Anyone else enjoys being retarded...

Anyone else enjoys being retarded? Like since im retarded (clinically low IQ) im able to enjoy life and not be worried with things like how all you other robots are you know its just super easy being retard
I love my life

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I am retareded, too. I tried going to college but only passed the giving speeches class. I'm now a NEET for life. I get money from the goverment and will move into a home once my parents can't provide me anymore.

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Wow you got in? I barely finished HS i doubt i can get money from the gov
Im happy for you

I guess it would be nice to be too stupid to realise that you're not as bright as everyone thought you were as a child. Dumb people have this amazing, baseless confidence in most of the things they say and I guess it's a little enviable.

Yea but if you're smart you can get a good job and be rich im not smart and won't get good job

I'm not clever enough to get rich from a good job. Plus there are also loads of people that are smart and still live on low incomes because of poor choices or lack of access.

But isnt being smart means you have a higher chance of being rich than being not rich

I suppose it helps. Obviously for some people like yourself there is never any hope but for people of average intelligence they could achieve wealth with a bit more effort than someone naturally talented. Being rich and smart isn't everything anyway, it's definitely better, but it's not everything. Like the OP said, he never worries about things the average robot does.

Yeah but work ethic is always king, If someone gave a

What does it feel like to be retarded? Try and out it into words, very interested in this

Im OP, i was just trying to tell the man that he should feel good about being smart because wether you're dumb or smart being comfortable with you is the best you can do

I just want to be comfy and have my dog i don't care about money or items

I don't know how to tell you greatly but i have trouble doing things other people do easily and it made me feel bad i thought id never be like them so i cried everyday momma dont like talking about it she wants her kid to be normal and it makes her sad that im not but i had a friend who told me to stop trying to be other people and told me to be myself so i did and now i dont get as sad as much

>im not smart and won't get good job
If you don't have to worry about paying for housing, you can live comfortably off of absolute minimum wage in most parts of the US.

There's a chance that you may find low IQ work that pays decently because no one wants to do it due to negative stigma. You could make a good existence out of cleaning toilet bowls eight hours a day. You are most certainly smarter than a lot of mediocre people like me who thought they would have a high-paying career if they went to college. My degree has just been collecting dust for years. Spent years doing unpaid shit for "experience". A whole decade of my life gone and only $10,000 earned during that entire time.

Normal is subjective, glad you're happy as this is all that matters.

Im sorry that you didnt get paid i wouldn't mind a low paying job itll be good since someone has to do it so why not me atleast i could say i did it instead of wondering how is college is it really fun and important?

Thank you friend i hope youre happy to i wish all my friends to be happy happy feelings are a good thing and need to be felt by everyone even the mean people who mad fun of me

I've always though being retarded would be nice. Whats the best way to turn myself into a potato?

I dont know how you can be one like me i think you should just be happy you're you like i am happy i am me

But I'm not happy I'm me.

Then be happy you're you if you're not you then youre nobody

Whats wrong with being nobody?

If you dont mind it then its ok i guess but everyone should be comfortable with who they are or make themselves better version of themselves not be someone else

I'm also very low IQ. I make a very nice living driving a garbage truck. It's very nice and not very stressful. I'm rather happy with life, I'm a simple man, and I don't need much!
Why do you hate you?

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Im happy you're happy i dont have a job right now but i wish i did is driving a garbage truck fun

I like it actually. Get to listen to music while in an air conditioned vehicle. The truck I drive is an automatic side loader, so I rarely have to leave the truck. Little kids always get super excited when they see the truck, it makes me happy to see them. You don't even smell that bad at the end of the day. It's really cushy imo

That sounds amazing what can i do to get a job like that i wanna listen to anime songs while driving one

Probably the hardest part is getting your class 3 drivers license. I just went and did mine at the licensing place. Takes a bit of studying, but it wasn't that bad, and did my test. Afterwards I just applied online. It wasn't actually that hard for me to get, there's not a lot of people applying for the job, so you won't have much competition.

Im not good at tests is the test hard?

Actually, not really. You can take it as many times as you want, they ask the same questions every time (at least that's how it worked over here) you just have to pay ~$15 bucks every time.

That sounds not hard do you think i can pass it