Fembot here, im willing to date you but you have to sell yourself first...

Fembot here, im willing to date you but you have to sell yourself first. Tell me in one sentence why i should go out with you?

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I'll pay you 1000$ if you timestamp pic urself.

I'll make oyu bleed you fucking whore

I guess its true, robots really dont want to date.

because I'd like to

My name is unironically Chad

No thanks. I'd rather meet someone while doijg something we are mutually interested in than some random solicitation on a chinese cooking forum. Best of luck to you though!

I was gonna offer money but has way more than me so

I'll bid 1200 timestamps and feet

guess OP is a larper since it would have post a pic already.

because ill pee on you and then make you breakfast in bed. you cant get much better than that

I'll only beat you when you deserve it.

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I am six feet and three inches tall, and my penis is six and a half inches.

no thanks lul

I'm black and I'll treat you like shit

>you have to sell yourself first
These guys must have negative value if you have to be offered money to take them
I cost a dollar and fifty cents. Best deal in the thread.

8" dick
117 iq
in NYC
only interested in fucking your pussy until it gapes open, so don't expect me to take you out to dinner, only toward a hotel

I'm what you're looking for.

I know what you're missig in your life

I dont post on [r9k] I'm just visiting, I have a stable job, sexual experience, a car, and a healthy and positive mental state.

Because if you don't right now your opportunity will be gone.

You better stop lurking before this place claims your soul norman

Because I'm not afraid of discussing deep, honest and uncomfortable topics on the first date.

I have no friends so we can hangout as long as you like and a 7.5 by 5.5 penis

I have money and weed. also not a total faggot like the rest of these buffoons.

I'm slim and I have a big ass, big breasts, and a big dick too

I'm prone to cleaning the home daily like some crazy butler.

I recently lost a girlfriend so I have an open slot to fill I was good with having three but theres this empty feeling inside now that Im down to two though realistically I could probably handle four I think three is the best middle ground for me so how bout it

Even if you burnt the pancakes, it won't deter me from writing you a nice text message to you when I go to work.

i do but you wouldnt want me, im just an awkward loser and i dont know how to flirt or sell myself
i wish i could make a fembot happy

I'll make you cum alot, but it probably doesn't work if you don't find me attractive.

i just wanna talk first

You shouldn't if you aren't willing to make that decision through time and bonding.