Boost Self-Steem And Make My Friend Feel Sexier and Sluttier?

Long story short, will green text to be quicker

>Moved from Brazil to Miami together with my Friend from Argentina
>She is from a small conservative town, really pretty
>We started living as friends with roommates but soon we began a relationship
>Lasted shortly because was a new world for her, demanding for me to be a dom and she started to have really low self-steem
>We still live together, But the USA and the Miami Culture made her really self-conscious, she spends all day on Instagram, working out, saving money for Butt lift, lip filler and clothes
>She feels that the girls here are way prettier than her and feels embarrassed wearing skimpy clothes (Normal here).

She is already starting to be ingrained on this hookup culture, trying to buy clothes, working out and
being hot in general. But I want her to feel sexy, to have a lot of guys and have a huge self-steem.
Because I like her as a friend and I find it hot being a bottom myself, what can I do to help her?
I already bought her skimpy clothes and sex toys.

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i remember taking pics like this with another tattoooed slut when ig was firs taking off. it made me feel cool but looking back christ we were edgy and cringy

lmao, can you document this downfall with pics and exposition slides?

Feeding her bullshit isn't going anywhere for you or her
Tell her to get a grip on reality and redpill her on no matter how much weight she loses or how skimpy her clothes are it's not going to change the fact that more men are going to want to use her as a cock sleeve and other girls will laugh at her for being so desperate
If you like her just tell her if you want her to peg you try asking her

Is she aging well? i heard brazilian latinas just age like they are milk so u cant get cookie later on

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Meu nego alguma maneira de me dar moradia nesse mes de janeiro? Ta foda achar onde morar ai em miami

you should kill yourself you stupid cuck faggot bitch and she should kill herself to

Test to see if this Jow Forums shit is working

>to have a lot of guys

Great friend you are

if she's worried about stupid shit like that...i don't even know what to say.

I Find it hot, post here


I don't want her to peg me. I want her to spiral
and become someone that will be happy with
a futile life, someone that won't have to work, won't have to do nothing
just be pretty and happy with her rich boyfriend. I want her to become so different and edgy that when
she returns to visit her small town, her parents thinks she gone crazy. I want
that her sisters get envy of her life, that she himself find the small town and her small house a shithole.
I want her to embrace the US lifestyle, because if she don't, she won't be happy at all, this is the current
state for women here in the US. I won't deny that I find it hot.

Foda, o que faz da vida


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OP here, no advice yet.

sorry this was ages ago and i quit IG and changed phones a few times since then. even if i had them i wouldnt post because tats are identifiable. to be fair its not a very hot business and gets old really quick

You sound like my big sis. I don't know about your friend but. My big sister really tried to get me to be like her. Probably I was the defective one. I didn't really have any conservative upbringing (we lived in separate households) neither did she. Only thing contributing to my inceldom at that time was probably that I was just very very scared of relationships. So all things that she tried I found to be bit annoying and demeaning.

Basicamente meu budget pra viagem foi pros ares, e agora to com as passagens de ida e de volta mas grana minima pra ter um teto durante a estadia. Planejar em frente com certeza eh bom, mas acho q acabei pensando a frente demais, me fudi lol

Toma no cu escrevi um textao e foi apagado.
VOce ja tem visto? va para Orlando, miami so
vao tentar te fuder, a florida e pessima para
novos brasileiros porque tem muito ja. Em orlando mesmo estando na florida tem mais emprego.
nao posso te hospedar a casa nao e minha, foi uma novela para ter essa puta em casa, to tentando fazer ela chupar paus
em troca de aluguel. Entre nos grupos de brasileiros no facebook, so escrever o nome da cidade e depois "em [a cidade que esta pensando]"
orlando e facil entrar, so dizer que vai para disney e ter hotel para os dias e passagem de volta

you are a true human, ty for your service

what visa do you have? or are you both illegals?

so you basically want to enslave and corrupt her into a hedonistic

What a pathetic story. Seems like you both are already pretty shitty people, so you won't have to do shit so that she becomes a worst person with time.
Jow Forums seems to be pretty crowded with the dysfunctional, I wonder if more like OP and his whoreneitis will be more numerous here in the piss pool.

You are an evil person in the service of Satan.