Would I be worth anything in a war? I'm 5'6" and 133lbs and desu it makes me feel so inadequate...

Would I be worth anything in a war? I'm 5'6" and 133lbs and desu it makes me feel so inadequate. If ww3 happened tomorrow would I be valuable or a liability? I mean would I be worth more than a 6ft fat guy?

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They might not shoot you out of pity if that's any consolation for you

>old men not a few years from meeting the grim reaper are hellbent on sending men with their entire lives ahead of them into killing sand people

Your size doesn't really matter in this age.

I think you're fine. Even if you aren't, military training exists as well. You don't need to be a mega Chad to fight for the country, you need the spirit.

lets send our boomer senators instead

If you really think a footsoldier is worth anything in a war, especially a modern one, you're horribly delusional.

>smaller target
>needs fewer calories
>prime tanker material
Only downside is if you get into hand-to-hand combat for some reason. Maybe running speed. Might also have a harder time swapping out boots if yours get wrecked.

I think he was trying to make the point that a short Jow Forums guy is much more useful than a tall fat fuck in an armed conflict.

i would let the other soldiers fuck your boipuccy and then send you in on the front lines to figure out what kind of weapons the enemy has

also I hear that SF units have a decent mix of small and big guys, small guys especially though

It doesn't matter how fat you are when you pilot a drone

>thinking youre gonna find anybody willing to fight a war, even if you drafted them in this generation


war is about cooperation and training. if you are grunt you just need to follow orders of your superiors and carry your own weight. and if you aren't total cripple carrying a backpack, weapon and body armor isn't going to crush you. if you spend all day inside your room you need to get used to carrying all the stuff, but it quickly becomes easier the more you do it.

>just do it

Op here, the original image is me. I have a physical job so I think I would be fine in that respect. Being shorter than everyone else all the time gets tiresome tho

Ww3 isn't gonna be fought by soldiers in the field.

>Tfw 6'2" 225 originaluado

you look athletic, youd be better of than a tall fat guy in most cases (unless you will have to reach something high up)
many soldiers are short, it doesnt make a difference in modern combat
It has some advantages, youre a smaller target, you will need less food, you can headbutt the enemies in the balls and run, etc

Kek. Thanks for your reply. Genuine lolz

Imagine having a body like that and still being such an incel you have to seek attention in this shithole.
Women won Bros.

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