Why do women ignore us then have sex with guys like this?

Why do women ignore us then have sex with guys like this?

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Women love to be abused.

>Women love to be abused.

Only by Chad. If we even blink the wrong way at a woman we get thrown in jail.

See it from this angle:
Women would rather subject themselves to an abusive relationship than be with you

What the fuck is wrong with them? Are they brainwashed or something?

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Usually you don't know that the guy is like that. It's not like they advertise it. "Date me girl and I will beat the shit out of you when I get angry"

You get into relationship like that and that happens then he apologizes and you can kinda understand where he is coming from. You begin to rationalize it through reasons why you fell for him in the first place creating either two solutions. He needs to get help or preferably you get the fuck out.

Dunno, what the fuck is wrong with you?
Why are you so undesirable that it is this way, retard?

Because you're an unattractive, chubby, low T, autistic manlet.

>Derrrr the world's just fine how it is. You're the problem not the world. Please don't rise up against us. Go kill yourself instead derrrr.

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You say that ironically but it's the truth.
What would you bring in a relationship?

The guy on the left stays home all day, lives with his mom, unemployed, showers once a week, dropout, smokes weed, plays video games, thinks about suicide, refers to women as bitches, uses nigger slang, doesn't have a car, thinks reading is gay, would run away if he got a girl pregnant, and has no real hobbies besides playing Call of Duty and smoking weed.

The guy on the right graduated from college, has a 6 figure income, lifts weights 5 times a week, showers 2 times a day, doesn't refer to women as bitches, owns a car, has his own house, is open to having kids, doesn't use drugs (he might moderately drink alcohol at social events).

Who do you think girls are gonna choose? The guy on the left every single time. Even the MILFs will choose him. That's the way the world works. It sucks man. Women aren't for us, they're for chads. Hey at least we can jack off to anime or something.

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>"Yikes sweety, did you just ask me to maybe not stuff my face with microwave pizza and McDonalds everyday?? Umm... let's unpack this, folx"

nanomachines son originalolo

It's natural. It is their instinct to bond with a high status, confident and good looking alpha male in order to have healthy offspring. Every woman feels extremely attracted to a man that has (some of) these traits. Her natural reaction to a man that does not have (some of) these traits would be disgust. She feels disgusted by the ugly short insecure socially awkward man who asks for her number and openly expresses her disgust by shaming him in order to show men around her that she is no easy girl and deserves chad. Of course it's only her subjective opinion that she deserves a high status male.

You're pretty deluded
In the end it comes down to game. Either you have it, or you don't

Speaking of game, I saw a short balding indian guy get brutally rejected at a bar yesterday.

But yeah, I'm sure if he had fucking magic tricks or whatever else PUA scammers peddle, he would've gotten laid bro!!!

>It's natural. Natural selection bro. Stop questioning our kike overlords and their brainwashing.

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If the guy on the right lost his glasses, and shaved his head he'd be hot

You're genuinely retarded
Incels and the people who make fun of them all day are both just two sides of the same coin, the coin being undesirable, socially stunted retards who have no frame of reference.

There is a reason incels like to ldar. If you have a shit face (not fixable, but improveable), shit body (fixable in most cases) and are obviously insecure and shy you're simply fucked, no matter how nice you are. "Wah wah why do girls go for JERKS instead of nice men like me? :(" is reddit tier posting. Kill yourself

>bro just go to the gym
>bro just shave your head
>bro just take a shower
>bro just grow a beard
>bro just go outside and get some sun
>bro just stop giving a fuck, be confident, be tough, the pussy will come crawling to you

Yikes. It looks like Chad's advice was bullshit. I guess not everyone has a chance. Some guys are just screwed from the start.

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>Incels and the people who make fun of them all day are both just two sides of the same coin
Not true.
I just like to bully incels.

If you unironically think this guy couldn't get himself some mid-tier pussy you're too dumb to live

feel free to make a dating profile with that picture. youre not gonna get anyone, not even a bot.

I'm not talking about doing it in passing or for lulz, I'm talking about 30 year old KHV male feminists who create entire communities around this to cope with their failure at being men. Check out Jow Forumsinceltears to see what I mean.

I explained the source of their behaviour and answered your question. I'm not saying it's moral or good the way it is. I wish it wasn't. And keeping your head in the sand and wanting other people to answer your stupid questions while replying with the same epic memes other retards put in your head won't bring you far.

My man, get this guy to a party or a club and I guarantee you if he tried something with some drunk chick and doesn't go full retard in the process he will get someone to fuck or even date him

I disagree.
For this man, it's over. He's a manlet and bald. You can't recover from that. If anything, lifting makes it look even more ridiculous. I cringe whenever I see some balding asian roided manlets at my gym.

And when the girl wakes up she'll realize just how ugly he is and charge him with rape.

Hey, I never said what the consequences would be

He's saying he doesn't have it.