Why don't you start expressing yourself through fashion, user? It could help with your self-esteem

Why don't you start expressing yourself through fashion, user? It could help with your self-esteem.

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I just wear baggy and opaque-colored clothes and I already feel ok with that, dawg.
Also parties and fancy events are shit.

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I honestly don't know where to start I have an ugly face, I don't know what to wear, but, I'm tall.
How can that help?

Fashion doesn't exactly work when your face is ugly

if youre actually ugly then youll jus tlook like your coping but if your elike me and just average looking, your height can make you look more intesting. im a skelly as well which helps. just go to /fa/ and look at inspo threads and the like to see how youd like to dress. its important to not just jump right into it since youll look like a trayhard retard fashion victim. just incorporate pieces slowly into your wardrobe

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I'm unattractive so people would laugh at me

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You don't have to be attractive to care about fashion. Do it for your own sake.

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it helps. a LOT. even if you are ugly you can definitely care agbout fashion but you have to pretty much let go about looking good. you would have to focus on the history of the brands you are buying into and commit to some aesthetic you enjoy. i respect that a lot but 99% of people into fashion just want to look good

I used to wear paisley shirts and I looked nice, but it is not me anymore. I just do not want to wear colors anymore, just gray and black v neck shirts. I just do lot want to wear anything fashionable.

i always wanted to have a jacket like the guy on the left. i wouldnt go all the way like them because they look like attention whores, but getting my hands on cool items like that would be good in my books.

Well because wearing a full plated armor in the delightful 100F "winter" of the southern hemisphere is fucking suicide and i don't have the money to pay for it anyway.
Besides wearing something like that would probably attract muggers from miles away, at least i would be well protected again knife attacks

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You sure are a consumerist stooge.

most people into fashion are lol. if you are into if strictly for yourself and consider it a hobby and interest that is great but you have to admit the majority of people dont see it as art and more as a means to show wealth and 'taste'. even if said taste is poor. i also hope that pic you posted was an example of a fashion victim and not your idea of someone fashionable or forward thinking about fashion

You have to have a BMI that allows you to wear such things and make it look as intended, not easy to do if you're fat
So instead of crying about being ugly of your legs aren't bound to a wheelchair getting fit is actually/fa/

Because the only clothes I want to wear are women's clothes and people will call me mentally ill and tell me to kill myself if I wear what I want

How can people pull off these outfits in pictures? I think these guys look pretty good, other than the left one's chains and the red on his pants, but I'm sure if I saw them candidly in real life I'd think they look like retards.

I'm not someone you spoke to previously - I just think the whole concept is distasteful and a huge expense.

fair enough i apologize i thought you were someone else
its all about confidence desu. i dont go too out of hand but sometimes ill wear something loud and it only works because im comfortable in it. also context needs to take a hand since you liely wont be dressing like that in a podunk town meeting

No, that's quite alright. I was pretty rude to you myself actually. I do think dressing well is a good idea, but doing it as a major hobby rather than a means to an end sounds a bit much to me. I could certainly stand to dress better though.

I used to like making nice outfits in school but now that I'm a neet and don't go out very often it feels pointless. I'll try to match my t-shirt with my pants but that's about it.

agreed. ive spent my fair share of time on /fa/ and there are those who actually enjoy fashion as an artform and as a means of self expression which i think is great but the majority just spends money to look 'better' without improving their own looks and lives before. cheers user, hope your weekend goes well

Those guys do look retarded. But there are acceptable kinds of retarded these days.
I guess the fact that they are attractive plays a big part in it too. If the average robot wore those then the one on the left would look like a budding school shooter and the other two would look like they practice with katanas in their parent's back garden in-between Doctor Who marathons.

I am unironically attracted to the guy on the far right and Im not even into chinks. I like his style.

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I wish I could wear a medieval-style princess dress everyday, i really really love this time period
>inb4 tranny
Im female

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>Im female

Don't lie.

Yeah nigga I sure can buy clothes

It's because to pull off fashion when you're ugly, you have to genuinely love fashion as a hobby. Otherwise, it shows that it's a cope.

Surely you're exaggerating, much like everyone else in this thread. Even if you're not good looking people take note of what you wear.