What did she mean by this?

what did she mean by this?
I dont understand it desu

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Parents protect the black daughter's from good or bad black men

Some women hate men. Not much there is to it.

nigger grammar, not even once.

She didn't mean anything by it, she is just a dumb Tumblr bitch spreading her SJW narrative on Twitter.

Probably something like
>"men raise bad sons then tell their daughters to avoid men like them"
Honestly i agree, too many men aren't properly raising their sons. How many zoomers are raised not learning to hunt, how to cook or sew, how to repair a car? How many basic life skills are failed to be taught baffles me. Men need to raise their sons into honorable men, this is the first step to a better society.

grammatically, there's literally nothing wrong with that sentence, except the "son" should be "sons" but that's unimportant

Women teach their daughters to fear getting raped but don't teach their sons not to rape women.

It's too hard for you to understand a phrase ?

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that grammar is absolutely trash

"to grow up to be" is terrible

More like parents raise their sons to be men women would never want to date.

>Son, you have to be kind and respectful of women!
>Son, you have to be good and caring towards women!
>He grows to become an upstanding guy
>If he's lucky he might get some fifth-hand single mom roastie, because there's nothing women find more unattractive than kindness, respect, goodness, and care

I think it's pretty self-explanatory. Do you have autism?

Yes, because never in my life have I ever been told that rape is a bad thing and that I shouldn't do it.

Literally most crime per capita is committed by fatherless black males

The funny thing is single moms breed the most fucked up kids.

Fucking this all day. Parents taught me no means no, to have honor, work hard. All that BS, all so I could watch the slackers get paid the same as I am, for less than half the work. So the guy who doesn't even hear the word "no" gets the girl.
But it doesn't really matter, it's all the same in the end. Everyone dies, honorable or not.

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@literallywho believes that masculinity is just some bad software that runs on men and isn't an intrinsic part of both our nature and women's nature. She thinks we could fix all the problems by deciding to love each other and act correctly in some vague way. She's wrong.

Her grammar was perfect user. I think you may be the nigger here.

What did she say that was wrong? It's a real thing, especially among black people. Our culture promotes womanizing among boys and promotes chastity among girls. So a lot of black people, especially black men, raise their sons to be players and get their fuck on, but then try their hardest to keep their daughter for falling with someone that was raised the way her brother was.

You don't need to teach men not to rape, just like you don't need to teach people not to kill. We're all born knowing right from wrong. The guys who rape women are guys who were fucked up in the head anyway. You don't just tell a future rapist that rape is wrong and then they go "whoops!"

>nigger grammar, not even once.
You pigskins are such hypocrites.

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What she means is
>I'm 15 and this is deep
and also
>my views on society is based on what I see in tv shows

having a daughter is a curse. youll stress over half her life because one day she may get pregnant at age 16. she will blame everyone but herself for being a single mom and expect you to take care of the nigger halfbreed. its no wonder asians abort women. they are only a liability

Genuinely furious that my parents fucked me over like this, at this point being a beta is a fucking addiction I have to fight with on a daily basis.


a shockingly vulgar display of fool's wit