Y r girls so mean?

y r girls so mean?

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>going to a club

Why is a chink making fun of short people?

Girls love to antagonize, especially if they are with someone of male they trust.
I keep having to tell my girl to shut up, because I as the male will ahve to take the punch for it, and there's no winning move really...

>I want to make a short joke
>"seen, not desired will be the punchline"
>I need a woman to say this
>what conversation would make this happen?
>my girlfriend randomly screaming "you are seen" would trigger than kind of response
>but why would she scream that?
>because she's drunk
>but why would some random guy be around while she's drunk?
>she's at the club
>clubs are pretty loud, so no one would hear her
>she was outside of the club
This didn't really happen. The whole interaction just seems made up.

That's the furthest thing from strange in these blacked days we are living

Because it's socially unacceptable to hit them.

american girls arent everyone

>other girls are better


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can we just beat and enslave all women? it would take no effort at all

Insectoids are scum of earth.

seriously roasties are fucked up in the head

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It's almost like women are inherently evil creatures or something.

There's nothing that pisses me off more than a woman assaulting a man. You fucking know she would get her ass fucking BEAT if she had a cock.

Men are also inherently evil too the difference being they will actually kill and assualt you!

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>things that didnt happen femme,a,a,a,a,aa,a,a

i stopped trusting science after they said women are actually supposed to be more empathetic

Oh dude, free yourself from that idea that women are better anywhere.

That's fucking hilarious desu

t. short guy


What a dumb cunt. He could have seriously hurt his legs

it's funny because that manlet kid could still beat her to a pult