Believe in Allah he will never disappoint you

Believe in Allah he will never disappoint you

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If I want to hang out with 72 virgins I don't need to get into heaven, I can just come here and post

Islam seems comfy but having to pray numerous times a day sounds really inconvenient.

So don't pray so many times a day leave that to the muslims
Just kick your feet back take it easy and believe in ALLAH

Allah already let me down, mates.

Sounds like a liar honestly

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I believed in Allah for a bit, prayed to him to kill me, nothing happened.
confirmed for false god

Believe that Jesus is God's son for better results

I've never believed otherwise, have asked Jesus many times to kill me(to kill me that night or the next day or sometime soon) and nothing. 20 years I've been praying for a quick death to anyone that will listen and nothing. God is dead.

Perhaps your normal time on earth is a "quick death" to something infinite.

No gods, no masters.
This statement is original.

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that's some nigger faggot shit, I specified l wanted to be dead before this age and then this age and that age.
There obviously is no God, only conniving nigger faggot Jews like you

Heaven's gates are closed to the prayers of sinners.

I don't want to go to Heaven, I want to die.

There is no such thing as death. Just being in hell or heaven.

Allah, I'm highly disappointed with pic related.

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that's proof enough to me there is no God, only conniving nigger faggot LYING jews

He has already disappointed me by not giving me a qt wife.
If there was an omnipotent God that loved all of humanity, he wouldn't make such a shitty unfair world.

You have no proof because you have no faith

its hard to have faith in this world of the damned

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>There obviously is no God
Exactly. No good evidence out there, it's all delusion

bless you for this giggle

Mfw gad is the biggest cuckold of all , he who does not care about shit , including innocent kids raped by their fathers.

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If Allah is the one true God who controls the universe, then believe me he disappointed me decades ago.

There's no hard evidence of you being a faggot either
But I'm pretty sure you are

Jah bless

They cannot step foot in heaven and are destined to burn in the pits of hell so I do not concern myself with such things Allah does not bless the weak

Yes Babylon will fall. We are not in the world of damned, if you follow the word of god he will not let you down.

Fuck Allah

Any God who controls this universe must be killed.


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I hope you find him. Until then, you are still one of his children.

I do too so I can put a knife in the fucker.

Here's something to think about. People agree with scientists when they say the universe will die someday. But the universe never died before. Why would it die now? The universe will never die because it hasn't already died. It lasts an eternity. And, come to think of it, what would you do if you were God? Would you prize each and every individual, or not? Most people think of such a trait when they picture God. But I for one wouldn't. I don't even like most people. "Evilness" is thus not proof that there is no God, because if anything an intelligent species like us gave birth to God, right? So... why not? This is the easiest "proof" ever and, while it doesn't settle things, at least you can now picture a God out there, right?

But Allah wouldn't let me have my qt3.14 weeb Muslim gf so he's already disappointed.

Guess I'll stick with Odin, he showed me Atlantis.

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