Saturday night down the pub having pints with the lads edition

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Unfortunately I've got a big belly. Skinny everything else though, nothing seems to fit right because of that.

When the bear hears the moosey scream, he comes a-runnin' but not to help.

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But what if they are nonces mate? You sound a little noncey yourself...

Terry meets Julie, Waterloo station
Every Friday night
But I am so lazy, don't want to wander
I stay at home at night

But I don't need no friends
As long as I gaze on Waterloo sunset
I am in paradise

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Anyone remember when shippy and SCEA formed their alliance primarily by bonding over the 53 year old schizophrenic man Timothy James Byrne?

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You're skinnyfat
Stop drinking and eating fast carbs
Delete wife
Hit gym

And we can get a flat tummy together uwu

>tfw no ingrid syrstad engen gf

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might start identifying as mexican

>Stop drinking and eating fast carbs
That's 90% of my caloric intake gone.

norwegian girls are some of the best slags on the planet

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>tfw those girls only like artsy, skinny boys that look like smack addicts (but still have perfect skin)

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>shippy and SCEA formed their alliance primarily by bonding over the 53 year old schizophrenic man Timothy James Byrne

That isn't normal is it?

aw. you could see her two brain cells almost connect for a second there

Hope Timmy's camera is alright. Imagine a day without a single upload. Would be the first time in what, over 5 years?

>muh carbs
Just eat less and work out more you numpties

think he couldnt upload for a few days at least when he moved from spacker house in 2016

*smashes pint glass on the floor, rolls sleeves up and marches towards you*
don't talk shit about my footballer waifu again, understood?

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*forges a health and saftey certificate so the thread can stay open a bit longer*

>*smashes pint glass on the floor

All of you watch this. It's my favourite film and I want everyone to watch it.
youtube.com/watch?v=AVyGCxHZ_Ko [Remove]

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>spacker house

As long as you know your music and are a bit funny then you'll be set

very sorry about that, i'll get the dustpan

Thinking of getting an exercise bike so I can just exercise in front of the tv.

make sure you do

*sits in armchair and rolls a cig*

going to work, see you lot in the morning.
i rewatched it recently, really good film. ending makes me sad.

fucking lazy cunt hahah you made me chuckl;e

not worth it clive we'e no money

>tfw cat is in my seat
*picks kitty up*
*sits down*
*puts kitty on lap*
*watches 2 Broke Girls*

we could sell some of them fire extinguishers, cant see the thread going up in flames any time soon

*lights roll up and chucks match onto pile of newspapers*

A cat would make me so happy. Going to speak to my landlord and see if they let me have one

looks shite is the brother a fucking tard or somethin

meow lads

squeak lads

dealers taking longer than usual lads

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moo lads

Quite worried for him lads

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splatter lads

>looks shite
Bad taste
>s the brother a fucking tard or somethin
Yeah. He's mentally deficient

Alright this is enough, I'm going to send all examples I can find of people harassing Tim to the po po.

I know music but I'm only funny in an autistic way

currently vaping a thc cartridge lads and i am extremely stoned in the most pleasant of ways

>ALL of the examples
>couple of scea posts saying he was sending tim pizza
well done pal

sorry i offended your delicate sensibilites

Don't walk at me sunshine. *points* Don't even, don't even walk at me. You stay away from me, walk away from me ok. Get away from me.

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where does one buy a bong from

There's a facebook page where a bunch of people are posting the fact they've sent Tim pizzas you snarky retard.

how do people function when they feel nauseous? i usually start panicking and can't do anything

think i might start calling people sunshine

by all means, sold the batteries from the fire alarms and carbon monoxide dectectors anyway

>but I'm only funny in an autistic way
Same here lol, must be why I've never pulled an art hoe

Might go into work tomorrow since I've got literally fuck all else going on. Might dedicate my entire life to my job since I've got fuck all else going on.

Question. Why doesn't Tim get up and leave for America? What's stopping him? I assume he has his passport and he clearly has money.

If i was a gambling man i would say Tim Byrn's got his sights set on a free bed in a local secure hospital.

..and YES, this is deliberately orchestrated by Tim Byrne himself.

some local should ring 111 and tell them about the youtube channel

You need a visa if you're going to stay for more than 90 days.

The requirement for citizenship there is incredibly strict, you have to either be incredibly rich, have family there or have a job lined up there in the realms of something like an engineer, doctor etc

Take a few deep breaths, find a loo and sit in it for a bit and compose myself

>pale skinny boys who'll probably emotionally manipulate and blackmail them in to not having any other friends and then spend all their money on drugs
It's not fucking fair bro

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So why doesn't he apply for one. I think the lad actually enjoys the feeling of everyone out to get him. I don't believe he really wants to be 'rescued'.

Let's not forget also that Tim has actually lived in America. I think it was also in the same area Elliot Rodger lived. Maybe someone can correct me on that part though.

autist here

what do people talk about on "nights out"?

There's lot of criteria for getting one, any knob can apply but unless you're highly skilled in a niche area you're not getting one.

That's shippy on the list of people harassing Tim then.

aye elliot lived in the same accommodation that timmy did if i recall correctly

it's fine lad, theyt alllwayt plly through. I hope you well.

Is Audible worth getting lads? I wanna start getting in to reading and spending less time on youtube/twitch/vidya like a fucking brainlet. Was thinking of doing a few /nightwalks/ or runs with it or something

they talk about doing sex and all the different positions they have tried and then they go back and do it all to each other

get tinnitus at the club, fail to "score" because most guys are betas, eat shit food causing you to shit liquid the next day, possibly get into a fight with/mugged by non whites

Tim's a famous musician. A triple threat. Guitar/Singer/Piano. Surely that qualifies?

Hmm, shippy you say? CONVICTED NONCE

it's on netflix and i'm doing nothing. going to have a spliff then try it out man

My computer goes retarded once I exit a game made in the last two years. Lags like crazy.


that's not talking though

Need to learn these four skills

Small talk
Getting to know people
Deciding who you want to small talk and who you want to get to know
Taking rejection

Now go offer to buy people you want to get to know drinks, and get to know them

>tfw it's another incel episode
it's a good one

Most landlords don't mind cats if they say no pets they usually mean no dogs. Get a cat user they are the best. I cuddle mine and they purr really loud

>don't walk at me sunshine

Tim had really lost it.

Not him but, I'll be getting rid of my catto soon, if you live near yorkshire you can have him if you can come get him

quite excited for the ff8 remaster
who else?

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*lights match under fire alarm*

hmm, so you have

Wasn't paying attention and just poured half a pint of blackcurrant squash down my front lads. Pretty sure i'm a retard

go to the toilet and force fingers down my throat, once you've been sick you feel better

I R comfy

tfw you want a cat but you would never be able to let him outside

thank you, goodnight

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cats can live indoor only

not true, cats were born to roam free and i would feel awful keeping it in my flat

I want to roam free

i trust we're all going to mass in the morning?

Hello SP lad, how you getting on?

yeah, with my catholic frens

>Attending a Catholic service

neethood is going to be awful. Wanna get good at music and drawing so I can feel good at myself but I'll probably be shit at them like everything else

how's life lad?

red pill gay drug addict me on catholicism

Why do you think it's gonna be awful lad? Just occupy yourself the best you can. You'll probably enjoy it to be honest.
It's also not going too bad on my end though lad, just feeling a bit out of sorts lately.

>FF8 remaster

They lost the original code, how are they going to remaster it?