Escapism and CYOA thread

Post all the ones you have

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This one is probably my favorite out of all the ones I have

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Bumping this with more

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I have quite a few from the last CYOA thread a month or two ago. Very good ones that made me feel warm and fuzzy or feel like I have a purpose. This is prolly one of my favorites.

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Probably the longest one I have

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how is $3,650 a year in extra spending cash useless

I will take the chocolate banana slice any day. The rest just seem like temporary highs that'll only leave a bitter taste once they're over.

Because once you get a job and an actual income you'll realise 300 a month is nothing.

Didn't make this just found it. Guessing that $10 is just a small amount to spend a day. Would be great at the dollar store when getting snacks.

Good taste

Damn, I wanted to send that one next. It's easily one of my faves, too! :D
Also, yes, they're all my favorites.

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It's a nice breakfast everyday from a cafe on your way to work though. Or a small lunch

Superpower ones are always fun honestly

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Second favorite one here

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fucking hell they look legitimately delicious
I want to eat those drawings

>Mode of control
Love Potion
Endocrine control

I choose car crash.

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Epic thread bruh

simple is the best, 30 page your life in a new world cyoas just feels like you're studying for finals.

Lemon Slice is the only one that isn't on a timer.
Halt hair growth, hate having to get it cut every 4 weeks and I look terrible with longer hair.
Root Beer. I can't see anything better than time manipulation and it improving with use is also a boon.
Dreamlands or Saved, depending on how much liberty I have to "create things for myself" in the case of the latter.

ayy someone saved my OC

The fly one. I could easily make a fortune off of it.

My top choices are either Teeth, X-Ray vision, or immortal liver.
Either lemon-lime or grape soda. What the fuck is even the point of club soda if you can't really do anything like get away with crimes/get past security cameras?
This is a cool one, never seen it before. Late bloomer, magic eraser, saved and dreamlands seem the best. I'd probably go with dreamlands.

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>Root Beer. I can't see anything better than time manipulation and it improving with use is also a boon.
Fuck, replied to the wrong post, meant for

I'd like to meat my soul mate indeed.

>Triple berry
>Right in front of a TV that's showing next week's lottery numbers

Nothin personell

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Triple Jelly. Everything else is either feasibly attainable or underwhelming when you actually have it.

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Fuck me that's intricate, but rewarding.
I'd attain enlightened transcendence only just to live like this, desu.

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Chocolate banana slice
Room type: virtual
Entrance method: power gem
Items: 200% comfy, PC, old vidia, lewd ;), aesthetics, spacebox, cloud, toys, and /comfy town/.
Extras: Be the girl, redesign, lasting effects, last resort, spooky action, charm cognition, never let go, believe it, stylish, size up; size down.
either saved or dreamlands.
I was playing rain world a few hours ago.
1. I don't know, exploring?
2. Either in outskirts or with Moon, everything else is scary.
3. At the start of the longest dry period.
4. A Slugcat!

s u b v e r t s t h e c y o a g e n r e

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>just like all good things, it ends
powerful shit i dont know why

No wait I got a good Idea for room type for The room type should be the dungeon in the twilight realm in TLoZ:TP.

I was playing rainworld too! What a koinkiedink

Bump. I'm not letting this thread die.

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Thank you for your contributions sir

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Chocolate Banana
The ability to fall asleep/wake up instantly
Root beer
Walnut, Pistachio and Chestnut

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This one's simpler than some of the others, but I don't want this thread to die, either.

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I got a couple ones I like, I'll post em.

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Here's a classic one, one of my favorites.

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And another one, its a simple one.

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I was playing Alien: Isolation, so this CYOA would literally kill me

fruit bloom
escaping the path of the neet is a coming challenge
>never have to brush mouth always perfect health
fuck yeah that'll save some money in dental when i become a boomer

root beer

>bot survival servers on napoleonic wars
i spend the next 24 hours as a pissed off russian with nothing but a broken vodka bottle fighting off heavy armoured horsemen

i take back the ptsd

Berry Meat Slice
Sleepy Wonder and Triple Jelly are runner ups
But Berry Meat has the potential to be fulfilling for a much longer span of time

Tough choice between Hellenic Seaside and Industrial Decay. Probably HS.
Woodlands, Beachfront, Islands, Cave Systems, Reefs
Mobile House
Town Center to start. I'd probably move outward once I get bored enough.
Pale Ring, Soft Blanket, Sorrowful Mask
Endless Expanse
Cloud Tower, Fairy Grove, Galaxy Lake, Primeval Forest
Christmas Cake (with no intention to lewd)
Ruined Cathedral, Wandering God, The Old Guard and Decay City Ruins

Bonus round 2/8: More frands (Dapper Gentleman and Nostalgic Chief)
Bonus round 6/8: More shinies (Inviting Pendant, Shiny Marble and Bronze Bracelet)
Bonus round 7/8: Another house (Cozy Cabin)
Bonus round 8/8: More geography (Rivers and Waterfalls)

Oh wait I forgot about the old castle
Oh well

>sometimes just wants to cuddle
Poland of course

Land of liberty
Technocracy is almost based but I'd be scared as hell of those medical experiments and thought crimes
Promised land would be good too if I could smoke, drink and be gay but I suppose everything has its costs.

late bloomer or saved
dreamlands is objectively the best but I don't trust myself not to generate abominable nightmares

I didn't know r9k had CYOA threads. How lewd is allowed on this board?

Oh shit, Mega Man Maker
1.- Playing my own levels, but in person, like all the times I pretended to be the blu ebomber as a child.
2.- I don't know, the main menu?
3.- There is no time period nor storyline, so...
4.- A block of soil from stone man's stage

When I die imma get to heaven and it's just going to be a mansion with video games and hot maids that bring me food and suck my dick. That's my escapism

strawberry slice is awful, you're gonna get down from that high and have strawberry withdrawals.
I'll take lemon slice
>the ability to sleep
finna put myself into a coma
Root beer
saved (I'm arrogant enough to believe this is gonna happen anyway)
Poland, Japan, and Switzerland all solid choices, I think I'll go with Poland
Can I fuck the small god of fate? It's somewhat unclear. If I can't then I want the thief girl instead

Please post more with anime girls to choose from

>Please post more with anime girls to choose from
Why is the image size limit so fucking small here?

I like the concept of this one but it's sort of cruel if I actually "talk" to each one of them before choosing

>eat the Triple Jelly Layer slice
>travel back in time to earlier that day when my past self was first walking into the cake shop
>brutally murder my past self
>create a time loop paradox

I'm surprised that no one posted Towergirls yet.
Here u go.

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I know of at least 4 additional pages of this and a /trash/ edition as well

Post the link if u have it (I don't). I could only post the condensed version because the full one is too large, apparently.

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The most logical decision would be the ghost princess. 19 entire allied armies can not defeat an enemy that can not only not be seen/found, but also which can not be killed conventionally if found. Even IF we were found, we would still have tremendous amounts of power AND wealth. The fact that we are immortal and the implication that we have no lifetime restrictions means we would only ever get wiser and we can implement very long-term plans for future protection.

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Hazelnut, Cashew, Pistachio
Brazil, Poland or Switzerland
Yeah personally I'd like Land of Freedom or Technocracy too but Promised Land seems kind of like it'd be objectively best for the world.

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the sleep ability fucking please. I'll cut my arm off. I'll suck dick. I'll kill my entire family. I'll kill someone elses entire family. please give me this fucking ability

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this nigga tryin to put himself in a coma

Never have to brush because teeth health is super important and I hate doing that shit twice a day plus lifetime dental expenses would probably add up to more than the money from the ten dollar bill thing

mega man maker is based

The last game I played was Path of Exile...
1. Plotting a murder of a certain high templar.
2. Oriath.
3. Pre Kitava disaster.
4. Doriyani's Fist.

finally, an exciting thread..

choose one type of fruit, whenever you want to eat that type of fruit it will always be fresh.
you are a given a pillow that always brings restful sleep.
maxed vitamin D stat, you never need sunlight and immune to sunburn.
$5/day, cannot be shared, given away or stolen.
a self-refilling 20fl oz thermos of any one liquid - cannot be sold, shared or stolen/lost.
you will always have great posture. feels good to stand/sit.
un-fug the havoc of a terrible habit that has taken a physical toll on you. (ex. if you smoked cigarettes for 5 years, its as if you only smoked for 2.5yrs)
reverse hair loss completely.

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I will take one Lemon Slice, please.
Yep, turned cali into a fantasy rpg.
>North Vernacular
>Mountains, Plains, Beachfront, Desert, Lakes.
>Old Mansion
>Town Center
>Pale Ring (personal gps I guess), Yellowed Book, (Wikipedia, probably more books out there), Sorrowful Mask (cause majora mask and jojo)
>End of Reality
>Blacksmith or Carpenter (whichever is closer to engineering, probably both I guess.)
>Fairy Grove, Healing Spring, Primeval Forest, Siren Overlook. Cause Zelda.
>Lonely Monster. Cause Zero Two.
>Decaying City Ruins, Ruined Cathedral.
thanks for the cyoa, user.

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10 Flowers
10 Full meal
10 Telephone
25 Everything besides newspaper and Exercise Bike
10 Barber
10 Outdoor Visit
5 Shower
5 Hygience Products
5 bed
10 Outdoor Visit
If i did the math wrong, add hard labor, Friend , Massage.

fall asleep and waking up whenever I want.
>Obsessive Compulsion
>Your Waifu, Nat Prosser, Electra Lechten

damn BibleThump and F in the Chat.

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>5 million payout for 35 points
>18 year old girl
>unlimited fast food
>desktop PC
>video games
>pool table

Are the only correct choices. Prove me wrong.

I could have a lot of fun with that fly

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this one is a cyoa too btw

>pc with no internet
>fast food, when you leave you wont be able to enjoy the money
> -18 for sex
>5 million dollar poorer


5 work out room
4 library
3 hygiene
3 for fake doctor
9 finest chef
2 garden with greenhouse
2 radio
1 pool table
1 gun

>infinite life
>Other: Suburbia/Virtual combo. (should change to whatever room type.)
>Other: password with touchy-feely.
>L-LEWD!!, /diy/ Zone, NormieStation, Gaymen Piisii, The Rest, /friends/, /lit/, 200% comfy, Auto-/ck/, /out/, comfytown.
>Last Resort, SOUL Power, HQ, HQ, Machine Learning, Reality Convet, All Along, Redesign, Inter-Bot, Skinship, 2 Birds, 1 soul, Enchant
thanks for the cyoa, user.

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18 for sex
2 for microwavable oatmeal ayy
5 for workout room
3 for hygiene
2 for homegrown tomatos

Im playing Infamous at the moment, so I guess id just hang out and take the Ray Sphere back with me
Ray sphere gives people powers when activated, so all us robots can use that

Last game I was playing was assetto corsa
>how do you spend the next 24 hours?
If the answer isn't obvious it's racing
>where in the game are you transported?
Probably the nordschlife or spa
>at one point in time are you in?
I don't know what this question means but I will say day time
>what souvenir do you take back with you
I would want a 1985 audi sport Quattro(Pic related)

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>spending money on the whore
have you guys ever been around an 18 year old?

>Early release: 55
>Shower: 60
>Hygiene Products: 65
>Bed: 70
>Books: 75
>Weights: 85
>Flowers: 95
>Wallpaper: 100

I already live off oatmeal, fuck food

Have you ever had sex?

Also 10 years alone would end up being a nightmare, even for someone on the spectrum like you.

>Pro cook
>Workout room
>Barry Bonds (personal trainer)

Read I took Barry bonds to be my workout coach, that's enough
Also I'd spend 10 years without sex easily. Actually LMAOing at normies that cannot go a week without fucking, you people are the weaker ones, not me.

>instant sleep

now this is a superpower i'd sell my soul for

>t. finn

>>at one point in time are you in?
>I don't know what this question means but I will say day time
I think it's probably referring more to singleplayer story games, as in what part in the story of the game are you at. Or maybe it means what time period the game is set in? It's probably the former though

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Gimme surround sound, internet, fast food and the workshop. and I will learn how to build everything.

Dota 2
>How do you spend the next 24 hours?
Probably trying to not get fucking killed
>Where in the game are you transported to?
The radiant fountain
>What point in time?
The pre-game
>What souvenir do you take back with you?
Either Boots of Travel, Shadow Blade, or Lanaya, the Templar Assassin

I would kill myself right now if I had to live your life for a week

This is so fucked jesus christ

>uhh uh unnnf i need muh dick... muh dick muhfuggin uuh unfff uggh bix nood muh dick uungh uh durr durr drr r buhh

Do I have to have both traits to get the companion or just one?

Depression, Psychological, Work, Cara Gizanis, and Ianthe Dressler.

The girl +18
Fast food +4
Computer +6
Movies +TV shows +4
Skylight +2
Pool table +1

Too bad there's only one (afaik) focussed on Age Regression and if you're into it it's way too easy (I ended up with like 90+ points left over).


I would choose the mimic princess.

When you live in the potatozone, its some nice money