How are you going to dodge the draft ??

How are you going to dodge the draft ??

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By being so pathetic that even army doesn't want you.

too old

doesn't mean I won't be incinerated by nuclear hellfire


By not being a mutt.
Thanks Obama.

concious objector

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by being literally crippled

Threatening to an hero if they take me against my will

I'm not, you'll see me on CNN in a few years.

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I cant dodge the draft. Already in you fucking coward

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by being female

I have asthma, even though I am a ripped muscle man. They'd rather take 18 year old hormonal girls than me.

The chance that a draft will be called are slim to none. The last US soldier to be drafted was in the 1970s. These Middle Eastern wars never call on very much manpower, just enormous amounts of money, but not men.

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Based Guantanamo guards

>not reading the news at all
Iran isn't some shitty arab army. They are probably the most near-peer Army to America that exists in the Middle East. They don't do anything else besides prepare for war against the US. An Iranian war would leave hundreds of thousands of people dead and defi Italy bring the draft back.
>being a coward
No thanks cuck, I wanna kill hajjis and fight this holy war. Imagine the blood, the gore, the nuclear wasteland. How could you even live realizing you missed THE event of your generation?

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Yes I am a phone posting fag

>They don't do anything else besides prepare for war against the US.
so did iraq...

If you're white and fighting for the American government you're the true cuck. Bleeding out in the sand while another 1 million Hispanics, Arabs, and Africans land on American shores. What a joke.

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The US fought Afghanistan and Iraq concurrently and no one was drafted.

I had cancer also I'm fat

Part if the reason why Afghanistan is such a clueter fuck is because the usa moved 90%of its man power from Afghanistan and used it to invade iraq ehcuha llowed the taliban to regroup and grow . Had bush kept up pressure with Afghanistan for 3 more years the taliban wouldn't exist instead he moved men power and money from Afghanistan to iraq . And only succeeded in destabilizing 2 counties. After that he gave the black guy the mess and said not my fucking problem anymore .

To be honest ide rather they draft me than have me join the real way. Better than being a stay at home neet playing video games all day.

Premptively do it then you bitch lmao.

They don't want conscripts, they want a battle hardened force of professional soldiers at the ready at all times. That's why we're constantly at war, the US will enter conflicts it shouldn't or engineer a conflict so it's soldiers are always battle-tested. It's war for the sake of war, and for the top brass it may as well be a live fire exercise.

I will never fight for the Babylonian american government

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I'm not a zoomer

Slave mind
You are not a NEET

This Iran shit pisses me off. We should make peace with them and fuck up the Saudis instead

>so did iraq...
>conveniently forgetting that Iraq went to war against Iran and lost even with the support of burgers

Been in the Marines for going on 3 years. I basically drafted myself.

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I am quite literally a neet what do you know?