How's life when you are attractive?

How's life when you are attractive?

If you are an attractive user, please contribute.

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People say I am attractive but it doesn't help at all, I am a depressed self-hating volcel

people are(pretend to be) nicer to you, women often stare or even approach if they're feeling bold enough
but if you're autistic and cannot socialize you're shit out of luck

this is what it's like being attractive... even if you are autistic

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Kys piety stupid retard

It doesn't matter at all when you're autistic, having unwanted attention from hot girls when you're a sperglord is living in hell, people assume you have "game" and often you will find yourself in situations you'd rather not be.
There's a reason ugly broke dudes can get pretty girls, personality does matter after all.

People treat you better, women might not directly fall on your dick but they will if you approach them first.

If you have retarded quirks or a retarded personality you can have that a lot of the time "forgiven", people will see you as cute or unique even if the things you do are completely fucking retarded.

I find myself attractive at least. You don't hate yourself that much, for aspect at least.
Everything else stays the same.

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Cashiers and fast food workers can take minor conversation as flirting. I was picking up some subway after I finished watching Endgame, and I was talking to the subway worker who was a chick, since she was cute and I figured "why not." When she was ringing me up, she asked me if I had a job. I said no, and I told her I was only in high school. She visibly looked sadder and went "oh." Then I just walked out with a smirk on my face. So, seethe, failed normalfags. 15 years old, and yet I still have bitches instantly attracted to me.

> 15 years old

oh boy, this is why I don't take seriously this place.

Enjoy your ban, little negro

>If you are an attractive user, please contribute.

why should l?

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As a naive youngster, my life was just better even when I wasn't getting laid. I felt high all the time even without drugs. The world was my oyster, that was the feeling. In some ways it might have held me back from getting laid or doing other things because I felt no need to improve myself. I would have ended up a moron if I kept down that path, I think. It's no way to live, but from ages 17-20 or so I felt that way. Then I developed "psychotic" thinking and had even more amazing times, because I had these "ideas of reference" which made me feel even better. Then I was put on drugs and filtered into the psychiatric health care system and hit rock bottom. But that's a story that is off-topic. Being attractive is great. It is a constant euphoria. Perhaps you even feel superior to other people merely because of it, which leads to more euphoria. lol.

>15 years old


I don't know if I'm attractive or not
I think I look pretty good in the mirror, but I look pretty bad (imo) in most photos. Basically only photos taken by other people do I not look subhuman
However, I do get a lot of attention from women. Or at least I do seem to compared to what I've been told is normal for the average guy, but I only know my own experience Despite being first a NEET and then only going outside to wageslave since HS I've still been approached by women (who I thought were attractive) and asked out twice since starting my job almost two years ago. Like a total cold approach, total strangers
I also had quite a few different girls who were clearly really into me back when I was in school/ late teens. Waiting for me on the street I lived on for months, following me home, groping and touching me in class etc.
My uncle's wife also makes comments about how good looking I supposedly am all the time, she once weirded everyone out at christmas by saying I probably had a big dick (I do not), and always comments on how slender I am, how lovely my hair is, how I could model
My female co-workers are all really friendly to me, when I started they were always asking me questions and trying to be nice but after a few weeks they gave up becasue I'm a sperg. They're still always very considerate, always helping me and letting me do less than I should be doing.
I feel like I get a lot of female customers who are clearly nervous, they'll smile awkwardly and talk really quiet and act overly polite. They laugh at things I say that aren't funny sometimes.
I'm still a khv at 21 anyway, so it hasn't done me much good even if I am attractive and not just deluded

I've been complimented few times. I don't know if I am as attractive now as I used to be. But.
I got very pretty face. My body is more for pedophiles. I always look depressed.

It is very complicated question. At best you get answers from narcissists that may or may not be as attractive as they think. It is whole package + individual preferences.

In my case women treat me like shit. Younger think I am either weird or cool. Men always look down on me and feel sorry. Maybe I am actually very unattractive. Bad thread.

>Girls and women stare at you
>Some look you in the eye and smile
>Old and young they find a way to squeeze "you are attractive/handsome" in while talking to you
>Sluts straight up offer you blowjob or sex
>Men are jealous and want to fight you especially manlets

Thats about it, i ever actually fucked just one girl whom i was living with for 5 years. She wanted to keep me for herself so she told me to stay at home and provided for us for 5 long years. Too shy and self conscious to utilize my charisma and attractiveness though so its like i was average or ugly...slooooowly getting better at using my charms though

Normie girls will look at you and flip their hair at you even if they would insult you or insult you behind their back for being who you are. You feel that you deserve to be part of the normie group because you were never that far behind them. You get more chances with people but its bumfuck useless because you cant help but to still be retarded, it never goes away. Self improvement along with above average looks barely let me scrape by for being recognized by people but never becoming human. Even in the groups where people are better than me theres always one or so people who know that im fucked up and are just silent the whole time while i talk to everyone else. Theyre holding something against me and will throw me under the bus one day when they feel too insecure not to. People who assume good of you who are new to the social groups get told not to hang out with you. Its basically living in limbo. Youre still living in the pits. You still never get what you want. You just have to wait less long than low looks level robots. Not that youll still be extremely damaged by the experiences and become a harm later on to people. Maybe acting in a way that makes people sympathetic to you like being some sort of scene kid helps. Not lile id fucking know lol.

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>I've still been approached by women (who I thought were attractive) and asked out twice since starting my job almost two years ago. Like a total cold approach, total strangers
>I also had quite a few different girls who were clearly really into me back when I was in school/ late teens. Waiting for me on the street I lived on for months, following me home, groping and touching me in class etc.
What...the....fuck. I almost have a hard time beliving stuff like this even happens. It doesn't seem real to me. Like I'm living in a difference universe or something. What the hell.

so, yeah
i think everything has already be said in the thread

girls will stare at you or talk to you they say that you are cute no matter what you do or say you can to stupid things and the next day you will be forgiven
but i am retarded/ autistic so i cant do much with this perk

I relate dude I want to kill myself

I had a chad in my class one time. Just walks in late wearing fuckin flip flops and a manbun. Goes to sit by himself in the middle. Pulls out a fuckin Chromebook. I could see like every girl and gay guy just ignoring the professor at times because of this fuckin dude. At the end I'm pretty sure i saw him outside with one of the girls that was in the class talking to him.

tfw no ban :/
when will this shithole get quality jannies and not some redoid brainfucked cancer patients who vocalize their compliance towards everything ill in todays society. aka a fucking lefty

This niglet is prime example of everything that is wrong in this world today.

As a former giga-nerd landwhale turned chad-lite I've noticed a few things.
>people are nicer, they smile at you more they want to talk to you
>people see you as more human, I still have all the same interests and the same personality albeit a lot more self-confidence. But before when I was uggo it was weird and creepy, now all of a sudden I'm quirky and unique
>Harassment is just not a thing, I've seen guys in my office do a quarter of what I do and they get blasted by HR just because they're average to below average
>Girls do approach first, ide recently dumped my ex and within a week they came out of the woodwork including friends of hers
>Normies think the best of your actions. Get pissed? He's stressed. Tell a racist joke? He's edgy. Treat a girl like shit? He's just the strong silent type.

Relationship with guys changes too, bullys/aphas want you in their groups. Betas resent you like a motherfucker because if they have a girl he knows she wants you more. Omegas and incels I have a soft spot for so we still get on

Its pretty great but still feel like I'm living a lie sometimes

I am apparently very cute but it really does nothing because I don't know how to talk to people so I'm still khhv. I do sometimes lewd girls online though and a few said I should do porn.

Its b8 retrds

People genuinely tell me I am handsome or cute regularly. Women, especially teenage girls, stare or try to discretely look at me out of the corner of their eye. It doesnt help if you are a sperg who cant talk to people.

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I wouldnt describe me as outright attractive, but im more on the attractive than the unattractive side.
Used to be on the other side before tho. Cause when you look too unkempt genes make little difference. As I started taking care of my appearance, some people became nicer. Girls started giving me puppy eyes and eye fucking me constantly. But that's about it. My personality remained spergy and my life barely improved. Plus people dont trust good looking losers. There's something very wrong about someone who looks good but doesnt have a social life, a hot gf or good luck with girls and acts like an average fuck up.
I did manage to get laid a couple of times. That's badass I guess. And first impressions are usually good, which makes interacting with strangers easy and thus removes anxiety.

Also it's a solid self esteem boost, which is the biggest plus, but there are countless better looking men than me so its a double edged sword. Since its one of the foundations of my self esteem, in the wrong environment ill feel like shit.
Overall its great but unless you're super fucking good looking it's not as big of a deal as having good social skills.

It feels nice generally even though I'm still a useless kissless NEET. I'm checking mirror often and sometimes it brings me some joy. It's just one of the reliefs, that people won't call you ugly and girl won't ghost you for your look. Robots who says that looks all that matters are retarded. I've been complimented a lot by girls, friends-guys, friends-girls and relatives, but I still have quite low self-esteem and I really hate taking pictures of myself, prob because I wasn't taking much care for hygiene and for myself when I was school for which I was bullied for really hard.

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Also this

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People trust you a lot and in public always go to you for help (for example when Freshman come to Uni).
And if you're good looking but not an asshole frat guy then teachers really love you. For example I had a lab partner in my Programming class, he got a 79% and I got a 78%, we texted each other when the grades came back and I got boosted to a B and he stayed at a C.
Funny thing is that the teacher was Asian and he was Asian, so he was fucking seething. Like come on man, it's not my fault she didn't boost you up. I wish I still had the WhatsApp messages, alas I blocked him.

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>girls more likely to stare at you and approach you
>girls don't mind if your hand brushes against their ass
>nothing "creepy" about starting conversations with people
>people assume you regularly have sex
>weird tendencies are evaluated as being "unique" quirks
>can easily get along with Chads/Stacies

Before I learned how to properly simulate personalities, it was all I had going for me.

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It's weird cause people treat me differently.I had a class with a friend of mine who had long hair and so did I,the whole class bullied him about his hair and called him goldilocks even though he had black hair and people respected me,the dude with blonde long hair next to him.Also women are nice which I love but honestly I don't care about them anymore

be my wife toga user, take 2
what's your mbti?

Get a lot of compliments. Girls make excuses, go out of their way to meet me. Then they see my personality and then go away.

I am attractive.

Life is pretty bad. There is very little worth living for.

People definitely go out of their way to say you're attractive.

I've been hit on and cold-approached like four or five times already since I started taking care of my skin and everything else this year. I notice that women are much nicer to me at my job and that some are very touchy and grabby.

Also a small little note......... People always talk about how men can't be around kids without coming across as pedophiles. If you're attractive, that literally is not an issue at all. I've never once been looked at weird for talking to a kid or being around a kid. Just never happened.

I love kids and I'm sure I dont come off as a pedo. Having littles siblings and understanding children makes it easy to get along with them without coming off as a creep.

Not sure if attractive but been called maam, sweety, lady (as a male) by a few people at work. Hop on grindr and get flooded with "youre cute" and "youre very beautiful". Got 200 ish matches on tindr.
Not sure if this adds to anything since my social anxiety gets in the way of everything.
Never been asked out irl yet but I think that has to do with how rare gay people are at samsclubs.
Also anyone wanna help me? I swear I cant tell if im attractive or not anyhow. Ill post pic tomorrow

I would say that I have a pretty attractive face but Im short and dont talk to girls so theres no luck in getting girls or anything like that.

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You're reasons for being lonely go deeper than skin and you have nothing so simple as ugliness to just throw all the blame on. Someone better than you probably deserves to either use you or be you.

so fucking easy lmao. people will give me money if I act cute and say I'm having a hard time, it's honestly sad how many men fall for this. I legit milked one eboy for 20k$ because he thought I loved him.

i've had girls grab me and kiss me in clubs without speaking to me

Not so great because looking young and healthy doesn't mean being young and healthy. I'm genetic trash and probably going to die soon. Average score from women is 8/10 fwiw. Just fucking put yourself out there and you'll have a better chance than me.

Here's what its like, OP

I learned what mewing is and I'm tall, white and was considered cute by girls to begin with. I was plagued with acne since I was 12 years old, now I'm 18 and almost all of my acne and blemishes are off my face and I actually get compliments about how good my skin looks now. It's a very good feeling to tower over everyone and to have a chiseled jaw line, straight teeth, blue eyes, square skull and white skin. I'm basically handsome, 1/3 of all girls in a room will notice me and look at me multiple times. I'm not sure how to describe it, but I can tell they're into me.

When I did pursue them, I was greeted with nothing but embarrassment and frustration. Women and most people are not interested in anything I am interested in. When I first meet them, they instantly detect that I am different from them, whether it be my atrophied cracking voice from months of not speaking to anyone, or my irregular body language which is rooted in my isolation from others. I have no idea how to talk to people, and no amount of self improvement will fix that. People say I have a cold look in my eyes, that I am "not all there". I am not sure what they mean by that, I am certainly not a sociopath. I think it means they can detect that I am missing a few things they have, such as being fulfilled in the fact that they had love in their lives, that they had friends in their lives, and that they spent every day after school hanging out riding their bikes around, while I sat at home browsing this board and laughing at memes, only for myself to become the ultimate meme for these people. I was once made fun of for not being graceful in my posture or in the way I looked, but now I am made fun of because I am an anomaly, an autistic mind and soul in the shell of a Chad.

This means that I am attractive, but I am not social so I drive away people no matter how physically epic I am, and the only people who stay around me are people who use me for their vanity.

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Yep I've been complimented a lot from friends and co workers but I always feel they're just being nice, low self esteem is a bitch

I'm attractive, pretty sure. I've had a lot of strangers ask me out or for my number in public before.
If you look at yourself too long you feel like you look deformed. I'm scared I don't have a personality, people like talking to me but I don't know if it's because of my looks or general warmth.
I figured out that right now I don't have any life skills that can get me decent money so I use my looks and charm to try and move up a career before they fade.
People assume you're stupid if you ask a question. But I love catching the same person who talked down to me messing up then smiling at them and making them feel better.
I was ugly growing up so I did struggle with friends and being social in general so I am slowly learning what to do.

I know this won't make sense, and I sound super vain I'm just trying to be objective.
just a weird night.

>How's life when you are attractive
I had a lot of admirers back when I was still in highschool, two of those admirers were best friends that ended up fighting and eventually splitting with each other because they were in disagreement over who would be able to date me, the funniest part was that I never dated either of them because I thought they were both acting like terrible people over something as stupid as me
Once I became an adult, I more or less just blended in with the rest of society, aside from getting a lot of stares from women
One time my mom's friend who was like 12 years older than me told me I was hot and asked me out on a date, and when I turned her down she just asked me out again the next time I saw her, until I eventually relented and said yes. It was extremely awkward and both of us didn't say much, nothing really ever came of it.
If you couldn't tell by now, having good looks doesn'tt give you good social skills, and I never really formulated any good social skills because I spent my youth and adulthood on the computer
I've only had two girlfriends in my entire life, and neither relationship lasted longer than a month because my autism ruins everything I touch.

Apparently not when you get attention. Autism is not a personality. You just need to be tolerable. Personality matters but not as much as looks do, since you can manage to attract girls while being autistic. Tired of this argument. Both matter but not eveyone is a fucking sperg so it's not a good argument to hold your foundation up with.

>I get all of this attention and loads of compliments
>People who say looks matter are stupid
>Because I have low self esteem and can't take advantage of my situation
Lol. Sounds like your problem is your personality. If anything this proves the opposite of what you said, but you're so used to it that you dont see your luck. Imagine all of this and being ugly at the same time. They matter, just not for autistic people, because autoatic people arent who we're talking about when were saying looks matter.

When we say that we mean normal people, not spergs.

if you are a man, your life will be a little more convenient and you will have a little more social capital in the office. if you are a woman you have all the tools you need to survive thrive for the rest of your life by either seducing someone who has decent money or using immense amounts of social capital to get you ahead in life.

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I used to be kind of an ugly kid (jewy looking) and it really shaped my personality because of course I had to make up being ugly somehow. But now that I went through puberty somehow everyone is more friendly towards me (except girls but that could be because I'm an aspie and get along better with guys anyway). My only problem is i dont know whether the guys actually like my personality and talk to me because of that too, or if it's because I'm just hot. A lot of the times they seem like they fall in love with me pretty quick though so maybe there's some personality behind it. I'm not entirely sure anymore.