Just finished watching Kiki's Delivery Service. What a great movie, I wish I watched Mizayaki's movies earlier...

Just finished watching Kiki's Delivery Service. What a great movie, I wish I watched Mizayaki's movies earlier. Going to watch Totoro or Princess Mononoke next.

I know you Anons won't care, but I just wanted to make this thread, because my friends probably wouldn't care about this.

Picture related.

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Miyazaki's works are considered classics for good reasons, user.
If you haven't seen Spirited Away either, you definitely should -- my favorite.

Miyazaki is a lazy hack only good for obscure Japanese memes
Go Nagai
Osumu Tezuka and his cousin or whoever did the Blackjack movie
And that movie about the kidnapped princess and that weird water stone are top tier

based desu
cringe desu

I've seen Spirited Away, it's a big favorite of mine.

Okay, I'll consider your suggestion too, user.

I care friendo. Miyazaki makes great movies. Princess Mononoke is my favorite one; it's the most intense of his films. I haven't seen Kiki yet though so maybe I'll give it a shot.

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Thank you fren, you cheered my (early) morning up.

Yes, he makes great films. I would recommend most of them.

>watch a ghibli movie
>everything is so pure and genuine
>nobody is truly evil, not even villains
>everybody has a human side
>nobody is retarded
>scenery and music are beautiful
>literally feel alive while watching
>it ends and you're back to this gutter

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Don't forget Howls Moving Castle.

I used to get that movie from the public library. It was one of my favorites. I have not seen in in at least ten years

>he hasn't seen grave of the fireflies or laputa
>it's the most intense
Oh boy

Tonari no Totoro was the first anime that I watched when I was a little kid.

And Porco Rosso and The Wind Rises.

One of the greatest ones is Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Yes, it really feels like that, user, it really does. :(
Thanks user, I'll check it out.
Have another watch then, surely couldn't hurt

Heh I've seen both; it's a matter of opinion. Grave of the Fireflies was just flat out depressing though.

If I can find it I will.
One of the scenes I remember best is when Kiki wakes up in a cattle car on a train and the landscape passes by wheat fields in the wind. She was talking to Jiji for something.

I used to watch Laputa Castle in the Sky over and over when I was a kid, one of my favs.

I really liked Kiki's Delivery Service! My favourite is When Marnie was There; very underrated and very emotional. I also recommend The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, but it might make you cry like a baby. Ponyo is also good.

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I enjoyed Marnie as well. Quite beautiful.

OP here, thanks, noted down.

>Ponyo is also good.
Last saw Ponyo many years ago, thanks for reminding.

Thanks for recommendations

Porco Rosso is my favorite Ghibli movie. Maximum comfy.

The Cat Returns is the best Ghibli movie, ironically Miyazaki had nothing to do with it.

I watched mononoke a few weeks back and I ended up rather disappointed desu
it looked good, of course, but the story was rather bland, like really really eyerollingly 'yeah okay I got it, nature is cool and humans are shit yadda yadda' and the characters were rather boring as well
mary and the witch's flower was much better, though it was way too short, I would've actually loved they made it an actual show where we'd follow the little mary learning about magic and shit

haven't watched any other ghibli, but they're on my list

Watch naussica valley of the wind its my fav Ghibli film

They are all very comfy. Mononoke is a masterpiece, I think about it whenever I go hiking in the woods in early summer, especially if it has just rained and everything is so green and lush.

kino taste

op dont forget porco

Is Kiki your first ghibli movie? such a comfy movie.

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I love the planes in Porco

makes me want to be a seaplane pilot, but i live in a pretty arid area.

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He's good at making cool things that fly, even if some of them don't look that capable of flight.

And really comfy atmospheres.

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OP, watch the ghibli movies in release order. that's what I did.

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the giant airships are the best parts of ghibli movies

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I love everything about it. That early 20th century machismo, the old world quaintness of Italian towns adapting to industry, the stunning beauty of the Adriatic Sea and its myriad islands. I like how the conflict in the movie eventually turns into an honorable duel between two stubborn oafs and everybody just sits back and watches it. Everything about it is just so comfy. I've rewatched it countless times.

Miyazaki movies are fantastic. Kiki was my favorite when I was very little.

Right now is a Miyazaki thing. Kiki is gonna be in theaters next month in USA.


>that 50's-style song Kiki is listening to on her radio during her flight away from home


love this song, even if I don't know what it's saying. it's nice to listen to, and that's what matters.

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He also made a couple of pretty cool WW2 mangas. I recommend "Tigers in the Mud", based on the book of the same name by Otto Carius. The book is actually very good also.

watch some movies made by a real director
miyahacki is overrated

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Miyazaki's movies make me feel things, they look great, and are highly re-watchable.
That makes him a pretty real director in my eyes.

Totoro is good! My favorite is spirited away!

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