Can you do the OPM workout? I could probably do it all except 10k, 5k is around my max

Can you do the OPM workout? I could probably do it all except 10k, 5k is around my max.

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the only problem for me would be the 10km run.
I smoke for years maybe if I'm jogging then yes.

Running 10k a day is a shitload. Other than that yeah no biggie

not all at one time. spread it out.

>100 push ups
i can't even do 10
>100 sit ups
fuckin kills my tailbone so i can't even do 1
>100 squats
i have problems with my knees so i probably wouldn't even make it to 15
>10km running
lol i start to sweat after walking 15 mins

Don't do sit ups
Do variety of core exercises
Sit ups fuck up your back

>every day

Mother fucker you do know you need recovery right? Even if you could manage all this in one day?

When I was in the navy we worked out way more than that every day. It was tough at first but you get used to it quickly.

You don't do them all at once morons its 5 sets of 20 or 2 sets of 50 and as far as running goes it's bad on your knees
If you want to build strength in your legs and burn fat consider swimming since it burns more calories

Recovery is a meme. It's necessary for rebuilding torn muscle after lifting heavy weights for few reps, not light bodyweight exercises and some running.

Can't do it right now but I'm working towards it. Currently on 100 sit ups and 100 squats. Can't do 100 push ups in a row but I'm currently on 60. I can also run 7k. The hardest part would be doing it everyday without giving your body time to recover and rest. Right now I need a day inbetween before I do the entire workout again.

unironically so easy. I would do this but not trying to get skinny. But genuinely I could do this so easily not even boasting, the only remote challenge would be 10km every day and id get used to it after 3 days... did 12k the other day cause I was bored

I do min 200 pushups/day and run every other day and still cant make gains. Maybe sit ups would help but doubt

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The biggest issue with the 10k is not physical but mental imo. Its 40-45 minutes if running every single day. That's suicide inducing levels of boredom, plus a solid bunch of time spent on just running.

i could only do 100 sit ups. if im lucky

boredom? you don't daydream when running? u're fuckin weird mate

Different user. When I used to run cross country in high school, I would spend the whole time wishing I could stop running.

Running is boring as fuck past ten minutes or so. I prefer to run fast 15 minutes on heavy clothes than running long distances on a milder intensity. Its just tedious.
I've run a lot tho, including a few marathons.

>Running is boring as fuck past ten minutes or so

Not if you have good music to listen to.

>listening to music while running
That's how you get hit by cars, user.

>100 push ups
Best I can do is 20-25 in a row, or 3 sets of 10 reps, which is what I was used to.

>100 sit-ups
Yes. Never pushed it to that point but yeah I can see me doing them in a row. Maybe more if I do it by sets.

>100 squats
Same as with the sit-ups.

>10km running
I begin to feel a sting in my sides when I run more than 10 minutes

These are my physical limits when I am at the best of my conditions. I haven't done a single squat in months and weigh like 120 pounds.

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god I wish id get hit by a car

The only hard-ish one is 10km because I don't have a reason to leave the house every day and am fat
It's not impossible though, it would just be like a jog to church and back

I prefer the sounds of the city desu. Using music as background for another activity is the most absolutely pleb way to listen to music. I bet you're listening to music as you browse Jow Forums like a giant plebeian.

Yeah lot of cars on the sidewalk

Well, well, look at the city slicker

You're missing out. Why do you think they brought drums and trumpets to the battlefield? Music sets the soul on fire.

Dude I produce music, play instruments and it's what I care about the most in general. I used to put music as a background as a kid and only as an adult I realized how retarded it is. You're listening to music passively, numbing your ears not only to subtleties but also missing out on the opportunity to hear how sound actually works in real life. How each foot step is unique. The droning noise of cars. The way the sound reverberates in different parts of the city. The way the city changes the way it sounds when afternoon ends and night begins. And so on.
If there was a huge amp on the sky that would be badass, but running with earbuds on is the mark of not only a sports pleb, but a music pleb.

EZ... But then i had weeks when I ran like 130k or 80miles
Still a kissless virgin, even though I could fucking destroy every single chad from the 400 up.

Nope, I've done both and its far better with music. The sounds of feet and cars are just that, but with music you can enter totally different vibes at the press of a button. Some songs makes me want to pace myself, other make me push myself even harder, I even have songs for resting. And best of all, it ensures that running never gets boring, as long as I have no catchy songs, I have a reason to run.

See, that's when you reveal you're a pleb. Music to you is simple, just a vibe and a pace, something to get in a mood. To someone educated enough, music is deeper than that. It has a composition, structure, its been produced a certain way, using certain instruments and techniques that vary from other songs. It has elements that make it unique and others that make it fall into a category. Plus it sometimes has lyrics with meanings that can be interpreted in different way and a composition that's also worthy of analysis. Etc. Professionally made music has way too much to it to put it as background, disregard it as "vibe" and focus on something else.

You can enjoy the intricacies of music as well as use it as background music for pumping yourself up.

Simple but catchy tunes are especially good for running.

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>he doesn't have eyes
>he doesn't have a trail
>he doesn't have a track
>he doesn't have a gym