The reason women don't want us is because they're brainwashed by the kikes...

The reason women don't want us is because they're brainwashed by the kikes. They're brainwashed to want evil worthless retarded faggot men so they can lower the IQ of America.

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Sort of. Not exactly just "brainwashed". We have a culture that tells girls to have standards that are unreal to work with on which dudes to treat as human. They post their face and butt on instagram and then get like 3,000 followers and then just develop a braindea, glazed over stare when they talk to people. No physical feelings period for anyone underneath the tip tip tip tip top.

White people fucking amaze me. Everything we do is part of some conspiracy. We become successful musicians, it's a Jewish plot to destroy "white culture". Mexicans have kids, it's a Jewish plot to destroy the white race. Meanwhile, white people have a history of traveling place to place and literally destroying races, cultures and histories.

You're all like a woman who accuses her boyfriend of cheating because she feels guilty for what she's done with other guys.

The reason women don't want you is because you're unattractive on the inside and more than likely on the outside, you probably have social anxiety and an addictive personality, and you unironically blame the Jews for your problems.

pretty sure no girl gives a fuck if this guy has social anxiety or addictions.

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But he's attractive on the outside and possibly attractive on the inside. Funny how you ignored that part of my post.

Alright Reddit fag, if you don't like this place, fuck off. Jow Forums is racist, homophobic, antisemitic and many other forms of hate that probably don't have names yet. This is a good thing, it keeps normal fags like you out. Coming from a born Christ killer, of you see a thread you disagree with ignore it

That's why I've been taking a more active role in my younger sister's development. I think she's doing fine without me, she thinks racemixing is wrong and I didn't even teach her that.

Fuck of retard. I do what I like.

The real reason is you OP. Most white men have a pretty easy time getting laid, meanwhile your blaming jews for the fact no girl wants to fuck you

>Most men are getting laid just fine!!! Stop talking about this. It's not a real issue!!

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>internet dating is a reflection of real life!

>Any environment where gathering data about dating is feasible at all is by definition not representatives, only data sets that cannot be obtained are reliable. By definition.

On the contrary, soft, liberal men are less attractive to women.

I say this as a soft, liberal man.

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Internet dating is the most shallow way to find sex or relationships. It goes 100% off of looks. I do terrible on Tinder but girls at clubs love me because they get to experience my personality.

yeah man. going out to a crowded bar or club looking like this. yeah man your chances are definitely greater.

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Obviously not if you're ugly as fuck. But if you're average looking, like me, and like the majority of men (which is why it's called average), you'll do better with women face-to-face than you will online. Online dating only benefits women and Chads. Us normal Nelsons have to do it like the old school.

>Whites built civilization
>But Jews control it
You're right, I was indoctrinated into believing white people were the farmers instead of the cattle.

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>Whites built civilization
>But Jews control it
This makes no sense. I can't believe one group of people built civilization but another group of people quite easily took it over and made the creators of civilization their bitch. The only logical conclusion is that Jews built civilization.

>white people have a history of traveling place to place and literally destroying races, cultures and histories
your trapped in the last ~400 years, extend your sample size and you'll see there is a much less sensationalist cause

Whites built civilization but they did it under Jewish rule. INRI, The King of Jews

>no one has ever sold a business

>Internet dating is another realm and not in reality

In internet dating, you're judging people mostly off of their looks and partly off of their short bio. It's the most shallow way to date. It's not a reflection of real life. I do great in real life but I only match with one girl every few months on tinder.

Dude it's the same thing in real life. You make your mind up about people the split second you see them and there's nothing they can do to change your mind. Be honest.

No it's not the same in real life. A woman sees you in real life, thinks you could potentially be fuckable, but also maybe not. There's a 50/50 chance she'll like you. Then the interaction begins and the way you behave will push her to either side. I change my mind about people all the time. I've been around girls that I thought were ugly but they were so cool I ended up wanting to fuck them. I've been around girls who seemed annoyed by me but began to like me after a while. I've also been around girls who liked me but became annoyed by me and couldn't stand my presence.

Real life and online dating aren't the same and if you think tinder is a reflection of real life, you're a fool