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Post your rooms my fellow robots

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No drugs here in my side of the room Mr. Cop Man.

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extra words just incase

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What part of Canada are you from user? oregenlloo

winterpeg, manitoba

ive lived all over Canada, coast to coast(bc, ab, ns)

I'm cleaning it up now.

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One day I will take a new picture.

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Are those piss bottles? of course this wouldn't be original

Yes. Otherwise I'd have to remove the barricade from my door

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Really comfy man. It looks like you kept stuff from your childhood.
Based diaperposter.

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Clean and cool death star

What is that white thing on your end table? Dehumidifier? Nose cleaner?

Are you conservative OP?

Thanks dawg.
Humidifier. I get nose bleeds desu.

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so small, so shitty. rent this piece of shit ROOM for $500 a month in austin. in the ghetto

original pic comment

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That is not gud user. Still have ur own place though. I think most of the posters here still live with mum.

>Everyone has such nice big rooms
Feels bad. I can barely even walk around in my room. It beats being homeless again but it's still shit.

everything beats homelessness yes.

Yeah OP, Catholic too. Those Red flags are the old Canadian flag.

Yeah it's pretty shit. Winter especially.

Based, are you a monarchist too?

Yeah, I also have an old photo of Queen Victoria an King George VI but, I haven't put them up yet. Are you Canadian?

That's a lot of video games, my brother.

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Nah, but I'm a Swedish monarchist

Oh cool bro, who do you vote for?

The libs because I was afraid the wouldn't get enough votes to get into the parliament, but they betrayed the alliance and I'll vote for the Christian Democrats the next time since I love their leader. How about you?

Well I'm not voting for any of the major parties this next election in October. Immigration is my number one short term issue and the Conservatives are only very slightly less awful than the Liberals on that. I'll probably vote for a small third party called the People's Party of Canada, it was started by a former Conservative MP. They aren't even that good but I simply can't vote for the Conservatives.

Good stuff, hopefully the election goes well for Canada and you guys get a true conservative leader

Sharp user. That bed looks real comfy. Do you have any dust issues with the figs? I have some knick knacks and Im always fighting it.

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>all that false iconography, religious, secular, and otherwise
>picture of a female pink-haired wojak making a dried-up vagina WELP face with her (facial) lips

>>all that false iconography, religious, secular, and otherwise

How is it false? I can understand that you don't like it but how is it 'false'?

There it is, the picture of my room

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I use a feather duster and attack it every 4-5 weeks. It's been fine so far. I've lived here a year.

it's a bit cluttered but oh well

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