Be me

>be me
>6/10 white male
>buy tinder gold
>super like dozens upon dozens of average looking asian and indian girls
>not even a single match
Honestly gonna kms soon bros
I can't take this anymore
Even when I try and talk to girls irl they literally all have boyfriends
Fuck this gay ass app for ruining dating

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There are hardly any Asian cuties in my city. can't even attempt it. Makes me sad.

You're unironically doing something wrong. I don't feel too confident rating myself but I 6 seems reasonable, and I'm white and male. I get matches, not a lot, but I get them. What are your pictures / profile like?

cityxguide for your local wh*re tinder is full of bots now anyway

You're not 6/10
If you can't get a single match even with an ethnic landwhale you're 3/10 at best

>tfw 5'4 manlet white guy and got a 5/10 asian gf

we all gonna make it brahs

>being a 6/10
>not even once

The matches suck and basically scream "hey you're kinda ugly". I'm a vanilla 6 over here with ZERO interesting photos and also did i mention poor. So right off the bat im shooting myself in the foot.

Irl is miles better.

Bro how would a 3/10 do the amount of mental gymnastics you needed to even think you were above a 5? It's way too obvious at the level. 4/10 - 6/10 is usually the same shit.

Where did you meet her?
I know lots of cute asian girls irl but they all seem to be in relationships

Tinder is no place for men with standards. Try a bar.

>paying for tinder gold
You absolute cuckold

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>killing yourself because of girls/sex

Yeah, nothing of value was lost. You're narrow minded and oblivious of the world as a cattle and getting sex won't fix anything in your life

Nah, fuck that normalnigger shit
God women have it so easy it's disgusting


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>buy tinder gold

It's not about sex
I'm just sick of being alone and not having female companionship
I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me. Every time I'm out walking around or at work and I see couples with guys who are uglier than me I feel like an autistic alien that will never fit in and should have never been born

>using super likes
This makes you look desesperate

>tfw superlike someone by mistake
why does that feature even exist?

If you're not up the standards of the girl/boy you super liked, but you're still not very ugly, the one who received will make an effort to read your bio and try something, since you made the effort to super like them, and you have an extra change of getting a match
It sounds stupid? Yes, because it is
It works as intended? Also yes
Usually it's better to use it when you find a really attractive girl that you think you have no chances with
Also, keep track of your matches to see what kind of girl is interested in you, so you don't waste anything

Things are worse than you know.

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I think it has something to do with your connection to internet. As in your phone has poor reception so tinder has a hard time showing your profile. I deleted my account for the same reason. only 7 girls matched with me. 4 never replied. 1 was a bot. The other 2 would just do single word replies. None of them were very pretty either 4-5/10.

Does it?
Oh well, it doesn't matter anymore
Nah, I'm on 150 up 250 down fiber so that shouldn't be an issue

>another tinder idiot who could have learned social skills and gone to bars

>No matches
That doesnt sound right to me.

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so the truth is that you're a 1/10 to women, and maybe a 6/10 to yourself and other men? you should go gay, buddy

>pays for dating app
>afraid to pick up women at a bar

Holy shit you're a faggot.

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what the fuck are you even supposed to do when you do get a match??? I had at least 50+ at this point and none of them worked out in the end.

plz do give an example of how you go about doing that?

talk to them for a few messages
ask them out on a date (like going to cafe or some shit)
get ghosted

I paid for Tinder Gold because it said I had more then 10 likes but they were all Russian bots.

I am convinced Tinder controls the bots so they can get you to pay for gold, never again.

>tfw too scared to get a bumble account (not going to bother with tinder) because already have low self esteem
>Also I'm a manlet so it's basically guaranteed I'm going to get rekt by the algorithms
>on the other hand I'm sick and tired of not doing anything to put myself out there, the last women I've talked to was my family and the cashier at the store

I don't have a boring personality, I think, I have hobbies such as playing guitar and cooking, and if I wasn't a manlet I think I'd be a 6/10. Still, I'm on the edge of depression and I don't think I could take rejection at a high level...

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>make tinder
>first day get 20 something matches with normies
>after that get like one match a day
Happens every time I make one. I dont understand how the algorithm for that thing works.

It's just a ploy to try and get you to buy gold

i did bumble and i got a date within a week. and i had shitty photos and an OK bio.

if you have decent pics, a somewhat witty bio, and aren't completely autistic once you match and start chatting, you can get something. just be honest about who you are and what you like, that's really all there is to it.