Post IQ scores

Post IQ scores

this test made me regret the brain damage done by sleep deprivation, benadryl, weed, stress, etc

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need someone to bump because the test takes a long time

This test was weird

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115 IQ i gave up halfway questioning the legitimacy of this bullshit.

There's just no way I have such high IQ, this must be one of those tests made to gratify the ones who take them.

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watch out mensa

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wait are those actually your scores anons? how?

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I took it alrdy and got 135. I'm still a wagie who hasn't finished college yet so what does it matter

I already did that test so it would be useless if I did that again. My score was 92 on my first try and 102 on my second. So I will probably starve and die an aganozing death in the near future

Where are my big brain robots at. Someone has to drive the average up or they'll make anothr infograph about how dumb we are.

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Yeah, kinda rushed it but still a decent score.

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I got IQ of 128. Could've been 140 if I didnt cumulatively damage my brain throuhg sleep deprivation, benadryl, weed, stress, and depression

I'm not sure on the precision of this test but I gotta hand it to them, those last few were real brain-busters. No idea how to figure them out

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Never gonna take an IQ test because I know I'm autistic enough to obsess over it. I did one as a child and got put into the "gifted" program, that's enough for me.

well if average is 100, I'm fine with being just a bit higher

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What the fuck was that? I have no idea of what was going on with these questions.

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Lmao it shows

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>Post your score you nigger I bet you got a 20

>already posted it ninjer dagger

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Let me guess it was the 80

If we proved we were above average IQ they'd just make an infographic talking about how IQ doesn't matter or some shit

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Uhhh try again sweaty :)

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Hey big brain want to walk me through this one? Test is already over but by god how does anyone decipher this

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i'll fully admit I had no clue what to do here
this dumb test is the most fun I've had in a while, how sad is that

Did you mean to call him sweaty or is it just your true IQ showing?

jokes on you, i got a perfect 100

there is no way that this shit is accurate because in middle school i was forced into a program with a minimum of 120 iq and i got 123

You have to flip the first one on the second one

flip row 1 vertically
overlay it on row 2 to get row 3 (where two lines on top of each other cancel out)

I think there's more to it than that. Where on earth do the dotted lines come from? Why do lines seem to get erased?

I got an IQ score of 106.

have taken and discussed this test a few years ago, so my memory was able to bump my score quite a bit

Had a high IQ friend play Dark Souls and he blew through the bosses even though it was his first time playing. Think part of having a high IQ is being able to keep your wits about you when faced with a completely new situation, and this questions tests your patience in trying a puzzle with so many squiggles and an extra dotted line thrown on top where you can only get the answer through elimination. As for the lines being erased, the test tried to hint about the XOR-type puzzles by repeatedly showing you them, so I think it'd be fair game.

Well there you have it. The other patterns were read horizontally. That's a dirty trick

Whenever i get below 130 iq i feel disgusted.

Huh, neat...
What do I do with this now? Do I get a cookie?

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Online IQ tests aren't valid. They give you a much higher score than reality to inflate your ego and then try to sell you shit. If you weren't evaluated in person by an actual IQ tester, you don't know your IQ and it is definitely less than whatever this test showed you.

I meant so vertical, yes

thanks, that explanation helped
i feel shitty for missing that now though

sub 120 seethe

>get 107
>retake and get 138

I bet this is bullshit, because I'm fully aware of how much of an idiot I am especially with what happened recently

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It's made by mensa, and there's this thing/theory (I forgot what it's called). The theory is that dumb people think they are smarter then they really are due to ignorance and smarter people think they are dumber because they realize how much they don't know

dunning kruger effect
imposter syndrome

how the fuck do you solve this shit from left to right? I'm sure it can be done because so far all the last questions could be done from top down or left right

Explains why pseudointellectuals constantly feel the need to use "big words" they looked up in a thesaurus 5 seconds ago

I got 128 but I'm fairly sure it was not deserved. I was stumped on like 4 of them.

you mean the dunning kruger effect which affects everybody? is not even about being smart but how much you know of a certain subject faggot

ayyyyy lmaoooo throwing my stats out because why the fuck not
>5'11 height
>8x5.9 cock
>haven't left the house in 2 years
>the only person I have talked to in the last 10 months is my mom

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While this example isn't exaxtly testable reliably, i agree with this idea. I believe that imteligence is more of how you apply previous knowlege than actually doing things. This is what the test was trying to get at, but it was not executed very well.

there is a correlation between these tests and full-scale IQ because it's all the same bullshit

First time taking one of these test, what can i expect from results like these?

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>people here actually think online IQ tests are accurate

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>heroin reddit


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not doing it again, got a 132

I think deep down they know that accuracy isn't a likely case and what you're looking at are highly insecure people desperate to find something good to identify with

Why do you have sleep deprivation faggot?

looks like even IQ cant save you from acting like reddit incarnate

literally the same as when I got tested 3-4 years ago

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mensas test is kinda accurate, so far me and my brother scored the same as on official tests, theres nothing you can do to change the test if it uses the original pattern recognition stuff, only you can cheat by doing it repeatedly

I fucking hate this pattern recognition shit. I tested really well on actual IQ tests as a kid, around 150 with multiple tests from different doctors (or psychologists or whoever it is that did them), and got put into "highly gifted" classes and stuff because of it, but in each case it was noted that the one thing I sucked at was the pattern recognition part, and that's pretty much all these online tests are.

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t "emotionally intelligent" woman

While i usually assume that, mensa is a legit org. The free test is just a preview though, not a 100% confidence score.

did this like a year ago, got 131 iirc. its like 4 am here i cant be fucked to do it rn.

Nice blog motherfucker

No, I'm male and old enough that the "emotional intelligence" bullshit didn't exist yet. They test a lot of things during actual IQ tests, stuff like short and long-term memory, the ability to absorb and rephrase information (reading comprehension etc.), logic and reasoning, etc. Look up the CHC theory if you want an idea of what they test in these kinds of things, that's similar to what I would've gone though, though not exactly the same since it didn't become the standard until the mid-late '90s and I would've been tested around '91 or so.

thanks man ive really been trying to update more often

Oh no, user's retarded.

This test is fake and gay, i have a learning disability and i got tested by psychologist every 3 year, i always scored 119~ but this test gave me 133.
The result it's inflated by 15 points.

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It's probably because it only tests one part of what a real IQ test does, while a real test is an average of a whole bunch of stuff.

The answer is the first option, with the black square.

What's the point of this? Pattern recognition? Do I just assume I should read it from left to right?

I guess i am retarded

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Nigga stop clicking through the entire test in 5 seconds.
I tried that too.

high iq gang rise up

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The question with the black bar in the middle and some black and white squares to the site. How does that work?

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First time I took it: 103
Second time: 103
A few months later
Third time: 125
Forth time (this time): 125

Honestly, I don't believe it. I know myself, and I am an actually idiot. i am really dumb, and that alone proves this test is inaccurate.

Sometimes I wonder if people really believe results posted by and are legit

It's because you got better at pattern recognition, that's all this test is. IQ tests are the equivalent dick measuring contest for betas. Measuring IQ of an individual rather than a group is brainlet tier thinking.

IQ tests dont matter. Anything over 130 just means youre autistic.

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>anything over 130 just means you're autistic

Basically this
>tfw lonely up in my high IQ world, can't even communicate with most people because the level of experience and understanding of reality is too different
I'm so lonely sometimes, I can't connect with the average 100 IQ human.

literal retards know this, and then say they don't know anything to make you think that they're saying it out of ignorance so you believe they're intelligent.

Im a selfdestructive individual.

I love watching answer videos get extra views when these things pop up. I also love how everybody on r9k is supposedly above average intelligence. If you were really smart you wouldn't be here

>if you were really smart you wouldn't be here
Don't make me cringe you low effort troll, what you said barely makes logical sense let alone figurative sense, intelligence isn't desirable in capitalism

>trusting the kiketest


If you take this test seriously then subtract 40 points from your result to get a more accurate one.

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Not great but not terrible. Those last few questions really made me feel like a brainlet.

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i wish i could brag about my iq, but people just think its weird

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And I ran out of time with 2 questions left

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i kinda rushed it but yeah almost in the top 90%

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Nice meme, another *legit* iq online test
but it helped inflate my ego so it was alright

also repeating patterns give out this test is half baked

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It also only has pattern recognition of the visual kind.

hot damn nice brain bro hope we enslave the brainlets one day and make them build the ASI for us, then we can live in our fully automated luxury communist society, the brainlets can dwell in their own filth and misery

But OP, what was your score?

too bad im socially retarded

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I mean... I get 185 on this test but I'm still unemployed. What could that possibly mean?

i dont really believe it but here it is

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It is, IQ literally means nothing other than "i can learn things faster and easier than most". Almost everyone who brags about a high IQ never fucking utilizes it to actually learn shit, they just think a high iq means they're already successful in life then 2 years later after giving no effort getting mad colleges wouldnt take them even though "muh high iq" so they go on Jow Forums and blame "muh niggers, muh affirmative action"
IQ on its own is useless and nothing to brag about, utilizing it to learn many things now lets you brag about things you know, not 3 numbers.

No. There is no way in fuck.

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