Why do normies they can tell a person's personality just by looking at them? Why do women pretend to have a creep radar...

Why do normies they can tell a person's personality just by looking at them? Why do women pretend to have a creep radar? Tell that to Ted Bundy's victims.

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Physiognomy. Look it up.

Remember that creepy means ugly

If they meant ugly they would say ugly. Wouldn't they?

They don't outright say it, but society has a thing against ugly people. Look at the language, for example. Ugly is often synonymous with bad.
An ugly situation is a bad situation
An ugly car accident is a bad car accident
Ugly weather is bad weather
Evil people are often called ugly on the inside
The reason they say nothing about people who are ugly in appearance is because they don't want to look bad. They realize how hypocritical they're being and try to hide it.

If you know and you're confident that you're an "outcast from society" then why should it matter so much what someone thinks of you?
Apparently you've been banished so isnt it like how a restaurant just throws away all the unsold food?
If you care what other people from the society which went so far to brand you an outcast are you really an outcast?
When are you going to start setting your own expectations and live your own life with your own thoughts and beliefs?

Some women got better creep radar than others. Most just get too clouded with their feelings. So robots, try to act nice towards others maybe you'll get lucky.

I can tell immediately that Ted is nuts that intense crazy person's look with mouth expression off from overall demeanor.

if you've never been called ugly, you're not ugly.

It's kind of like when poltards come here and act like they know anything about transgender people.

wtf are you saying? that ugly shouldn't be a bad word?

I wanna be able to go to a bar or restaurant in peace without paranoid white bitches calling the cops on me or trying to get their boyfriend and all his friends to jump me.

What he's saying is normies know damn well an ugly person when they see one and automatically assign bad personality qualities to them. And no we're not talking about hygiene.

we are talking about guys who don't shower or wear nice clothes

dude this guy could take 3 showers a day and wear any outfit. he'll still look weird as fuck. why do you want to blame the losers in life so badly?

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he would look so much better with basic hygiene and a little fresh air. you wouldn't believe it but that's probably from inexperience

I've experienced it myself for my whole life.
I have had several people independently tell me that they thought I looked scary, unhinged, and like a sexual predator when we first met, but that I'm actually not that way at all once they got to know me. Both my high school and college friend group independently developed the joke that I am a pedophile, clearly not believing it, but having a laugh with it regardless. I assume that I give off this impression to everybody, but only really good friends with would ever actually tell me this to my face.
The joke's on them, though, because I actually am sexually attracted to young girls. You can 100% tell that something is wrong with a person from their face.

>dude this guy could take 3 showers a day and wear any outfit. he'll still look weird as fuck.

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this is what normies do. they consider ugly and dirty to be synonyms. so they honestly believe an ugly person can be cured if he simply scrubs himself with a sponge enough times.

first off that photoshop completely transformed his jaw and the top of his head. also hes still ugly and weird looking. trust me that picture isnt gonna get ANY matches. even from a "nerdy" girl.

it would improve them a LOT

>completely transformed his jaw
no, his head looks bigger because the jacket makes his neck look shorter and thicker
>top of his head
that's what having a haircut that matches your head shape does to your face
>still ugly and weird looking
he looks much better and the filter fucked up the lighting so his nose looks stupid, this wouldn't happen in real life
>any matches
retards have got matches with the original pic

stop coping, hygienecel; just take a shower