Woman joins literally any community

>Woman joins literally any community
>Ruins everything
God I hate women so fucking much

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Men's reactions ruin it. Everyone tries to get on her good side to get their dicks wet

>does nothing but complain to his online oriental animation club

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Yep. This is why gatekeeping is a good thing.

Pretty much this Women don't ruin communities, men putting pussy on a pedestal ruins communities. You can't blame this phenomenon on women when men keep enabling it each & every time

Get out roastie
The women are the original cause for the men's uncontrollable instincts rising up

>just ask a girl out, silly incels
>why do guys always hit on girls in the friendgroup? They ruin everything
Is there any way to win?

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this or1iginally
we let women in and ruin everything

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We had a girl join our raiding team in WoW and after a few weeks it was clear some have vouched for her because shes a women and tried to hit on her even though she sucked at the game
>tfw lost even more time on that shit game
>tfw quit with an autismo fren because of this and now they struggle

> men's uncontrollable instincts
They're controllable, you're just too weak & beta to control them. And you let anything that makes your dick happy sabotage whatever hobby you & your associates are involved with

Why do you think you understand men?

Blame the men who want to fuck anyone with a feminine voice honestly.


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Bruh I've seen even ugly ass gay dudes being given special treatment because they act all sassy and shit

Why did reading this give me a boner?

>That image
Reminder that women literally live at mens mercy. Any man is strong enough to just rape a woman and there's nothing she could do about it. Men could just take women all the rights away and there's nothing they could do about it because men are not only stronger but also smarter.

nope, they can build their own community to enjoy. no girls allowed.

Because you're a pathetic man, knowing that a woman wrote that your stupid fucking lizard brain came up with a scenario in which you somehow have sex with her, turn her into a trad thot or whatever.
Fuck you

>thinking women don't knowingly take advantage of mens natural instincts

No way, I wasn't even thinking about it, I promise. I don't even like trad thots.

>Is there any way to win?
If they are in your friend group (and you aren't Chad) it's
>OMG we're friends, why do you want to ruin our friendship
If you don't know them very well, e.g. a friend of a friend (and aren't Chad) it's:
>OMG, who are you? Why are you trying to talk to me you creep?

There's no fucking way to win.
Long gone are the days where you would talk a bit with a girl and build a relationship from there, now if it's not instant complete attraction they call the cops.

t.never been in a relationship

Have sex