Why do women not play video games?

Why do women not play video games?

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they got better things to do

cripplingly low iq

too busy doing something meaningful with their life instead of wasting it

Why do men not drink whine and talk shit about all their friends behind their backs?

They don't have any competitive drive outside of gaining male intention for a wider selection of possible males.

too dumb

Women already play head games all day anyway.

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seething roastie


I can smell the incel from here

have sex

they do, just never play with you incels

He's talking about women you fucking retard.

They play, but they play only the shittiest ones. You can find them play fb games or mobile games and mayyybe some real rpg games. And Sims. Dont forget the Sims. Its always the Sims. In few words, they lack the taste to play normal videogames

thanks doc

Thanks doc

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It's really easy for women to socialise and do things with other people, never seen a lonely female before.

no problem

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Because their fathers never told them to.

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>there are guys that fuck 2 different girls from Tinder every week

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thanks doc

>I-I-It's not a fetish, I was born a WOMAN in a M-MAN'S body!
>Proceeds to post in a transfetish subreddit Jow Forumsmanmadedicks discussing how they'd like to eat fake pussies and have fake pussies

Reminder that it's not common for real women to behave like this. Discussing overtly sexual desires and being a horny, hypersexual individual is not generally how a woman acts. Women take sexual gratification in other forms, like reading erotica, or passionate, romantic scenes in movies. Yes, there are hidden desires, which is why Fifty Shades is so popular, but women usually don't broadcast this shit. What do those traits remind you of? Men. That's how men behave. Horny, hypersexual, perverted, lustful, the same way a tranny behaves. Remember transfaggots, you'll never be a REAL woman, no matter how much your delusional fucked up brain tries to convince you otherwise.


Cпacибo, дoктop

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just IQ isn't intelligence though, IQ tests just want you to solve logic puzzles, the real world has much more complex obstacles to overcome

Because games focus on conflict between man and enemies or the environment.
Women care about socializing and flashing lights dopamine, not saying men don't fall for this as well, in their games; so, they play blatant skinner box phone gamesAnimal Crossing, The Sims and MMOs.

*sips red wine*
Chad, now THAT was a good lay


>Virginity ratio of unmarried Japanese women

age 18-19 74.5%
age 20-24 64.5%
age 25-29 32.6%
age 30-34 31.3%
age 35-39 33.4%

- You can teach English in Japan if you have any degree. It doesn't have to be an English degree.
- The average salary for full-time English teachers in Japan is ~$86,000/year. The part-timers drag the overall average down.

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i want

everything is a wojak edit with you fucking redditors

Unironically met my girlfriend through tinder. She loves vidya and is a huge nintendo/pcfag and we watch anime together. We're all gunna make it. I'm her first serious relationship as we are both bi and she's only been with women and one guy before.

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my waitress today asked for my ID with my beer and then called me gorgeous when she realized I was 15+ years older than her, then gave me her number with our bill
feels good man

based statistics poster-san
but keep it for the dedicated threads, bro

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this kills the white thot

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How ugly is she

go back to Resetera

thanks doc

Somebody photoshop the ratio line to be "gamers"

It's not that I hate women, I hate that they control me, manipulate my thoughts, make me desperate. I wish I was free from these urges.

Maybe I should cut my balls off.

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Would you be playing video games I’d you had instant access to hundreds upon hundreds of desperate horny women who wanted to fuck you and would take you out and buy you food and drinks and things for the privilege of doing so?


Actually, intelligence pretty much is just IQ. That's why it's called "intelligence quotient" (or: "whole intelligence.")

IQ is possibly the single most studied thing within science. IQ tests are unbelievably highly developed. IQ is correlated strongly with genetics (roughly 80%) and strongly with reaction time (roughly 75%.)

IQ is about 80% heritable.

IQ is 75% heritable among whites.

Human intelligence up to 75% inheritable

IQ Hereditability Is 40-80%

Differences in populational IQ owe 50-80% to genetics

Human intelligence up to 75% inheritable


>Researchers have reported medium-sized correlations between reaction time and measures of intelligence: There is thus a tendency for individuals with higher IQ to be faster on reaction time tests

ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/6639008 "Correlation between reaction time and intelligence in psychometrically similar groups in America and India."

ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1953598 "The genetic correlation between intelligence and speed of information processing."

ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2668913/ "Whole Brain Size and General Mental Ability: A Review"
>In aggregate, Reaction Times can correlate 0.70 with IQ (Jensen, 2006).

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have sex

>no "I love to travel"
you had only one job goddammit

Fairly certain we arent friends with the people we shittalk. What kind of man would keep people around that they hate? Idk about the red wine part, might be its just a more expensive way to get drunk so we skip it for beer.

Damn they got 2 year olds waiting tables?

Of course, Id just hit one up around for dinner and then toss her for more videogame time

>age 35-39 33.4%
Ngl, I'm in the mood for some Christmas cake right now.

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What's wrong with PayPal?


Be honest, how many crates of onions are in your room

>tfw can't even use tinder because i went for 8 months whitouthdshfsad (i forgot how to write whitout) paying my cellphone bills so they cancelled my number

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>Teaching English in Japan
You will be the lowest of the lowest tier of faggot.
Instead, try Electrical or Civil Engineering in Japan. They're building fucktons of new dams and bridges, lot of work to be done.
Probably tons of work in other fields too.

>Actually, intelligence pretty much is just IQ. That's why it's called "intelligence quotient"

No it's not. Try doing an IQ test every day for a month, you will realize that after a month your IQ result will be significantly higher because your brains gets used to these kind of tasks.

That doesn't mean that every day challenges are comparable to what they ask of you in an IQ test.

A lot man grilled onions tastes good

What's the virginity percentage of the married ones?

Aww shweet, I'm in /v/!

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i always wanted to use tinder but im scared of people i know finding my profile for some reason

good one rofl

>"don't swipe right if you DON'T like the office"
>"here for a good time not a long time"
>"Assistant to the Regional Manager!"
>"not looking to hook up, just looking for friends!"
god I hate tinder

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i quit tinder when i realized 99 percent of women have 'going on adventures' as an interest

basic as fuck

Arigatou gosaimasu docu

obrigado, doctor.

thanks doc

I set the age range to 18-23 so there is no way my profile will be seen by someone I know irl.

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Have you actually seen someone write don't swipe right if you don't like the office? God the office is so bad, fuck normies for making it big.

thanks doc

>I hate that they control me, manipulate my thoughts, make me desperate.
Newsflash, dumbass. That's your own lack of emotional hygiene doing that.
Try practicing having willpower, because if you cut your balls off to be free of the vaginal jew, you're only gonna be sad about how Weed controls your mind, or Videogames control your mind.

redpill me on tinder, i've been horny these days

Nyehehehheh hey lois this reminds me of dat time i accidentally joined the Klan

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Doc would never do that. Delete this.

If they find it that means they or their friends use it too. Get over yourself senpai

Grazie dottó

Gracias, doctor

Thanks doc

Fun IQ test fact: in the most developed & studied IQ test, the WAIS-IV, most of the IQ comes from a vocabulary test.
It isn't called a vocabulary test though, it's a section called "crystallization." The test-taker lists you some words and you define them to him, and he grants you 0-2 points based on how close you were. This test has been found to correlate nearly 1:1 with overall intelligence, even in non-native speakers.

The concept of the crystallization section is that it measures a human's ability to absorb information, and then to recall it much later when prompted (or, to "crystallize" the information - to store it in ordered, neat patterns.) So it measures all three aspects of information handling: input, storage, and recall.

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Women also sit in their rooms all day larping on social media and pretending it's real. This is universal, they don't have anything better to do.

Have children. Have a traditional functioning family the way Jesus Christ intended for you to have. Have a body not tainted by tattoo and piercing mutilation. Have a life free of hedonism.

anyone use bumble? it seems like a better version of tinder because it forces the women to message first

I go on tinder, set up dates and totally ghost them. I've done this multiple times with cute roasties.

>redpill me on tinder, i've been horny these days
Descend from an ancient line of people who got laid
Have connections to Mindgeek
Rumored to be in contact with Extra-Testosteronals
Rule thots with an iron but fair fist
First city on the mars will be called Hookupgrad

I hope you don't believe that the average person who plays video games is high iq.

Would you have any links on High Potencial people?

There's this trend and how some people can do well despite failing the IQ test.

I'm trying to find about the subject as I fall into the category.

I am almost 30 and resisted it my entire life, but these urges are coming back now

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Why are white girls so cringy?

>No it's not. Try doing an IQ test every day for a month, you will realize that after a month your IQ result will be significantly higher because your brains gets used to these kind of tasks.

That... has nothing to do with anything. You do an IQ test once, and that's your IQ.

Merci docteur

Hold up, you told me any women could open her legs and get fucked by chad. You seem to be contradicting yourself.

that was me for a while. you just have to not gaf, you forget about them almost instantly

There have been studies that your IQ results will improve with the promise of money by completing the test.
IQ tests are MBTI-tier.

How much Japanese is required? Considering something like this in two years after my bachelors, not for any yellow fever reasons, but because I’ve already been to Europe, but not to the orient, and I don’t have an interest in any other slant countries besides the rising sun.

Wine is like $4 for a cheap bottle, its cheaper than most beer

it sucks because girls don't like sending messages. I've matched with a bunch of people on there and only like 10% of them actually do anything. Doesn't help that the girl is only given 24 hours to say anything and if they don't the match is deleted and the girl will never show up on your app again.