people consider 'girly.' Also OP said she wears the kind of skirts and dresses you see in movies, and I don't see too many sundresses in movies these days.

normies like girly girls fine.

all my coworkers are married and constantly put up with their girly girl wives trashing their male hobbies.

nerds would def prefer tomboys that share their interests

>op uses girly as code for slutty

post timestamped pic and do a vocaroo on or else you're a fat neckbeard

I like feminine girls more than masculine ones. I'd date you, if you were nice,qt and dressed up for me every day

Shouldn't you already be drowning in Chad dick?


ur just not hot enough for chad i guess

leave btw

Something Legendary Girl A once said.
"Guys like all types of girls, but, girls only like one type of guy It's so not fair!"
I want a feminine girly girl (female) gf!
I'd buy her jewelry and treat her nicely. But, of course I'm ugly so that's out of the question.

you guys realise that this rostie is only here for self assurance and attention right?

And? Why would that be a problem?

>in movies n stuff its always the girls who "look like me" who get the guys
Which movies?Netflix stuff?Kek.

I don't think that how you dress should limit you to a "basic girly girl".
I care a lot about how I look, I wear makeup, I'm interested in fashion (even though I dress kinda low-key goth) and that doesn't stop me to be interest in other things or having some odd hobbies.
Also, I've talked to too many tomboy girls (from internet and real life) and some of them were nice but other were lame as fuck and male acceptance seekers.
If a guy doesn't want to date you just because you don't fit a dumb stereotype then be grateful, you won't date an immature fuck.

Men like women, period. We're predisposed to like you, guys who hate women have been severely hurt by women (not that there's anything wrong with them, it's just the natural reaction. I'm no stranger to that feeling).
If you are a woman, there is at least one man out there that will love you. Likely more than just one. Men don't have that same comfort, we're seen as disposable and it's more likely for us to die alone than it is even one woman loves us.
You don't have any reason to be insecure. Tomboys, feminine women, and everyone in between will find someone unless they're very picky. Men don't have any such safety net.

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