On your way home

>On your way home
>See this
Wat do?

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I would be worried I contracted something just from witnessing this desu desu

tattooed chicks are disgusting

Screaming at both

Depends honestly, on one hand I could beat the ever living shit out of him and feel satisfied but on the other hand I just kind off want to high five him because this is absolutely fucking based.

Another normal day riding the BART...

call the police, illegal stuff

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Is there more of her, I'd love some POV shit with her

1. record
2. whip my dick out and try to get some too

unleash my katana and slice this bbc into two

wonder why i ever left my house

Call the police and report it while filming for evidence.
Unless this is in europoo where you can do this, but have to free speech.

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>"Why am i in Sweden?"

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Kick the woman under the chin.

>Unless this is in europoo where you can do this, but have no right to free speech.

Holy fuck.

Kek, I was going to say the same but DART.

Why is that negro smoother than a cancer patients cranium?

Start repeatedly yelling BLACKED at the top of my lungs

Get on my knees next to her and hope she shares some of that yummy BBC for my tummy

We need to annihilate all niggers for touching our white women.

Try to join in

Would you say the N word when a nigger in front of you?