"Just do a trade user, the jobs are totally secure in your lifetime!"

>"Just do a trade user, the jobs are totally secure in your lifetime!"

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>t pose
at least the ai overlords have a sense of humor

>are you humans not entertained?

A company is making billions selling vegetarian burgers to Canadian coffee shops
If you're to retarded to save money and take a stem course online then neck yourself because there's no way you'll make it

what if ur too stoopid to succeed in a stem course?

You forgot to include the part where you must have perfect grade, at least 20 internships and an award-winning thesis.

did you watched the video, it's fake

It doesn't matter what your grades are it matters what kind of experience did you get but keep making up excuses Pay a qt girl to tutor you and write a contract which states every good grade you bring home she has to tell you you're a good boy and you can help yourself to her milk

why are they bullying the poor roboto?

>stupid people dont exist
yea, i chose to get a c average in highschool/early college

there's a bunch of videos like that

basically they're testing whether the system they built to make it keep its balance is any good or not. it's actually a really impressive technological feat to make something that can not only stand and walk on two legs but also not topple over if pushed.

this video is CGI
its a joke

Weird. I just saw this video an hour ago. More proof that I live in a simulation. First Slaves, now this robot parody thing.

It's their property, plus it's a machine and doesn't have feelings

>muh automation meme
Yes, because that's what corporations, businesses, and employers want. They want to replace all their workers with robots so that way they save costs on labor.

They'll need to save all the costs on labor they can because when everyone is unemployed because their jobs were automated no one will have any money to spend. Since those corporations and businesses won't be making money anymore when no one has money to spend they will be glad they automated all their jobs away so they could save money on labor. You need to cut costs and save all the money you can when you have no revenue. The automation meme is real guys, we'er all fucked!

>You forgot to include the part where you must have perfect grade, at least 20 internships and an award-winning thesis.
No you don't. I work in stem. I work 3 days a week, make 3700-3800 a months after taxes. I literally never worked a job before until I was hired for my first job in april of my final year of college and my GPA in HS was 2.9 and my GPA in college was 3.1. Literally all internships I had were took place during the semester and were arranged for me by the college. Although to be fair they weren't internships they were clinicals because I work in healthcare so maybe it's different for other STEM degrees.

Trades are much more secure than white collar jobs. Stock trading, banking and even surgeries will be done by computers before robots frame houses, weld, or repair cars. Virtually every single thing done in an office can be automated

>Stock trading, banking and even surgeries will be done by computers before robots frame houses, weld, or repair cars. Virtually every single thing done in an office can be automated

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People seem to forget the shit robots cant do until AI is the same level as a human brain: improvise.
Lets say somehow robots can fix cars, im not talking oil changes, im talking spark plug replacements and flywheel replacements
In the first place i doubt any robot will be advanced enough in the next 2 centuries to know how to repair cars, especially as they're getting more and more compact and complex to repair. But for arguments sake lets say it exists.
What happens when something is out of the ordinary? The moment the robot can no longer follow exactly what its supposed to do its useless.
Many trade jobs are fine for the forseeable future.

Any job a robot can't do, will mean something a robot can make easier for a certain job, therefore devaluing workers and decreasing pay.

Robots are nowhere near being able to diagnose and install a water heater, change a toilet, or swap sinks. Plumbing (my trade), and most other skilled trades will be fine for at least 100 years.

i love how naive tradelets are, it's cute on an endearing level

t. mechanical engineer

>Tradecucks trying to pretend movings things from point A to point B is too complex and valuable for any sane businessman to replace the second it's an option

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So you can freely express you are a sociopath even though your excuse is >lolrobot


I for one welcome our robotic kung-fu overlords.

Problem with this scenario is you assume coordination and long-term planning where none exists. Corporations are not planning for the whole country's good and are not planning past, at most, one average career-length into the future if that. What you're suggesting (I think) is that they're going to avoid automating absolutely everything because they'll notice that people with no money won't be able to buy any products. But it's a prisoner's dilemma; if you decide not to automate to avoid that long-term doom, someone else will automate and take the profits, probably using the margin to undercut you. What you could reasonably expect for somehow convincing the board and the other executives to not chase profit in this way is lost pay at best and bankruptcy at worst. If all the corporations could get along and agree to ALL not automate too much and not cheat, and actually not cheat due to some underlying bond which overrides mere self-interest, then this scenario could happen, but that's just not what's going on. They're not bound by anything. Someone would cheat, and then we'd all be cheating until the whole thing falls apart.

What every corporation will do is automate whatever they can as quickly as they can, aside from executive positions, and they will let someone else worry about how we're all going to live when the robots take over. They might have most of the power, but these entities don't feel any sense of responsibility to the larger society and do not consider it their job to look out for anyone's interests but their own. The invisible hand of the free market is supposed to take care of that.

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One way to fuck trades is to build houses and things in such a way that it does make it easier for robots to fix.

I love how high and mighty engineers think they are. They never leave CAD to actually look at what they're trying to do.
T. Trade worker that gets paid 50/hr base before per diem to unfuck engineer's mistakes.

In that specific scenario, the more likely replacement is the total removal of human-operated vehicles in favor of robot Ubers/Lyfts summoned via phone app. These'll still need fixing, but it'll be a more concentrated industry (likely owned by a handful of companies) and that'll kill off the local mechanic shop.

Speaking of which, the robots are coming to kill trucking and taxis at the same time...

You assume the robots will do the entire job on their own. Robots could fix cars. All you need is one mechanic to diagnose the problem and then set the machines to take the car apart and fix it. An entire team of trained mechanics are replaced by a large machine with a number of preset programs, controlled by just one man. If he finds that spark plugs are the problem then he presses the "replace sparkplug" button and the machine replaces it faster than the team ever could.

Machines are for replacing labour, not thinking for themselves. You'll use the robot to do your job for you, but you still need to tell it what to do.

What would actually happen is that one company will start to automate and every other company in existence will dump trillions into lobbying for anything that would stop automation from happening.

This is what causes skynet