What was the biggest mistake of your love life?

What was the biggest mistake of your love life?

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telling my ex I loved her

what love life, i have never had one to begin with

so your mistake was not trying hard enough?

Ever trying to have one.

Falling in love with a lesbian


Fucking my closest girl-friend

Accepting the passionate advancements of a discord friend who was obsessed with me. I honestly 100% would have been better off if I never had a 3D partner, online or not.

Telling her that I loved her.

Caring what my family thought about her

greentext some stories? I enjoy reading these

I did things that interest me and spent more time in my own hobbies than give her 100% of my attention when we were in the same space.

being born to a single mother in a feminist family

I can't make mistakes if I don't start a love life

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Not just fucking everyone I could back when I was thin. Now I'm stuck being a fat sack of shit and I won't be able to fuck a different person without risking ruining my life.

Never having one.

for not asking out any girl that showed any interest
t. 33 male kv

to believe that someone would ever love me back
to believe that im even worthy of being loved
hope is too dangerous

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Be gone crazy, tranny faggot, go kill yourself!

Not being willing to let anyone close or express myself or believe that anyone could truly like me.

not him but my mistake was never trying at all

My parents were so autistic with good grades that I put all of my life into my grades. My grades defined me, I had no hobbies, no friends, no social life. I was the straight-A kid, I was the smart kid, the nerd, the kid who solved Rubik's cubes during recess, the best English speaker in the neighborhood.
I'm 21 now and I've been trying to fix this for the last 2-3 years. My grades in the last years of high school and now college have plummeted as a result and I have this ingrained mechanism in my mind that almost makes me cry when I get a bad grade. I'm still battling this.
But I made some friends and they added me to a small group chat. I went out with them two months ago. I'm happy to get the grades I deserve, because I realize it's more important to get the grade I deserve than a straight 90+, and I have some aspirations in life, even though I went through most of my life without knowing what I was doing; I just did anything to get good grades.
I'm still floating around and I still have many things to figure out, especially girls and the whole social dynamics and Chad thing, but I think I'll get there.
I'm with you anons, had this happen.
Life is a mess lads but we're all gonna make it.

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I met a girl through r9k, we hung out for a day. we snoked some weed, got lunch, and she did a tarot card reading for me. some months later she became extremely depressed over a car accident and I lost contact with her. after that every single thing she predicted with the cards came true, in order.

I miss her so much. I wish I asked her out on a real date while I had the chance.

What happened?? Tell me more

>I met a girl through r9k
howd you manage that?

I don't remember too clearly it was like 6 or 7 years ago. think I just joined some random small Skype group on one of those maps or profiles threads and she happened to live nearby.

Actually becoming "best friends" with my ex wife. Never marriage again nor trust women or people in general. Fucking assholes everyone of them.

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Me not having one(
Also how do you stop being a femvirgin?

guess her blockchain wasn't decentralized

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Going after the wrong girl.

Refusing to making a tinder profile

God, you're obsessed with this shit. I was talking about a gay friend.

what love life?

I feel for my uni groupmate when she clearly was dropping her hints. After some time she went for Chad and ghosted me, pulling a big chunk of our mutual friends with her. Feels fucking bad man

Not him but yes absolutely. When I was in my prime 15-18 I still had the good looks. Full head of hair and my height was somewhat acceptable. I had so many opportunities for relationships or sex. And now I will never have that again.