Do females actually laugh at small dicks or is it just a myth? What do they find so funny about them if they do?

Do females actually laugh at small dicks or is it just a myth? What do they find so funny about them if they do?

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I've found that girls will laugh at either excessively small or large penises and breasts.

slap them and say next time your hallway of a cunt queefs im gonna laugh a lot

I guess it's a proportion thing, like a fat guy riding a miniature motorcycle. A man's penis shouldn't look like a clit.

Women are weird, frens

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I don't think so, I don't laugh when a woman has a bushy pussy or small tits so laughing at a dick doesn't seem to be that common at least from my perspective

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im sure its happened but i cant imagine most women lauhing at small dicks like that. most people are sensitive and able to control themselves from doing things to hurt others, even if the internet may say otherwise. i dont have a small dick but it looks tiny on my frame since in a bigger guy. none of the girls ive been with have ever said anything to ridicule it unless we broke up or whatever and said it out of spite. a few of them mentioned after a few times that they were kind of surprised at first but once it went in it felt much bigger so ive learned its just how it looks in relation to the rest of me

So if the man is 5'2 and underweight then is a clit sized penis not funny because it's proportional to the size of the rest of the man?

>Do females actually laugh at small dicks or is it just a myth?
Anything under 8" and they'll laugh.
If not in front of you, behind your back.

t. 6.5" x 5.25" and was laughed at twice, the others didn't seem too pleased with the size either.

Probably not, people would be too focused laughing at his height.

absolutely based user. bless you and your post

>tfw no one will laugh at my dicklette no matter how small it is

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i don't think they were laughing at you're dick user

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Yeah, we are ready to have some fun, I drop my pants and they start laughing and saying it's cute.
I bet they were laughing at my beautiful hazel eyes.

Needless to say I lost my hard on and a good part of my self esteem.
It took me long enough to recover my self esteem from when I was a teenager and two girls laughed at my tiny flaccid penis.
Now I'm an adult and they laugh at my erect penis. Much better!

But 6.5 is a good size

but 6.25 is a plenty fine size? unless you somehow have been finding only girls with weird expectations? i'm not much bigger than you (girthier though, maybe they were laughing at it's skinniness?) and I've literally never had any comments on my penis size besides it being big. maybe you're measuring wrong?

>maybe you're measuring wrong?
You put the 0 of the ruler at your ass hole, right?

Nah dude, doing bone pressed measures (top side of the dick, press the ruler a little bit until it hits the bone) and adding 0.25" because the ruler has a little 0.25" border before the 0.
Even without that tweak I would still be 6.25"/16.5cm, which statistics would say is a decent above average size.
I can confidently say that, within my experience, women don't seem to care about statistics.

>unless you somehow have been finding only girls with weird expectations?

Two of them that straight out laughed at the sex partner and the other three who act like they aren't very pleased with what they got?

Randomly picked among chicks that work with/near me (some factory floor, some from the offices).

I won't lie, they all had a reputation for being easy/promiscuous (that's why a /robot/ like me even got a chance), but still I would have to be really unlucky, unless being a size queen is a more common thing that we'd like to admit.

there's no escape, manlets

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You're 6 inches, bone pressed? That is on the smaller side.

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>You're 6 inches, bone pressed?
6.5" bone pressed.

>That is on the smaller side.
Even if it is, one wouldn't think it was bad enough to be fuel for laughter.

yes, we fembots get together to laugh at our robot bfs' inadequate dicks
we even have a discord server dedicated solely to small penis humiliation

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Wtf i want fembots to make fun of my penis

maybe it's just different where you live but i'm 6.75 and I've revived numerous compliments and complaints about being too big. i'm sorry that happened to you user.

are there any single fembots in need of someone to laugh at?

This is a myth.
If they do, laugh right back at their gaping flesh hole.
Don't feel bad about your dick size. Porn had upped everyone's expectations to an absurd level. Having a 4 inch dick is okay. Having a 7 inch dick is okay.
Don't ever feel like less of a man because of what some bitch says or does towards you or anything you own.
If she's understanding, accepting, makes you feel good, and doesn't criticize you, you found a keeper.

I heard read in some yahoo answers, answer that the average size of the vagina is 9-10 cm long, so anything over that will be already able to cause some sort of pain

>yahoo answers
yeah not the most factual place in the world, but it is at least something

>If she's understanding, accepting, makes you feel good, and doesn't criticize you, you found a keeper.
Good luck finding something that doesn't exist.
The times of women having any sort of respect for average men is long gone.

that actually filled me with hope and self esteem, thank you user

It's about that depth when unaroused. But when a woman becomes aroused, it expands to accompany your member just fine

In most places, yes. A lot of Western culture has ruined women.
But I can assure you they still exist.
I'm here to help :D

100% true I'm a normie with a big dick got laid just because I am huge, my friend is 4.5 inches and at a party a girl was going to give him head came out of the bathroom laughing so hard she cried and let everyone know how small his dick was

Sounds like you're having fun role-playing, user. I probably would've changed a few things in your story though.

As a man that's 6'2 and has a 6.5 inch long penis I am terrified of losing my virginity

It's all true actually not everyone rps

yeh, your height might make your dick look smaller, you haven't got anything to worry about though user, it'll be fine.

you're not convincing anyone buddy

Okay, user. I'm sure it is then. If it makes you feel better, I'll believe it :D

In my experience its usually just a way to hit back at men who wronged them in some way. I know girls who have been in long term relationships with small dicked men and haven't said anything about it until they break up. Its a sore spot. like men will hit back with saying they are loose. These things arent really deal breakers or even usually especially true.
I also know an army chad who must be literally 4 inches max who goes around telling everyone and his confidence gets him laid constantly somehow. he even has kids and a stacey girlfriend he cheats on

that actually seems unlikely./a rare scenario if a girl has got to that point with someone shes more inclined to just carry on. Same as men bitch about roast flaps but it wont really stop them.

It's not just females, it's gays too (they're even worse from what I've heard). I don't have a large penis, and I'm absolutely terrified of ever showing my dick in front of another human being, so much so that I've actually passed on meeting up with someone from Jow Forums out of fear.

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Well, I mean, if they don't really like you right off the bat then pretty much everything about you is laughable.

So yeah I would say it doesnt really fucking matter either way.

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In my case I not my size what I'm embarrassed of but rather is that my dick still has phimosis

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Oh boo hoo look at me I still have a foreskin.
Fuck you user.

This is true, or at least is the most reasonable to believe.

Women are very emotionally driven. The moment you wrong them, they're looking for ways to tear you down and make you feel like less of a man. Anything they can do to attack you and make your confidence lower or to create this doubt about yourself that you didn't originally have. And it's common, I assume, that men are pretty confident in their dicks, no matter the size. They're proud of it and it makes them feel like more of a man if a woman enjoys it or appreciates it. Because of this, they're quick to insult you based on your size regardless of whatever size it may be. It's just one of their "go-to" insults because they know how you feel about it, and they'll do whatever it takes to get under your skin.

Tl;dr - don't let women make you feel like less of a man because your dick size because they're just trying to make you feel bad

You could try explaining it to a girl you meet before she sees it so she understands the situation. If she knows what to expect, there shouldn't be any issue.
If she's rude toward you before or after seeing it, she's not worth your time

yep and the average woman doesnt even really seem to care about big dicks as much as men seem to think. its just an easy insecurity to hit at. For most women dick size is probably one of the last things they think about when considering a partner. if its a decent size its just a bonus

Me n this dude are basically the same size and he's just exaggerating a bit. I'm aware i am comfortably above average down there, but I watched a lot of porn and it was constant 8x6s in my face every day. So I still developed a small dick syndrome.

Also to some sluts im average.

Out of surprise maybe? Humiliation fetish is a thing, tho but this is completely separate.

If someone is genuinely interested in you, they'll look past it to make you feel good. If they're willing to give you a chance, they're worth holding onto.
You'll just have to take a risk unfortunately. If they aren't willing to accept you as you are, they aren't worth your time.
But either way, I'm sure you'll be brave enough to find someone worthwhile.
After all, you have to sort through the pricks to find a rose. :D

Yeah I stopped watching porn because of that

>I don't have a large penis, and I'm absolutely terrified of ever showing my dick in front of another human being
Exactly this. Pretty much why I became a wizard.

Pull it back day by day man, it comes out eventually. Had same thing but the skin adapts to daily stretch pressure.

You're right :D
If a woman actually cares about you, she'll accept you regardless of how you see yourself.
You may see a retard in tinfoil, whereas she'll see her knight in shining armor.

If she's fucked many guys it's pretty pointless to try LTR without a massive schlong, go for qt virgin goirls. Rates of LTR being successful correlated to more partners is bad enough without mini-dick factoring.

plenty will put this down to some "B urself" type bullshit. but its unironically pretty true in the dating world. Most attraction is done and set in stone before they even glimpse your penis.

im still waiting to see stats of all these robots who successfully found a virgin. You shouldnt rule out so many women when your dating pool is already limited. The average guy does not have a porn star dick, the average girl doesn't expect it. if they've slept with a lot of people they will be even more aware of this.

Also, what seems to help is confidence. It's attractive and desirable. Even if you have none, feign it. "Fake it until you make it" has more meaning than you may think.

If she has interest in you, she'll fill you with confidence you may not have previously had. You'll begin to feel like you need to impress this girl and do things she'll like. Then you won't even realize why you had any confidence problems before.

If something happens to you and her, don't take her insults, if any, seriously. They're meant to make you feel bad. Just remember how good you felt and you can bounce back with more confidence than you had before.

These are both pretty true and good points.

All in all, you just have to take the risk.

>I'm sure you'll be brave enough to find someone worthwhile
I got asked to show my dick to a discord fuckboy after talking dirty and getting some good leg/thigh pics, and got so nervous I puked and just ghosted him. I still feel bad. I don't think I'm going to find anyone.

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You don't know if you've found a virgin literally ever besides if they seem like one. I'm not saying to rule out chicks who're not virgins in DATING. But if you're going to marry odds are against you. I'm simply highlighting this just as a truth to make decisions from. There's always exceptions, though.

My friends and I compare shitty unsolicited dick pics we get and laugh about them, I find that's pretty consistent among most girls I've known. I wouldn't think to make fun of it if I had actually lead the guy to think I would want it sent to me

>who successfully found a virgin
i'm currently dating a girl who was a virgin before we met, virgin girls aren't that hard to find

a virgin can have just as much reason to cheat as anyone. It isnt really the fact that a girl has had sex prior that makes her likely to be unfaithful. its the mental illness and insecurity that caused the promiscuity, not the sex itself. and it isnt as if women dont genuinely move beyond these needs of their younger less secure self. I dont really understand how you can go around basing such a massive thing on some "stats" when human nature and cicumstance are such a variable thing.

also I know way more men who cheat on their girlfriends just because they have the opportunity to get their dick wet. this isnt in a sane womans nature in the same way

>if they've slept with a lot of people they will
...know exactly where to get the big dick from behind your back.

My go to thought when seeing a small dick is to think about how much I hate life and existence because of the way fate forces us to be in bodies we don't want to be in and I think about how much the guy has probably stressed about how imperfect he feels because of something he had no control over

how can women detect big dick out in the open?

It takes time, user. It's okay. Just take it slow, and talk to someone for a while before you do something like that so you can't get comfortable with them.
It'll be okay

They just get lucky*
Typos, my bad. A little drunk.

But yeah there's really no way of knowing. Guys can be growers or showers, and there's no way to know without them being aroused.

would a dick print out in public help attract women?i tried it once, and i had mixed responses (positive from older women, and negative from younger women)
t. 8"

No. Men are meaner about it then women. Women won't usually laugh although they might feel disappointment looking at it. Most don't laugh or show this disappointment. However, the other men they're with in the future will ask about past partner's penis size, and if she says 5 inches or so, they'll be laughing their asses off and never let it go. It's truthfully insulting and rude. That's my honest life experience.

Women are selective creatures with their and their future child's interest in mind, so ones which have a history of choosing many partners are likely to continue the pattern, you're not going to change them coz you're the "right guy" unless you offer serious monetary gain, status or emotional well being to them. The second you give any drama she's more likely to go to an App & find a guy with all you offer in a few minutes and a bonus honeymoon period of emotions all over again. Then you say it even competes with a virgin girl who's in love with you, stable & happy and marrying before you fuck? There's much more commital, she can't go swiping & has no years of habitual dating activity to easily peace out, plus marriages commital, she's already happy with your looks & income if she's choosing to marry you. There's just no comparison between the two scenarios with or without statistics. Women are not all the same because of their biology, bad habits make toxic women. Whether you think it's likely or not that you find a girl which meets these criteria is not in question, which is more likely to succeed is.

You go about with a picture of your dick on a T-shirt?

lol no, i mean like having an erection that sticks out and protrudes slightly underneath pants and slacks.

This is a decent screening method, if you get results keep doing it but there's a line between too much & subtle hotness. Some bulge showing is never bad imo. Subconsciously will want the d.

If I ever found myself confronted by an honest to god tiny penis, I'd probably be a bit surprised and stare a bit. I wouldn't laugh because I'd be afraid he'd beat me to death in a humiliated rage, and my tiny ass could do nothing about it.

Yes. she took it out and snorked like a pig then left.

>how can women detect big dick out in the open?
In the open, out of nowhere?
They can't.
But if they are promiscuous they either have been with a guy with one or her network of friends can hook her up with a guy with one.

She'll know where to get one, she'll cheat on you, don't worry.