Are there any fembots that want to try being lesbian with me?

Are there any fembots that want to try being lesbian with me?

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I wish I was a cuck slave to a lesbian fembot couple. I would do chores for them and financially support them while they enjoy spending time with each other

Thanks but no thank you.

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whoa that sounds hot, i'm bisexual so i don't mind having a cuck guy doing chores for us

why? are you straight? we could do lots of stuff like take care of each other and do makeup together and dress the same way like best friends but we get to do lewds also, its a win-win situation

huh, seriously? I'm surprised, I thought people would be creeped out by it

>I thought people would be creeped out by it
not at all, well i'm not creeped out by it, we could also invite you sometimes in and have our way with you both of us

that's far beyond my expectations. you're very kind, user

Lesbian reporting in, Only have I see that your tits are up to par

>Only have I see that your tits are up to par
ehh what do you mean, what kind of tits do you like

and why do you like tits, you have one yourself go and look at it. seems like you're a guy whos disguising as a lesbian just to get pictures of my tits

Yeah, no. Bi/Bicurious/Prision gay girls are fucking cancer, ghost you as soon as they get a attentive, horny man since they're practically straight.

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>be a bi girl
>"you're practically straight"
>be a bi guy
>"you're practically gay"
why is the undertone of both of these always that the person actually likes dick? also girls can't be prison gay

i'm not going to talk to you anyways, you sound like a horrible person to be around

Do they enjoy having sex with you or is it just an affection/attention thing?

If you didn't say you were a woman I would have thought you were an incel. Being creepy is apparently not a male-only trait.

Because my tits are huge, I like to run my tongue through small skinny nipples

>prison gay girls
I hope the world ends soon, I hate all of you fucking people. All of you

user how about you date me and we learn to be straight together
You'll be the woman and i'll be the man y'know

Ah, glad I found this thread. Anybody here, especially the women who are into women, like the music of Tom Petty?

Because the vast majority of bi girls always end up going with men. The only reason you know most of them are bi is because pride month comes around and it's time for them to share 'oh yeah I check out gurl's bootys too!' . I don't know anything about the bi guy stigma though.
>also girls can't be prison gay
OP sounds prision gay as fuck. Just lonely to the point she'll give the other half of the population a chance to settle for her.
They claim to enjoy the former but it's due to the latter. Just lonely, insecure girls who will put up with sexual stuff in exchange for a loving, caring, safe enviorment they are dotted on.

God I wish I was a girl. I'd definitely be a dyke, fuck men honestly.

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>fuck men honestly
Time for your girl pills user.

If I was a small cute boy I unironically would, unfortunately i'm 6,2 with masculine features and broad shoulders. Feel bad man.
At least I have a chance as a semi attractive dude, my life would be worse as an ugly female.

Feels bad

Wow I didn't know about this. So "Prision Gay" (how is this spelle?d) means means someone trying to turn bi due to lonelyness?

sure add me

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Prison gay describes the lonely men on Jow Forums that go gay out of sheer desperation and loneliness. You see them all the time, flirting together while using anime girls since that's what they're actually attracted to, not men.

aaah naruhodo

This isn't a girl, don't add. Horny dude.

what? do you want some sort of proof?? want pics of my feminine feet?

Personally I would love to see some pictures of feminine feet

>want pics of my feminine feet?
That would work, do it.

is this good enough for you, pervert-san?

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alright user now get out of my thread i'm not going to date you anyways you sound like a schizo

Those are so nice
I wish I was a girl so I could date you

Lay off the burgers, Jesus.
>now get out of my thread
No, retard. Just because I rejected you in my first post doesn't mean there isn't shitposting to be done here.

omg you sound so mental, no wonder hat you don't have a gf

date me we can be cute artsy couple, i'll stay home paint and make music and you can work or leech off your pappies or whatver the situations like there and i love you and we read books in the same room all grown up and we can talk about how much better than the other Jow Forums types we are we're different we're special im special im meant for big things.

I'm a dude, but can I watch?

Girls can be prison gay. You'll see it a lot with weeb girls/fujos. They lust after homo 2d men so much they can't get a real boyfriend (cute gays can't date them on principle, straight men usually won't tolerate their interests).
They end up lezzing out with fellow fujos out of desperation. So many fujos are "lesbians" despite it not making any fucking sense. Unless you remember they are desperate.

Yeah go on then. Show me your feet lesbobot

i love lesbians!!! they were my only friends at school i would cuddle with one at lunch

I want to pleasure a girl and make her fall in love with me only to reject her. Getting men is easy, women seem like a real challenge