I gotta get this off my chest and don't know where else to post so here goes

I gotta get this off my chest and don't know where else to post so here goes
>be me 20 yo khv
>desperate for a gf or even female interaction
>finally meet girl that I'm into, we kinda hit it off
>become friends with her
>almost a year passes by
>get courage to ask her out
>she says yes
>go on a couple of dates
>have sex
>dating is great and we get along well
>three years later, get married
>she gets pregnant, quits her job
>end up having a boy and another one the year after
>we fight often
>have sex maybe twice a year, very rushed and joyless
>fight a lot
>wake up everyday to my sons shouting and breaking shit and fighting over toys in the house
>work really hard to provide for family
>not sure wife likes me anymore, kids are ok though. I have fun with them on the weekends when I'm not slaving away at my job
>literally have no hobbies, no free time, no extra savings
>tfw absolutely fucking depressed for the last couple years, fantasize about killing myself everyday
>fantasize about being alone, even though I love the kids
>fantasize about never meeting her and never starting a family
Does this happen to a lot of people? What the fuck do I do?

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Fuck you, you are literally a normie and this is basically a humblebrag. You dont belong on a robot board.

What? How is this a brag
I'm fucking miserable and wanna kill myself
There's no way to get out of this

Don't like your wife? Divorce.
Downside is, you will have to pay child support

I don't want my kids to grow up a single parent household like I did. It's really tough.
All this shit is fucking meaningless
Don't know why I fell for the dating and family meme

Lmao she is prob cheating on you if you are not having sex looks like you get to divorce and pay child support and end up ruining your kids life's ofc I'm sure it's very unhealthy for them to see you two fighting all the time

>Woe is me: i have a wife and sex and kids and a life and a job and a house and a dog.

You are a normalfag and belong on reddit. They can help you there to deal with those 'problems' seeing as we have no such experiences, unlike normalcunts.

Here is what you should do tell her you are a homosexual and get divorced this will be easier on the kids now go on Grindr and find a place to stay but you will most likely be getting TOPPED

There isn't much I can help you with but a few kind words.
You are a good father and I hope your kids will grow up to be honorable men. They will look up to you, they will do great things.
But now you gotta suck it up and push through for those 18 years. Raise your boys and get back to square one to grow yourself

I can tell you from experience it's much better for kids to grow up in custody of one parent, than with both parents, if said parents have a failed marriage like yours.

You fell for the meme and that's a mistake but it's ok user. Your life can't be the one you dreamt of now that you've made these decisions, but you can take action to make your life bearable, easier and maybe MAYBE even enjoyable.

You love your kids and that's really good, keep it up and enjoy it.
You don't like your wife, she is being a bitch since she married you because you gave her beta bucks and emotional security.
Divorce. See your kids on the weekends if she gets custody (99% of cases she gets custody). Get yourself a good girlfriend and DON'T I repeat DON'T marry her. That's what I would want to do if I were in your shoes.

Post to adv/ they might care more.

murder/suicide is very popular on the news

None of it brings me joy you moron
I have no freedom, which is more important than these things
I slave away at a job to provide for them and that's all I do

I get your plight OP even though I'm not in your situation, the cucks on this board will tell you to fuck off to reddit but it's too late at this point, we all fucking hate ourselves.

Here's the thing
All these people who post "tfw no gf" stuff can still do shit about it
OP can't do anything without major repurcussions on his kids life and getting divorce raped

Thank you mate
I dont care for legacy etc but hope they grow up to good people
I still wish id stayed single. Something I never would've asked for a decade ago

His situation is basically waiting for the sweet release of death, whereas these cumdumpsters are just too lazy to do anything with their life, to be fair though... OP did shit with his life and look at him...

Exactly. Some perspective for these tfw no gf people. I personally don't know any married man that's happy.
(I'm not married.)

This is what i call living a life of silent desperation, sorry can't really give you solid advice on what to do, in a normal world i would tell you to divorce her and move on with your life, but the system is against you if you do that, you'll berlay see the kids and she will get 50% or more of your shit, and at the end of this shity process you'll be so broken mentaly and physically that you might never recover and find another life partner that will appreciate and love you, at least not in this retarded app dating scene.
All in all its fucked beyond repair, if i had to point to your biggest mistake it was signing that piece of paper that acts like a leash on you and like an inheritance for your wife.

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What do you fight with your wife about? What do you think she dislikes about you?

Damn OP I hear this kind of shit too often on this board
I'm literally you in 2009 before you met her
Those retards that posted here are so wrong like Try not to fight with your wife, that's important for the kids
You have no ways of getting a better job/promotion?
It's sad that you have no time for your it and you have to slave, at least you do it for them
You should try as much as possible to get your brain chemistry back, via food, physical exercise and people being your family or friends
I pray for you op

The affection is gone. She picks fights for the most petty things. I do everything to be a great husband. She just doesn't like me anymore I think. There's no specific problem.

You in a similar boat?

sadly here people just gonna call you a normie/ normalfag, Jow Forums is not the nicest place ill tell you that

>>go on a couple of dates
>>have sex
>>three years later, get married
>>she gets pregnant, quits her job
>>have sex maybe twice a year, very rushed and joyless

Someone tell me why it was so easy to get sex after only " a couple dates " and why sex degrades to " maybe twice a year " soon after wife gets preggers.

Is sex the Ultimate Bait ?
If it is - and I know it is - then there's no reason to hurrdurr about being " still virgin "

>Is sex the ultimate bait?
Yes. Go check r/deadbedrooms.
Sex is non-existent after a couple years of marriage. Kid or no kid.

This is literally normie tier #*($. One normalfag covering for the other. Neither of you belong here. Go back to plebbit, they will love you there. You'll even get upvoated for extra points!

Don't participate in this thread if you don't relate to it retard. Go post in some cock-lust thread. Let OP vent.

Bro I just dream of going back to being single and sitting alone in my room playing video games, but I don't wanna ruin my kids lives

Jordan Peterson says life is suffering, so I guess that's all bucko.

>she gets pregnant, quits her job
Why would she do that? most of your problems would solve themselves if she wasn't a parasitic housewife

Kek he always looks miserable and diseased

Yeah and put the kids in daycare like every other absent parent couple. No dude.

You are in the wrong site you cunt. Thats the no1 problem.

Stop talking to yourself it's unhealthy
Vidya doesn't do it anymore for me.
I'm starved for social life, which I lack enormously
I just want to see people god fucking damn
I'm a failed normie I guess, but never plebbit
Stay strong my man. If you are really on the verge of suicide try LSD or something to rewire your brain, in a safe environment where you can't harm anyone

>Only my problems are real problems
I hate this shit

Social life sucks too. The thing is, I have friends and I hang out with them sometimes, but they're absolute fucking normies. I just have nothing in common with anyone even though I can feign interest in what they say because I have social skills. It's a fucking chore, having friends.

Yeah exactly. So hostile for no reason. No wonder he doesn't have any friends.

Leave her You can still be a father to your kids Get a great lawyer to make sure that child support money is so limited that it'll be obvious if she doesn't spend it on them If she does spend it on her contest her rights as primary caretaker

Serious question: does anybody know a married man who's happy? Every married man I know is miserable and wants to be single again, not even for the pussy, just for the freedom

You could work less and see your children more often. Kinda the opposite of an absent parent. I know it's not the same in the US, but it's very common for both parents to work in my country (France).

No, thankfully i had plenty examples of real life failed marriages to fall for that shit.
Had some girlfriends insisting on marriage but i turned them down.
It's just not worth it in our current social media driven society.
I'm saving a ton of money for when full immersion vr will come so i can have a passive income that i can live comfortably on while spending my days in a fulfilling and fun virtual world of my choosing.
Fuck this loterry of building a functioning family.

P.S.: go to the gym daily and lift/do cardio while eating healthy to prevent unnecessary medical bills and extend your life for the vr paradise that will come.

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You're a smarter man than I. I honestly envy this single guy in my office who doesn't date or anything. Just works and plays video games.

Stick through and suffer to give your kids a good life, it's the right thing to do

Its fairly common for parents to grow apart with kids. Looks like you forgot the first rule of marriage, don't stop dating or you will degrade to roommates. Also try not to fight in front of the kids, they pick up on it
You're in a downward spiral, user. You need to take some time for yourself, get a hobby that isn't video games and makes you leave the house. Go on dates with your wife. Boys will get easier with time, in ten years you will thanks the heavens that you don't have girls. You might feel powerless now, but getting up and making changes will only get worse over time. You can do it, and have more to be proud of than most people on here.

>>we fight often
>have sex maybe twice a year, very rushed and joyless
>fight a lot

She's cheating on you.