Every man has the potential to find at least one woman if he tries hard enough, takes a shower...

>Every man has the potential to find at least one woman if he tries hard enough, takes a shower, works on his appearance and personality, and lowers his standards.

Do people unironically believe this or is it just advice they give to ugly guys to maintain faith in capitalism and to stop them from snapping?

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That's a female to male transexual by the way

Go to walmart. Look at all the incredibly ugly men with girlfriends, wives, or children. Then kill yourself.

>He thinks all ugliness is equal.

it's not just hard work. you also need a social circle that involves woman. most here just ignored that part in their life.

No guarantees, is anyone saying that? Some people actually have no chance, but for most it may or may not happen when you put in the effort

>Do people unironically believe this
I believe it because it is true. Nobody is saying you're going to find a 10/10 though

I just want a frumpy fembot to love
No one wants me

>I just want a 4/10 or lower to love!
You don't, and such people aren't even capable of love in the first place.

This is true, but believe me you don't want to date a 2/10, let alone a 1/10
Because extremely ugly on the outside doesn't mean beautiful on the inside, there is no "balance" when talking about individuals, some people are just hateable, no matter who percieves them

Yeah I do, I want to take care of and love a frumpy fembot
Someone who will just love me and be nice to me and not break my heart
Why are they incapable of love?

Did they do a sex swap or something or is it all hormones?

>Yeah I do
If you wanted a low quality female, you'd have one. They are easily available.
>Why are they incapable of love?
Love is a reciprocal relationship between two virtuous parties. Low quality humans are incapable of virtue.

ugly guys have almost more options than rich attractive guys. if your theory was right, ugly people would stop existing after 2 generations.

>he doesn't know about the ugly families at walmart
i WISH society would stop allowing ugly people from having families

I reckon there's a certain amount of the population that is completely unable to empathize with people like us, and the one's who can are probably with people far better than us

Hormones control almost every difference between males and females

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this is inspiring tbqhwy

That HRT is a ripoff. I've got bigger tits just from being fat.

Where do I find a frumpy fembot who's lonely and would let me take care of them and won't break my heart? If they're so abundant, where are they?

Too bad it's not all the differences huh?

>Where do I find a frumpy fembot
You can find a low quality woman at any bar, gas station, target, mcdonalds.

I mean technically it does control all the differences. All the y chromosome does is tell the body to make testosterone to cause the masculinization process

They can't see the forest from the trees. They see a fat ugly guy with a wife and think all fat ugly men can do the same, without realizing that the distribution of sex is unequal. Because we are a tournament species, meaning that men compete for access for the most females while females compete for access to the best males, inevitably a sub group of men will be left out of dating entirely. This does not mean that genetically inferior men cannot get laid, it only means that the guys who are left out of dating are more likely to be genetically inferior.

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le technically, le no. not even close

>his excuse is ugly
>almost every ugly guy over 20 has a girlfriend
>"well....tournaments! i have the retard gene!"
how many girls have you flirted with today, tournament boy?

It is all of the difference, but you're talking about accumulated differences as a result of the hormone. Yeah, you're not going to reverse the fact that they weren't expressing this difference from conception and thus have a penis and broad shoulders.

I've tried okcupid and tinder but no one wants me. And I talked to someone from here but she just cheated on me and broke my heart, and her face was literally deformed, but I loved her anyways.

>the men compete

Who did this guy compete against?

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>i haven't tried anything yet, i'm too lazy to meet people

>Most adult men are getting laid.

Imagine actually believing this.

being fit adds at least 2 points to your overall rating, having a personality that doesnt revolve around hating women and being funny probably adds another 2, get a decent haircut, buy some good fitting clothes and shower every day and there's no way you can't be at least a 6

himself while he was looking at facebook posts of all the 10/10s within 5 miles. tough decision feel bad for chad

men? yes
manchildren? not as often, but still look at soibois

I'm not an incel, I've had at least 3 chances to lose my virginity, my standards are just too high. But still I understand basic human sexual selection, incels are inevitable because some men attract way more woman than others which leaves someone high and dry, its common sense.

Believe it or not he still had to get a haircut and workout to have the edge over someone else. Even if your base genetics are good, you still have to work to make the most of them.

Tbh I don't even want to try anymore because women just hurt me and humiliate me. I just wish it could be easy.
I have so much love to give but idk how to do things.

>tough decisions

What decision? He gets to have sex with all the girls. Is it a hard decision to decide which one he wants first?

sigh. keep sweeping the issue under the rug. more and more men are being left out of the dating scene and becoming involuntarily celibate. the problem is gonna get worse and worse. continue thinking its just a few angry virgins on the internet though.

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>i understand
apparently not, tournament boy. your assessment fails to consider the difference in lifestyle. even if it makes sense on paper, there are many lonely women as well, because some people just don't want to put in the effort or have those "standards" like you

>Guys with girlfriends have them because they earned them. We live in a meritocracy.

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more and more useless trash that shouldn't have any kids. we are improving society finally by teaching women to have self respect and only fuck the best men.
>he still believes ugly people don't get laid
you'll never learn, retard. you have the loner piece of shit gene

>Low quality humans are incapable of virtue
You need to be culled, filth like you are the rath of this world. The extermination can't commence any sooner.

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>the big diaper boy wants to hurt rich people

This. I really want to kill scum that say that. The world is anything but fair.

>Women just want a guy who has his shit together.

The guy on the left stays home all day, lives with his mom, unemployed, showers once a week, dropout, smokes weed, plays video games, thinks about suicide, refers to women as bitches, uses nigger slang, doesn't have a car, thinks reading is gay, would run away if he got a girl pregnant, and has no real hobbies besides playing Call of Duty and smoking weed.

The guy on the right graduated from college, has a 6 figure income, lifts weights 5 times a week, showers 2 times a day, doesn't refer to women as bitches, owns a car, has his own house, is open to having kids, doesn't use drugs (he might moderately drink alcohol at social events).

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No not necessarily, but I really want to fucking hurt you, big time.

the guy on the right has a wife and 3 kids who play minecraft, got laid a lot in high school, and always gets angry when his favorite sports team loses.

Is it because you had to suffer a lot in life? And now people like me are mocking you? LOL

im sorry man. maybe that was the case 40 years ago but times have changed quite a bit.

Nigga looks like Senator Armstrong from Rising Revengeance

it's perfectly acceptable that you're too stupid to understand how to flirt with girls or whatever. bad luck, is what we'll call it.

>Why are they incapable of love?
They spent their lives offering themselves to any above average guy who wanted them, and the offer was accepted many times.
And so, many times the 4/10 was banged for a night and thrown aside.
Now they think they are worth way more than they actually are (i.e. accept nothing less than Chad) and they have an aversion to actual intimacy (like love).

>how to flirt with girls
>step 1 be good looking

The problem is he isn't buff, he just has like 0% bodyfat but not really much muscle.

It's pretty interesting her dick actually shrank by more than half its original length. This makes me wonder just what kind of monster cocks the huge trannies you ofren see in porn had before the transitioned.

Why are you here exactly? you must be either a psychopath or just another neckbeard incel.
If the former, you should be summarily executed as the only low-quality humans on this planet are psychopaths like you.
I'd personally really enjoy doing the honours myself watching that bullet rip apart your skull.

Gutter slime like you are not human in my eyes, just rabid animals that need to be put down.

Probably same. You can do exercises/toys to maintain size or increase it. Not all shrink it's just very hard to get fully erect on estrogen, which can lead to minor shrinkage long term. Really tight pants + no erections will lead to much sharper declines however.

>there are many lonely women as well

I have a hard time believing this isn't their own fault when even some of the most unfortunate looking woman can get many offers just by making a dating profile.

Well its a combination of genetic lottery and effort. If we're talking about bagging 10/10 woman then yes, even Chads have to compete with the other Chads to get chosen.

Do you feel this way because you suffered? And people like me think it's funny? You can always pick up a healthier hobby

>true love
>i choose my boyfriend because he outcompeted other men in some sort of informal contest where i pull the rules out of my ass as we go along

pick one

>And people like me think it's funny?
Careful you don't cut yourself on that edge incel.

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Yeah its funny to look at couples and realize they wouldn't be together if the guys face was just a little different or he was shorter.

careful not to go outside, it's dangerous for people like you

except when she cheats on you with a bigger chad

>hehehe i'll tell them about my fetish again hehehehe

I beat up a wog who was starting shit with me at the club one time pussy, I'd make a real mess of you.

a mess is really all you can do lmao

you're figuratively beating up all the r9k incels, desu hyper Chad.

I'm just gonna leave this here do whatever the fuck you want with it

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>derrr all those guys can easily get laid.

the bluepill is very strong with normies. even women say this. they wouldnt actually have sex with any of those guys but they're positive theres girls out there who would. the truth is even prostitutes would turn these freaks down. after all they could be serial killers!!!

Samefag, kys scum.

>after all they could be serial killers
This gets me every fucking time. WOMEN LOVE SERIAL KILLERS YOU FUCKING SCUM.

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meh, or women can fix their retarded ideals and lower their standards.


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you mean HIS dick. just because he grew hair and tits doesn't make him a her.


Yeah after they've been caught