Desktop thread. Pride month edition

Desktop thread. Pride month edition.

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Wouldn't be a tranny's desktop without Discord installed.

>Fallout 76
Youre the type of fag to go on /fog/ and waifupost

Here njhgjajsxjxjx

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I actually go on /fog/ and toddpost

Don't have a PC atm so here's my humble homescreen

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>desktop icons
>tranny flag
>anime girl
God damn, user, you've reached the bottom of the barrel...

typical Jow Forums poster

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>using uTorrent over Deluge
>using WinRAR over 7zip
Stop subjecting yourself to vulnerable, adware-infested filth.

>NOT using winrar instead of 7shit.
It's time to move on user.

>torrenting at all

I like my Jojo reddit.

Quality fan art.

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l o v e l a i n d e s u l a i n l o v e

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7zip is malware

For some reason I have the urge to smooch the person that owns this desktop

read to the end

Cool background user, I like the aesthethic
heres mine

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waste of life faggots.stop breathing.

I'll probably be roasted but fuck it

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>Fallout 76

nice wallp-
>pew dew redemption
dropped. you were this close, user

uwu is just my hentai folder
whats wrong with pewdiepie fortnite and fallout
user you're an epic gamer right?

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>Fallout 76
>femdom waifu
>Battlefield five.
>anime wallpaper
>fucking u w u in the name of a folder

Can we get some actually good wallpapers?

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>discord and fallout 76

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originalisimo originalidad

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oh shit!
rabbit hole is fucking back!

lets all love lain?

Here you go senpaitachi. The subtitles are mom/son incest jav english subtitles I am working on if you're wondering.

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m-mind sharing shekiro with me fampai?

Sorry I don't want to share my steam library with a random person on Jow Forums

>Google chrome
do you want to give your info away?

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Elaborate, I'm a bit of a tard with computers even though I've spent 15 years glued to them

>browsing the internet
You already do that anyway, baka

I really don't like having Icons on my desktop

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Thats a grown ass mans desktop. Pedophile shit.

like pottery

Taiga is 18 fuck off

this is my wallapper

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you forgot

Google chrome doesn't need your permission acces different parts of your computer. This is mainly used for auto-updates. On top of that, chrome has a minimal privacy policy. They will basically sell all info they can get on you. It's just a glorified BOTNET that infects your PC with spyware.

meh, I have nothing to hide really. I should care but I dont

Just let me fucking post a picture without having to type some meaningless shit

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>using your desktop
why dudes

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This is an original comment

Desktop threads are good

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Not that user you asked but the games are garbage but every shooter is shit or gets boring after a few hours and pew die fag is also shit boring as fuck the people just watch the same shitty youtuber because they are famous

you love to suck dicks right?

It's me and my father a few years back

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I assume you are a based lad yourself then.

I gave up on organising desktop icons so i just removed them instead

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add chrome and deluge

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You are not a girl and will never be. Imagine opening this faggots computer and you see this shit. You are clearly a pedophile and you fetishize young looking girls and try to emulate them. And you want access to girls restrooms and locker rooms? Fucking kill your self.

>Don't you dare dead name me or treat me like I'm not a real woman.
>Hey everyone, look how trans I am. Look at this ugly flag which shows how I'm actually just a cuck fag who hates my self.

hows that s*ylent?

Ur dad looks pretty redpilled user.

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im not trans. my waifu taiga is trans and she's 18

Taiga isn't trans you retard.

Hi Pedo.

No sir, played 2004-2007ish, but still watch OSRS streamers

very very very veryyyyyy simple

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Nice, have you seen my streams on twitch (b0aty)?

Says who? Taiga is TRANS

Mind sharing your wallpaper user?

Looks like you are retarded

For what reason would she even be trans. Why do trans people want characters to be trans, wouldn't it be much better for those characters if they we're actually born cis, so they don't have to suffer as trans people?

based fellow trans folk
ok but boring
p cool

r8 and h8

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i used to have the same one, just mirrored


hahaha gotta be bait, but I don't watch boeh hes too normie for me. I like skiddler and nooblet the most.

cute origina11y

whoever reported my comment is a pussy faggot bitch

I don't like icons on my desktop, I'd rather have it all solved in the Start menu.

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lainfags rise up

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wallpaper engine + fences
doomer feels

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My wired brother, could I please have that png and pape?

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go away tranny pride month is christophobic garbage

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simple cuz autistic, can't find my apps on normal person homescreen

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you know i saw this shitty meme too
but you know nobody is retarded enough to actually go through with this shit outside of reddit right
join the 20%.

I had the Bing daily wallpaper but I got sick of pictures of shitty landscapes

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sure thing, here

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Unironically my wallpaper for the occasion. Fuck you dirty faggot cock goblin.

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and here's the pic

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Thanks m9. Cya on the other s1de.

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fake and gay
litterally uh, nobody actually did this
there are 0 people who actually fall limp from this
what does cope even mean
whats with the stupid bike guy this is a desktop thread anyway

>h-haha, you know n-nobody actually does this right?? so you can stop posting it now... pl-please??


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you know if i did it, chances are i wouldent be replying.
also, nice reddit spacing.

whats with the rise in desktop threads today?
just torrent it homeslice

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Absolutely and utterly seething.

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i'll stop now, replying to your posts is stupid and i've got better things to do (no, "lol xd seethe ur leaving" doesnt count as its fucking 3am and i need sleep.)
also, if i was frozen.. really, how could i reply to this post?

Absolutely destroyed, defeated, coping and seething. Go to bed bambi, your hog master commands it.

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