One chance at life

>one chance at life
>jawline looks like this
Why live, Jow Forums?

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Iose weight, retard

dangit bobby a thread died for this

yes, it is there, just stop eating junk

that's a protruding jaw retard, lose the fat and the waterweight and you'll look good, only lardmericans can be this fucking stupid

I'm not American, I'm Hungarian. And even underneath the fat my jaw is very weak.
Easier said than done.

>loose weight
that means put your tongue on the roof of your mouth at all times except when eating drinking or when you can't control it (eg exercise)
>Train your sternocleidomastoideus
(frontal neck muscles) and MEW while doing the exercises. Just look up "how to get bigger neck" on YT
>Why live, Jow Forums?
Idk I don't want to live either, we all got dealt shitty cards I'm a balding manlet with gay alien skull

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Esku bazdmeg ne zabalj ennyit es nem lesz dagadt a pofad ;)))

Ezt konnyebb mondani, mint megvalositani, normalbuzi.

>easier said than done
eat less move more retard

I really don't have the motivation or self-control necessary to do either.

>all these jawlets
Kek losers

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You have repulsive acne.

lose weight nigga

Ok, how about this: forget cardio or gay shit like that. Eat less. Buy less shitty food that makes you fat. Drink lots of water and eat low calorie foods, like carrots salad. If you can't do that, try to get yourself sick. Unironically try to get a fever. You will have no appetite because evrrything will taste shit anyway. You'd be surprised at how much weight you can loose if you stay at a high caloric deficit for 2+ weeks.

you call that acne ? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

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Guys, I'm fairly skinny, but have a fat face. So I don't want to lose even more weight or else I will get anorexic but I could have a decent jawline without the fat in my face, what should I do to lose that?

that's a good jaw you retard

Well sucks to be you fatty, the jaw isnt the problem

>easier said than done
Doesn't fucking matter, you're blaming your problems on something that isn't even the actual issue. Jawpillers really are the pinnacle of retardation.

>Have good jawline
>Has been described as chiseled
>Makes no difference

Your jawline is probably one of your smallest problems desu.

Yes it is.
It's one of the problems.
Jawline and chin are probably the most important features when it comes to facial aesthetics.

JAW FILLERS. It's so fucking easy, dude. They are amazing. I am getting them next week.